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Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

August 2012 ([22]) This month moves you into the energies of the Spiritual Master Builder that you are. It brings you four times the strength, courage and responsibility to bring the Spiritual energies to the material plane and put them in form within your life. This is all about using your creativity and insights to assist all of humankind in bringing God energy into structure in tangible form in order to create a plan for the further evolution of humankind. Your goal is to stand on that firm inner foundation which you have been building so that all of your experiences and interactions reflect cooperation and harmony guided by your insights and visions.

AUGUST 1 to AUGUST 4, 2012 (98/17/8)

You began the month with an emphasis on communication in all its forms. You can use your sharpened perception and acute awareness to master the more subtle ways of communication. These are very benevolent energies of manifestation and they are to be used constructively for humanitarian purposes on the material plane. You began with a reminder of the vibration of the year and the adventure and change it influences so allow yourself to explore and be open to the variety of experiences that can come to you. 

Now you have the opportunity to get into the flow as the Master Builder assists you to manifest harmony in the physical plane so that when you stand in the center of your foundation you can take full advantage of the opportunities and events which present themselves to you. It is now time to withdraw and reflect upon where you are and how far you’ve come so take the time to listen to your inner voice and you will find the direction for further movement as long as you remain flexible and adaptable to the circumstances and the truth. This period of benevolent energies ends with more benevolent energies so examine all the details that arise in your material affairs and move with the spontaneity of creation to reap the harvest under this influence. Your goal is to take full responsibility for your choices and understand that it is the flow of giving and receiving that brings unity and Universal Brotherhood.

AUGUST 5 to AUGUST 11, 2012 (21/3)

This week brings you the energies of friendship and inner peace. The concept of loyalty is paramount in these energies in order to bring you an understanding of what can be changed and what cannot. This energy moves you to understand that we are moving from standing alone to standing together. These creative energies will assist you to carry out an important mission – a deeper understanding and integration of the Universal Brotherhood into your being. 

You begin by experiencing sharing of your accomplishments with meaningful companionship so release your fears of “not good enough” and understand that this sharing assists everyone to better understand. Now it’s time to rely on your intuitive wisdom combined with a strong sense of justice as you use the available energies to assist you in clarifying your desires and manifesting them through your imagination. This is followed by the energies of the Master Messenger which urges you to remember you are Spirit who has chosen a bodysuit so use that connection to tie into your Higher Guidance for direction and remain sensitive to the insights and revelations that will be offered to you. 

Now it’s time to celebrate and creatively express the inner joy, harmony and peace which comes as you experience the wholeness of you as both Spirit and physical. News of this new perspective brings forth the forces you have hidden within and it is intensified by the Master Messenger which allows you to see and to confront anything which no longer assists you in your evolution. 

Another day comes to remind you of the energies of the year, adventure and change, so create adventure and change as you realize that the only security necessary is that within yourself. The Master Messenger energies underlie the following day of increased sensitivity to heighten your awareness of the inspiration available within your center in your Inner World so use this opportunity to get even deeper into the flow of life. Your goal is to truly understand friendship and that your most important friend is yourself without getting an overdeveloped sense of your own importance.

AUGUST 12 to AUGUST 18, 2012 (25/7)

This week will bring new opportunities to blend “scientific” knowledge with Spiritual Wisdom. It is week to go within and use your strong intuitive energies to reconstruct your mental energy and blend it with a positive force of your intuition. This is not a time for action, but rather a time to listen to your Inner voice. 

The week begins with an intensification of the week’s energies to remind you that working with your inner power requires flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability so challenge any thought, emotion or action that limits or narrows your perspective. 

This is followed by a day of manifestation which will requires remaining centered and balanced because supporting it is the Master vibration of the Christed Consciousness which brings compassion and requires you to accept your responsibilities with courage and faith in Higher Forces. 

A day of reaping the rewards of past achievements while preparing for further adventures comes to you to remind you that it is through sharing your accomplishments in harmony and peace that moves everyone forward. This is followed by a day which gives you a great ability to clarify your desires and manifest them through the power of your imagination into physical form so rely on your intuitive wisdom and sense of justice before you move on. 

The Master Messenger presents itself to assist you in finding the balance and peace inherent in being centered within your Spirit- physical self. This brings you to a day of celebration as your rewards come in abundance so rely in your intuition to stay centered and find your direction. 

You end the week with new ideas and inspiration for being a forerunner for better conditions for everyone so don’t lose sight of the value of system and organization to effect worthwhile conditions. Your goal is to access your inner power and knowledge to lead the crusade for truth

AUGUST 19 to AUGUST 25, 2012 (20/2)

This week is about being the Master Peacemaker and finding the win-win solution by seeing the alternatives in all situations and then acting decisively. Do not resist the changes that will bring peace and balance to yourself and all concerned. Allow your visions, revelations and Higher Guidance to give you direction. 

You begin with a day that may be challenging because these restless energies must be used constructively so use them in your own unconventional approach in accomplishing tasks. 

This is followed by an inspirational day of increased sensitivity so that you can demonstrate your abilities to put things into harmony as you respond to unexpected events and opportunities. Now you are asked to balance freedom and change in the physical as well as Spirit so use your increased intuitive energies in conjunction with your mental energies and create a positive force for evolution. The Master Builder supports you in manifesting into the physical plane the joy of spontaneity while thinking in large sweeping terms for all of mankind. 

A day of sharing and reaping the rewards of your past achievements is here to assist you in understanding your rewards are in direct relationship to what you have previously earned so examine your harvest with an eye to maintaining harmony and peace as you move to uplifting all of humankind. The Higher Master Architect energies now underlie your initiation of new ideas on a grand scale so balance your higher Spiritual energies within the material world and you will find true security in linking and blending Spiritual-physical you which enables you to put everything in perspective. 

You end the week with the energies of the Master Messenger to assist you in continuing to maintain balance within the physical world. Your goal is to maintain balance within duality by constantly being aware of the continuing Spiritual insights and enlightenment you are constantly receiving.

AUGUST 26 to AUGUST 31, 2012 ([22])

You end the month with the energies of the Master Builder of the physical plane underlying all that you do. This brings you the opportunity to cooperate with your piece of God’s plan and use God’s energy within you to bring your Spirit into form upon your firm foundation. You have four times the strength, courage and sense of responsibility to be the Master Builder and the Master Teacher that helps build a better foundation to elevate humankind. 

You begin the week with the energies of creation and celebration so open your eyes, stay connected to your intuition for direction and enjoy the process of fulfillment that comes to you. 

Then you move to a day of news coming to you about how to walk your own path in cooperation with others walking theirs. 

This is followed by a day of experiences which test your sense of freedom so if you feel a challenge to exercising your own expression of you, know that it is there to assist you to release any remnants in any of your bodies which inhibit you from being who you are. 

Now you move to what may be a very intense day because you have the underlying Master Builder beneath the Master Messenger which is beneath the Master of the Physical, Christed consciousness, all of which will demand that you remain centered in your Higher Guidance to bring your sensitivity to insights and revelations into perspective as you use your abilities for compassion and take the responsibility to heal and be receptive to the messages which will bring balance to your affairs. 

Your increased sensitivity continues the following day so be prepared to process all this information and manifest its highest expression within your life. You end of the week and the month with the energies of inner balance and flow between the elements and aspects of your Spirit-physical self. Your goal for this period is to manifest in your life in every way the true Spirit-physical you.

© 2012 The Awakening Center, Inc.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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