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Planetary Energies for August 6 to 19, 2012

Astrology Journal
by Pam Younghans
Photo: Sunset on July 28 as seen through the San Francisco fog (photo by Mila Zinkova)

Please note that this journal covers 14 days -- August 6 to 19 -- instead of the usual seven. Your astrologer is taking a short vacation and leaving her computer behind. Her next installment of this journal will arrive in your inbox in two weeks.

For the Week of August 6 to 12:

MERCURY WRAPS UP its retrograde phase this week, which should bring a bit of relief for those of us who have had interesting (!) experiences with communications and computers over the past three weeks. Still, as much as we might be simply gritting our teeth and waiting for this backwards time to be over, we will be missing an opportunity if that's all we do.

As always, there are gifts in what at first can seem to be a negative. Since Mercury has been retrograde in Leo, we might consider how events since July 14 have served to inspire a new level of creativity -- perhaps through removing old patterned ways of going through our days, or disrupting routines and requiring us to think outside of our usual box.

ONCE MERCURY goes direct on Tuesday (Wednesday in some time zones), the planet will still be in its "shadow period" until August 21, when it finally reaches the point where it originally was before going retrograde.
The shadow period does not tend to be as problematic (full of opportunity) as the actual retrograde phase, but provides a buffer time when we will be working to resolve issues that have arisen over the past three weeks. During this time, we will be finishing a clean-up and clearing process, and establishing a new baseline that we will then build upon.

VENUS is the other planet in the headlines this first full week of August. The planet named for the goddess of love changes signs on Tuesday, moving from an intellectually-based air sign (Gemini) to an emotionally-based water sign (Cancer). For the next four weeks, we are supported in opening our hearts more fully in our relationships, and allowing and accepting vulnerability in ourselves and others.

This theme of heart-connection is emphasized on Thursday this week, as Neptune and Venus share their energies through a trine aspect. While Venus represents human love and resonates with the heart chakra, Neptune represents spiritual love and resonates with the high heart (thymus) chakra.

When these two planets interact, we can bring the qualities of compassion and understanding more fully into all of our personal interactions. This trine aspect provides the energetic support for us to heal issues that have arisen in our relationships, and also enables us to let go more easily, if that is what is the highest solution.

For the Week of August 13 to 19:

WEDNESDAY appears to be a turning-point day for the week of August 13. On that day, Venus interacts with energy of the Pluto-Uranus square, Mars aligns with Saturn in Libra, and Chiron trines Venus. Any one of these influences acting by itself could affect the course of our relationships. Having them all occur on the same day is even more significant.

We'll start to feel the energy shift on Tuesday the 14th, as the Sun steps into place to work with Uranus and Pluto. This interaction should fire up our need to express our individuality, while also making it apparent where current structures seem to be interfering with our personal fulfillment.

THE THREE Venus aspects on Wednesday are an energetic mouthful, so it may be easiest to take them one bite at a time:

The Venus-Pluto opposition intensifies our awareness of trust issues. We feel more sensitive than usual, and are more likely to react defensively to perceived threats. The positive effect of this aspect is to bring issues into our awareness that have been brushed under the carpet. This will enable us to bring greater honesty into our relationships, but we will need to be careful of using truth as an excuse to be hurtful.

The Venus-Uranus square pushes our "I need to be me" buttons, which isn't usually conducive to the patience and moderation needed to keep relationships on an even keel. If we've been denying something important about our needs, this aspect will exaggerate those needs so that we can no longer ignore them. This is a good time to allow everyone a bit of latitude, since all of us will likely be more focused on ourselves and less worried about accommodating the needs of others.

The Venus-Chiron trine provides the energy of healing and brings compassion into our interactions -- which it sounds like will be very helpful, given the intensity of the Pluto and Uranus aspects. This trine should help us move into a higher perspective with regards to our relationships. The key will be to letting go of the need to be right and releasing our grip on power struggles that may arise. If we can move into the energy of the high heart, we will be much happier with the outcomes.

THE SATURN-MARS alignment -- also on Wednesday the 15th! -- marks an important shift point, an ending and a beginning. Saturn represents the themes of discipline and self-reliance, while Mars inspires us to take action and to find the courage needed to embark on new paths.

When these two planets are aligned in Libra, their influences are brought to bear in our relationships and in our understanding of justice and fairness. With their support, we may finally find the courage to take concrete steps in new directions. The new road we take will be the result of choosing to live a life of greater self-respect and personal integrity, and will ultimately lead us to greater harmony and balance in our lives.

THE NEW MOON on Friday, August 17, is in Leo, inspiring us to have the Lion's courage as we begin anew. Leo is a fire sign, and when operating at its highest vibration is inspired and creative, fully engaged in life's adventure and enjoying the present moment.

The Sabian symbol for the location of the Sun and Moon at the time of the lunation is very encouraging:
"After a heavy storm, a rainbow: Linking above and below, the Convenant with one's divine nature, the promise of immortality."
Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of this symbol in his book "An Astrological Mandala" takes us further into the hopeful metaphor of the rainbow:
"As we come to this level, we find we have been able to weather the cathartic storm; because we have been victorious, a link has been established with our divine Soul-being. Both the human and the divine partners should remain thus linked.

"The symbol of the rainbow shows us the need to maintain a state of open communication between the Sky and the Earth within our total being -- not for the sake of finding the ever-elusive 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow, but in order to face the totality of our individual selfhood as it is projected in the many-hued dome of our sky-flung consciousness. After every successfully-met crisis, the Revelation of Worth comes to us."
IT APPEARS that there is great potential in the second half of August. We see the possibility of a new beginning, and that the planetary alignments will support us in having the courage and insight needed to begin to manifest the new life we have envisioned.

With the next Pluto-Uranus square coming up in mid-September, we realize that the themes of clearing, renovation and change will continue -- but it's good to know we also have rainbows we can count on.



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