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Numerology for November 2012

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

November 2012 (25/7) Now you are given the opportunity to connect to your inner power stemming from both your Spiritual Wisdom and your intuitive gifts. You are awakening to even more Spiritual truths and an understanding that the scientific method is a viable way to discover those truths. It is that process that will assist you in remaining centered since, in your joy of experiencing, you may create a slightly impulsive nature. Balance your Inner Wisdom on this adventurous quest within the material world and you will overcome anything you perceive as an obstacle. Your goal is to both wisely crusade for truth and accept your own independence.

NOVEMBER 1, to NOVEMBER 3, 2012 (81/9)
You begin this month of finding your center connection among all parts of you with the higher vibration that brings unfolding and completion of your chosen structure in practical terms. You will receive new insights and may experience a continual rebirth and reorganization as long as you use all this power and authority for the good of all humankind. You’ll find the ultimate joy which comes from being able to share your accomplishments for the Universal Good. A day of easy-flowing energies starts the month for you to take responsibility for this affluent period while examining any details which arise to make sure they”fit” with what you desire to create so you can take appropriate action to move forward. You move to a day of service from your core so realize that it is through sharing your accomplishments that you gain understanding so you can move on to new adventures in creation of your life so remain balanced and centered to receive your rewards. This is followed by the vibration of the seed and harvest so that you can use the power of your imagination (higher mind) to crystallize and mold your desires for your life. The goal is to be the authority in your own life and lead yourself with love, benevolence, intuition and brotherhood.

NOVEMBER 4 to NOVEMBER 10, 2012 (26/8)
A week of manifestation comes to help you understand that it is through “the flow” of giving AND receiving that manifestation occurs. It brings you the Wisdom to pioneer in the realms of human relationships as you accumulate and use your generosity wisely and in balance with a sense of responsibility to yourself and all that is. You start the week with the intensity of the Master Messenger energies so stay aware as opportunities present themselves to express the real you, your soul, to bring balance into your physical affairs and manifest what you desire. As you do this you move to a day of experiences of the joy of the soul, peace and harmony so listen to your Inner Guidance as you are given direction for more of this joy. Now it’s time ro get organized as you use your intuition to “know” what new ideas are for you so you can clear the “old way”. A reminder of the year’s energies comes to the surface for you to easily make changes and move onto new adventures in creation so examine anything brought to your attention that is “unfamiliar” and explore it. Now be prepared to take the responsibility to bring things into harmony as the energies increase your sensitivity to what doesn’t “fit” with your foundation which will allow you to clear blocks to your flow and enable you to respond to spontaneous events to move you forward. It’s time to become quiet and go within to reflect and reevaluate where you are and use your strong intuition to check your mental energies and restructure them into your higher mind connection, your imagination, so they act as a positive force for your creation. You end the week with the energies of manifestation backed by the energy of the Master Healer/Teacher (Christed consciousness) so take responsibility to interact with love and compassion in everything you experience. The goal for this week is to find your spot of inner balance and stay there as you move forward in the evolution of unification of the “differences” all around.

NOVEMBER 11 to NOVEMBER 17, 2012 (21/3)
This week is about being in the joy of your spirit-physical self so that you can experience the fact that true power comes from cooperative friendships and groups. This is definitely the old order of constant conflict changing to cooperative creation. There is an opportunity for peace and using your creative energies to express your ideas for the expansion and growth of all concerned. A day of subtle guidance to assist you with both “completions” and preparations to begin starts your week so stay aware and find the joy in it all. Now you have another two-fold day of looking at your resources from your past achievements and looking forward to what you desire to create so don’t hesitate to use your imagination to use what you have to move forward. A Master Messenger day comes for you to be receptive and remember that there are Spiritual messages everywhere to assist you so stay tuned in so these messages of balance and harmony will assist you in your process. This is followed by a day of celebration and creation energies which can feel “restless” so rely on your intuition to you can recognize and evaluate your direction at this time. Awareness of the new order of things presents itself to assist you to create better conditions as you realize that system and organization or a necessary part of creating worthwhile changes. A day of restless energies follows that are to be used constructively to help you learn that it is ok to say no so stay connected and follow the guidance that will help you earn the pleasures from your constructive efforts to do things your individual way. You end the week with the energies of increased awareness at all levels so that you are aware of anything within that is not under your command which will bring you to the point of having your outer world under your command. The goal for this week is to find that inner peace that enables you to flow in your life and create it to your wishes.

NOVEMBER 18 to NOVEMBER 24, 2012 (25/7)
It is time to withdraw and reflect and connect to the hidden power and knowledge you have within. It is time to connect to your higher mind, Wisdom body, not just the computer in your head. This week will test your flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability to show you how to access and use your Wisdom body to make any adjustments necessary for you to demonstrate the truth. Intensity of this vibration is increased as you begin the week so make an effort to visualize what you want and keep it before you. A day if manifestation comes to you which brings the energies of cooperation and compatibility as you take responsibility for the affluence that you see in all your interactions. This is followed by another day of rewards from past achievements and preparation for new adventures so maintain harmony and peace while you interact and gain deeper understanding. A day of new ideas for planning on a large scale comes with Master energies to assist you in crystallizing your desires for a new and better world. Another double master day of intensity follows with inspiration for directions of “how to” build the plans for the previous day into your life’s expression. Now it’s time to celebrate because it is the joy that comes from freely making choices for you, your authentic self, that will bring happiness and fulfillment as you remain linked to all of you, soul and physical. You end the week with the energies that assist you to “get organized” within so that your creativity and Wisdom allow you to be the forerunner for better conditions for all when you use all your abilities, including your intuition, to challenge anything that is the “old way” of doing things. Your goal is to be fully who you are, soul in a body suit, and build and manifest that in your life experience.

NOVEMBER 25 to NOVEMBER 30, 2012 (18/9)
This week is to experience the wholeness of you and accept your purpose to serve humankind in its evolution by engaging in your own. You have access to intense emotions, feelings and imagination (higher mind) so that you can elevate your emotional body into your feeling body and balance it with your Wisdom body through your heart. You have a yearning for peace and love to uplift everything because you understand what humanitarianism really is. You also will have natural healing abilities and every thought and action could affect you personally so find the balance by remaining centered within. The week begins with a reminder of the year’s energies of freedom; however, you must use this energy constructively to draw boundaries so you can stay focused on your approach. Then you are given the energies of mastery of the physical through accessing your Christed Consciousness and compassion which requires you to stay centered and balanced within yourself before moving forward. Stay in your center because now you are asked to blend Spirit and physical into the whole you and rely on your Inner voice for imagining and visualizing what you desire so remain flexible and adaptable to create your world. Then you are to manifest that into life so take responsibility to balance whatever comes up in your life because as Spirit you command it all. You move to a day of completion and preparation guided by the Master Messenger to help you stay aware and blended with your Spirit. You end the week and the month with energies that help you to crystallize your ideas for the future through your imagination so stay centered and listen to your intuitive Wisdom as you prepare to move into the “planning” stages for next year. Your goal for this month is to take the lead in your life by experiencing the give and receive of life, taking responsibility and watching life unfold from a place of Universal Love and Brotherhood.

© 2012 The Awakening Center, Inc.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

Planetary Energies for November 12 to 18, 2012

Astrology Journal 
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Lillsjöhögen, Sweden on November 7 (photo by Göran Strand)

THE FIRST of our two November eclipses is on Tuesday this week. This first one is a Total Solar Eclipse, visible from northern Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. It is also our first eclipse of the new Scorpio-Taurus series, which means we are in the process of shifting the focus of our shared evolutionary growth.

For the past 18 months, we've been working with eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini that have pushed us to move beyond the chatter of the mind and into the wisdom of our deeper knowing. We're not completely done with that work, since our Lunar Eclipse on November 28 is in Gemini and a rare third eclipse in May 2013 is in Sagittarius -- but with Tuesday's eclipse in Scorpio, we are taking first steps into new evolutionary territory.

IT IS TERRAIN we have already seen glimpses of through the trees over the past few weeks, especially since Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5. Scorpio brings to the surface what has been hidden, and so we have collectively become aware of many issues in recent weeks (and recent days) that had been successfully kept under wraps until now.

If step one of the Scorpio process is revelation, step two is knowing what to release or remove as a result of the awareness that has surfaced. As Jan Spiller writes in her chapter on Scorpio in her excellent book Astrology for the Soul:
"Through welcoming the new opportunities life brings, the tendency to 'get stuck' can be effortlessly bypassed. You've got to let go of what's already gone."
We all become attached to what is familiar. It can be very hard to release our grasp on what has become comfortable through familiarity, even if it is unhealthy or clearly a part of our past and not our future.

This week's Scorpio Solar Eclipse is a catalyst that will help us transform our lives in ways that are now essential to our ongoing (or renewed) passion for life and to our sense of greater purpose. It assists us in making those often difficult choices of releasing the old to make way for the new.

ANOTHER BOOK co-written Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy, entitled Spiritual Astrology, states that a Scorpio Solar Eclipse carries the energy of "what goes around comes around." For this reason especially, we need to pay attention to our inner voice of conscience and our inner heart of compassion as we work with this eclipse influence.

Scorpio can be rather intense and single-minded, leaving little room for the awareness of our impact on others. We may be so clear about what needs to change, or so caught up in our own forward motion that we are oblivious to how someone else may be affected. 

USING SCORPIO ENERGIES with integrity means that while we are being honest with others and true to ourselves, we are also focused on empowering others -- not ignoring, controlling or manipulating them. This takes a great deal of self-awareness, so it is safe to say we may stumble a few times before we get this particular lesson learned.

Since Scorpio is a fixed sign, we may also have to work with our own stubbornness and resistance to receiving help or input from others. Ultimately, Scorpio is about empowerment through sharing of energies and resources. And yet, we all have a certain amount of "I can do this myself, leave me alone" in us -- or other attitudes that help us feel like we're in control and therefore can't be hurt by the unknown.

OTHER THEMES associated with this Solar Eclipse come from Martin Goldsmith's book "The Zodiac by Degrees," which supplies descriptive phrases for each degree of the zodiac. Here are a few of his phrases describing 22 degrees of Scorpio, the location of the eclipse:
"Emotional responsiveness and vulnerability; being emotionally open vs. knowing when someone can't be trusted; powerful and direct expression of emotion; speaking directly to the situation; steadfast pursuit of noble goals, spiritual attunement."
THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE is also in alignment with a Galactic Anomaly at 23 degrees of Scorpio. This type of galactic energy source emits radio waves and infrared radiation that work with us on subtle levels.

This particular Galactic Anomaly is said to enhance our detachment and determination, as well as our ability to see the Truth behind illusion. It also provides the support for "transforming even a turbulent situation into an advantage for growth." (from Karmic Galactic Astrology by Mary Elizabeth Jochmans)

IN ADDITION to the eclipse, a few other planetary interactions stand out as important this week. In particular, Chiron stations direct on Wednesday, Saturn and Uranus form a quincunx aspect on Thursday, and Saturn trines Chiron on Friday.

Chiron has been in retrograde (backward) motion since June 11, leading us on a journey to revisit issues of trust and faith on one hand, and self-sacrifice, martyrdom and victimization on the other. In truth, these are two sides of the same coin. If we trust and have faith, we do not need to sacrifice or martyr ourselves, and we look at issues where we might feel victimized from a different perspective.

THE SATURN-CHIRON TRINE on Friday helps us ground the new truths that we may have intuited over these past five months, that have not been fully conscious until now. This aspect also provides the foundation for continued healing and strengthening to occur.

At virtually the same time, Saturn forms a quincunx with Uranus. This aspect indicates we have reached a fork in the road, and that we need to make certain adjustments before we can proceed further. And yet, a quincunx tells us that it is not an "either-or" question, but a time when we must face a seeming paradox and find ways to utilize the best of both routes that are open before us.

In other words, this quincunx challenges us to figure out how to use both the self-assertive, forward-thinking independence of Uranus in Aries and the deeper trust, emotional honesty, and interdependence represented by Saturn in Scorpio.

No small task -- but the universe appears to have faith that we can do it!



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Planetary Energies for October 22 to 28, 2012

Astrology Journal
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras on October 13 over Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories(photo by Francis Anderson)

SATURN has been in Scorpio only a short time, but we're already getting a sense of what issues and themes this two-year journey will entail. Just as Saturn in Libra held us accountable for the condition and status of partnerships, Saturn in Scorpio requires us to take responsibility for our own deeper motivations, especially the fear-based ones that we often hide or mask with bravado.

Since Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, we've already experienced large or small tests of our personal power, our ability to stand our ground under the pressure of manipulation from others. We're also testing our own need to be in control, and considering how to step beyond the fears that keep us repeating patterns of victimization and intimidation.

SATURN IN SCORPIO also challenges us to manage what we might call our "negative" emotions, those powerful and often instinctual responses we have when we feel unable to control life or other people.

We all feel anger, fear, resentment, even suspicions and jealousy at times, and yet we often don't know what to do with those intense feelings when they occur. If we act on them, we usually hurt others and then feel bad about ourselves. But if we don't express or release the darker emotions in some way, we end up hurting ourselves and undermining intimacy in our relationships. It's a complex problem, without a simple "one size fits all" answer.

WHICH BRINGS US to another Scorpio theme: Complexity. By its very nature and core motivations, Scorpio is complicated. It wants to be in control, but it also longs to be intimate, which requires vulnerability. As a reflection of that inner conflict, Scorpio often deals with things (especially other people) that feel uncontrolled and uncontrollable, but that also inspire passionate emotions and chemical reactions.

One of our challenges while Saturn is in Scorpio may "simply" be to figure out how to manage the complexities and complications of life and our emotional responses to it. Perhaps by the time we're done with this Saturn transit (which will be mostly wrapped up by December 2014), we'll have figured out better how to utilize the immense power that lies behind our emotions, and to direct that power as a force for positive change.

THESE SCORPIO THEMES are all emphasized this week. The Sun enters the sign on Monday, and then aligns with Saturn on Thursday -- the same day that Mercury aligns with the North Node, also in Scorpio.

For those who have planets or points in your natal chart in early degrees of the fixed signs (between 0 and 4 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), this may be a pivotal week, where you are challenged to master some of the lessons we've discussed.

For everyone, here is a list of traits (from Jan Spiller's wonderful book Astrology for the Soul) that will help us move into the positive expression of the North Node in Scorpio:

  • Self-discipline
  • Choosing constructive change
  • Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy, including nonuseful possessions
  • Enjoying things (including people) without needing to own them
  • Accepting support from others, sharing power, partnering

IT MAY BE HELPFUL, as we navigate the energies of this week, to remember the animal symbols associated with Scorpio. True to its complex nature, Scorpio is the only sign that has two animal symbols -- and even a third (or more) that are also sometimes used.

The animal traditionally associated with Scorpio is, of course, the Scorpion. These animals look fairly intimidating, they have a hard shell, they can sting, and some even have poisonous venom. They are predators and they are tough. This description corresponds with the lower-vibrational traits of Scorpio.

Which means we must look to the second animal symbol for our guidance when dealing with Scorpio lessons. The next most-commonly used mascot for Scorpio is the Eagle. Eagle represents the ability of Scorpio to see clearly and with great insight, and to utilize spiritual power (instead of emotional, mental, or physical manipulation).

ONE OF MY FAVORITE resources for understanding animal symbology is Ted Andrews' book Animal Speak -- and here's what he writes about what Eagle requires of us:

  • Involvement with creativity.
  • A willingness to experience extremes in a controlled condition and thus facilitate the alchemical process within your life.
  • A willingness to use your passions to purify (flying into the sun) and to use your abilities, even if it means being scorched a little.
  • A willingness to seek out the true emotional aspects of oneself and immerse yourself within them, and by doing so rediscover the lost child and awaken a higher sense of purity, passion, creativity, healing, and spirituality.

Each one of the items on this list expresses the higher manifestation of Scorpio's innate characteristics. They also point us toward the third Scorpio animal totem -- the Phoenix.

As we work with these strong Scorpio energies, we will emulate the Phoenix, embracing a purification process as a vital step in our evolution. By allowing the emotions and negativity of the past to be burned away, we, like the Phoenix, can then rise from the ashes, renewed and reborn.



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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Planetary Energies for October 15 to 21, 2012

Astrology Journal
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Spectacular auroras on October 10 over Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway (photo by Marianne Bergli)

WE START THE NEW WEEK with a New Moon that encourages us to take new risks and also to take a leap of faith. The Sabian symbol for the 23rd degree of Libra, where the Sun and Moon are located for the lunation, provides a visual image we can carry with us for inspiration throughout the coming lunar cycle:
"The chanticleer's voice heralds sunrise: A creative and joyous response to life processes."
Here is additional interpretation of that image, adapted from Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala:
"The cock that crows as the first coloring of dawn appears at the eastern horizon is a beautiful symbol of the ability, demonstrated by all pioneers and cosmically attuned individuals, to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation. What is at stake here is the individual's capacity of response to life's renewals -- renewals which are cyclic, predictable, yet always new, always creative."

THE THEME OF RENEWAL is echoed by the invigorating Uranus-Mars trine that is also exact on Monday. The energy of this trine aspect will be a part of the next four weeks, as the Moon waxes, becomes full on October 29, and then wanes.

Uranus encourages us to break free from old definitions of self and purpose, while Mars represents our ability to take action in pursuit of our desires. As these two planets work together, we will have their support in making choices that until now have been beyond our comfort zone.

THE CAUTION with any New Moon is to remember that since we are just at the beginning of the lunar cycle on Monday, the Moon is at its darkest and may not reveal all that we will need to know before taking action. It may be a good idea to temper the Uranus-Mars enthusiasm with some patience, and allow a day or two for the Moon to shed a bit more light on the trail before we fully commit to a course of action.

The good news in this regard is that this New Moon is in Libra, easily one of the most conservative signs when it comes to making decisions. Libra, represented by the Scales of Balance, is able to see both sides of any issue, and so can delay action at any choice point, based on perceiving the positives and negatives of both options.

This can be problematic, of course, if taken to an extreme (as any Libra who has problems making decisions can tell you!). But given the proactive and sometimes rash nature of the Uranus-Mars trine, Libra's usual careful weighing of all options may be very helpful this week as a balancing influence.

SATURN AND JUPITER add their influence to this lunar cycle, through a sesquisquare aspect between the two planets, also exact on Monday. This aspect indicates some conflict between the values held by Saturn in Scorpio and those held by Jupiter in Gemini.

Saturn in watery Scorpio respects emotional commitment and intensity, and rewards acting responsibly in accordance with our instinctive knowing of truth. Jupiter in airy Gemini supports our gathering facts, considering all options, and processing decisions intellectually. In other words, these two planets are not currently seeing eye-to-eye on the best way to proceed.

So, it appears that as we make decisions this week, and perhaps throughout this four-week lunar cycle (which includes election day in the U.S.), we'll be trying to figure out whether to rely more on our gut instinct or our reasoning minds for guidance.

ANOTHER INTERESTING feature about Monday's New Moon is that the Sun and Moon are within one degree of the red star Arcturus. Vivian Robson, in her book Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, writes that when Arcturus is aligned:
With the Sun: Success through slow and patient plodding, friends among clergy, favorable for gain and for dealing with the public and lawyers
With the Moon: New friends, business success, good judgment, domestic harmony
I'm especially pleased to see "good judgment" and "favorable for gain" among the qualities of this alignment, since decision-making seems to a theme for this lunar cycle.

THE SUN AND MOON are also closely aligned with the supermassive star Eta Carinae at the time of the New Moon. This star has already been in the news in 2012, as scientists consider clues that indicate it could soon explode as a supernova.

Astrologer Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes that Eta Carinae brings us the lesson of "learning what to keep and what to release from past experience, in both present and past lifetimes. This prevents the past from being projected on the present or the future, which would cause the person to recreate unproductive life situations."

Yet another confirmation of this lunar cycle being a time of decision-making -- and of the importance of using both our wisdom and our intellect as we consider what to keep and what to leave behind as we go forward.



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Masculine Body Reconstruction by Lisa Renee

October 2012

Dear Ascension Family,

Today is October 9th which happens to be the birthday of John Lennon, of which I happily announce the celebratory synchronicity of changing the ES newsletter title from Lift Your Veil to "Shifting Timelines". Similarly to Mr. Lennon's activism and efforts to "Give Peace a Chance", as a Libran like myself, I submit our October Newsletter with some minor changes. We have "lifted the veil" long enough, and it is time for us all to come out of the veiled closet into greater transparency. Now is the time to get down to the group task and business and "shift the timelines" to planetary freedom. Hence the name of our newsletter and blog series, as our collaborative efforts are to protect and embody the GSF stewardship of which we have been entrained here within the ES Community, as "I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!". Happy New Shifting Timelines to all, as sovereign and free beings in the eternal light of God Source. (Please note our podcast is late due to a family medical crisis and will be available sometime this week.)

The current strong geomagnetic storms resulting from recent solar activity have deep repercussions at the quantum level which greatly impact and shift the state of electromagnetism upon our planet. The increase in the solar wind interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and the transfer of accelerated energy is placed into the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is an important part of the Global Planetary Brain and is the inherent architecture that creates the many complex identities of the collective human mind. Its functions are directly responsible for what humans experience as a collective race identity along with an individual 3D conscious mind or ego self. (Please see the July 2008 newsletter, Magnetic Change of the Global Brain)

As these various input factors accelerate change from the pressure these quantum forces place upon the planetary core, the physics governing those forces start to change on the planetary surface. The geo-physics governing these forces in this dimension are shifting and as such, have a great impact on the state of electromagnetic activity. Clearly this has an impact on all human beings and creatures of this planet during this time. It especially has impact on the collective mental bodies and the way the masculine energetic principle embodies in matter and form.

Magnetic Dipoles and Jerks

Electromagnetism is the interaction responsible for practically all the phenomena encountered in our daily life. Electromagnetism manifests as both electrical fields and magnetic fields. Both fields are simply different aspects of electromagnetism, and hence are fundamentally related. Thus, a changing electrical field generates a magnetic field and conversely, a changing magnetic field generates an electric field.

The earth's core, through which its direct rotating current generates the magnetic field that we detect at the surface, does not keep pace with the outer “surface” crust. Geo-physicists acknowledge that the magnetic field has a mainly dipole structure that changes over time and moves in a significant westward drift of about one meter per hour. The magnetic dipoles are defined as the surface points in the Northern and Southern hemispheres where the Earth’s magnetic field is vertical. The magnetic poles move over time because of the earth core magnetic field has fluxes and changes. With these recent changes in the earth core there are abrupt shifts happening in the surface geomagnetic field, and this rapidly shifts the magnetic dipoles. Rapid variation impulses sourcing from the earth core to suddenly change the surface field is known as a “geomagnetic jerk”. These sudden changes to the surface magnetic field and their various speed and strengths, can be locational or global. This means certain areas of the earth have more radical shifts in the surface magnetic field than others.

Geophysicists reported that the earth’s magnetic field “jerked” in 1969 and acknowledged something significant happened to the earth core that radically changed the location of the North Magnetic Dipole. There is a connection between geomagnetic jerks and the speed and movement of the North Magnetic Dipole. This is relative to the known phenomena of the poles shifting at the end of this cycle, which they indeed have been doing gradually all along, however, not with the catastrophic effect predicted by some.

We are entering the timeline where the earth core is rapidly shifting the planetary magnetic field through the various levels of strength, speed and flux of geomagnetic storms and their larger events, geomagnetic jerks. (This is happening potentially in the field as a series of electron/proton fluxes that generate geomagnetic jerks in the next months.)

Massive geomagnetic change also means massive change to the Global Brain and therefore the individual human mind relationship to that brain. Who we think we are in our thought-forms, what we believe we are a part of, is largely defined by the (manipulated) magnetic structure of the Global brain. When the Global Brain changes our thoughts radically; we have a choice, do we adapt, or do we fall apart?

Magnetic changes at these levels will create and/or destroy at the same time. Magnetic changes at this level will also radically shift time and space as we know it. Our relationship to time (timelines) will be moved forward, as a skipping forward through time. This timeline we enter in the next 90 days is a massive change to our sense of identity, our life experience, what defines us, and everything we have ever known. We can consider this as a massive opportunity to change and adapt into a newer and more alive version of ourselves. However this liberation will come with its larger truth, nothing from the past old energies can hang on or stay with us. “Relax, Release the Mind. Be Neutral. Breathe,” is the mantra for all of us now.

Mental Deconstruction

As we learn about the natural cycles of Life, we know that to be recreated into something new, the current form and its foundation must be deconstructed. Resurrection illustrates that fact, for the alchemy of forces to work its miracle as a byproduct of God’s natural laws, we must die (ego death) to be reborn. This is transpiring rapidly now for many people, and it is amplified for the male bodies as the mental principle is synonymous with the male energetic principle. Whether male or female embodied, if one is over-intellectual or imbalanced in mental thought-forms, such as battling addictions, this time is absolutely brutal. We are so sorry for that confusion. This fact has been an emphasis for years now that the necessity to overcome the ego mental body addictions would become dire, and indeed it has. The death of the ego is the phantom death we experience as we face desperate darkness, and one must remember this is not the “real” self.

As the planetary magnetic field is increasingly disrupted, the majority of the collective mind consciousness fields also become extremely agitated. Along with many extra-dimensional forces acting upon the collective fields, the chaos becomes even more extreme. Additionally as the dimensional spaces (time vectors) collapse in the lower frequency fields, (1D-2D-3D) the impact creates a compaction and compression in the field at that level of frequency. As a result, the frequency of the (1D-2D-3D) collective mental bodies and where it was connecting to those frequency broadcast fields is undergoing rapid compression. The compression of these fields is necessary, as they are moving to the next higher octave system, otherwise called the future time field.

This literally changes the frequency levels of what our brain receives as impulses sourcing from the planetary collective mind field. It also severely reduces the parameters of the lower frequency that our brain and nervous system is used to connecting to as a part of our individual “thought-form”. So if we still have a sense of identity with thought-forms existing in the lower vibrations mentioned, those areas of our collective 1D-2D-3D mental body (personality matrix) are being compacted. This compaction is at such high level pressure, that without context, this feels like being pounded mentally with an energetic gavel over and over again, in the form of fearful, obsessive or looping thoughts. Because the physical body is elemental and being impacted by these same mental forces, the pressure may also be felt as intense symptoms in the body. This part of the lower identity is being pounded into submission to the higher frequencies, and is the process of mental deconstruction. (Ego Death) This is illustrated well in the Cycles of Life depicted in the Tarot card, Ten of Swords.

It is important to remember that this symbol, as unpleasant as it is when it is acting upon our life, is about Mental Bondage. When the mind is released the bondage is removed, therefore the sense of despair stemming from the mental body and how that impacts our physical state, is only temporary. When we learn to let go and train the ego to not be in control of our mind, body and consciousness, we are freed from that bondage. That freedom is assured if one stays awake through the dark night of the soul when this level is being experienced as a part of the ascension process. Absolutely No One gets away from enduring this part of personal spiritual development, at some point in the process, so know you are in good company.


The best way to understand what is happening to the lower mental bodies on the planet is to apply the context of a computer hard drive file storage system that requires a file maintenance defragmentation. This “defrag” process scans to find all broken links, fragmented or corrupt files, and organizes them in the most efficient way to recover and retrieve the hard data into usable formats. If the internal data is not repairable or usable (i.e. appropriate for the next stages of the evolution journey) it may be effectively deleted. This changes our life in a radical way, as things that were supporting the use of those old file systems, may no longer be there or available for continued use. This forces our transformation whether we like it or not.  (

When great fragmentation occurs, as it has within these human collective lower mental body fields, the accumulation does not allocate enough “space” to store a complete “mental file”, but puts large gaps (holes) in between these mental body “file” units. (Otherwise compared to memories) Essentially what this means in the individual experience is people in 3D start to “lose their thought-forms”, or lose coherency in their thought patterns.  If they do not know how to retrain how they think and process multidimensional reality, they can revert to more infantile or primitive behavior. (This is what happens with Alzheimer patients, the mental body fragmentation is so severe that the brain reverses its frequency pattern to pick up unconscious collective base thought-forms. Note the high rage present in the advanced deterioration of an Alzheimer patient. They are no longer an individual they are at the mercy of the collective unconscious mind in utter chaos. This is mental torture and torment.)

The place where their linear mental file memory is stored is either no longer there for retrieval, has been moved, or destroyed. This happens with short term and long term memory.  Without spiritual ascension context to release the linear ego thought patterns, and clear its sub personalities and fragments, this can manifest as everything between bi-polar to manic episodes. The latter is when severe fragmentation of the identity of that being has occurred, which is also the result of possession and mind control manipulation. (The use of machinery to control the behaviors and thoughts of a natural person, creates destructive side effects to the brain and CNS.)

Lower Mental Body Compression

So as these dimensional spaces are being moved to the next higher octave in frequency, which overall reduces the amount of mental body fragmentation, the organization of the collective and individual mental body is being moved to a future time and space. This requires integration and efficiency of matched vibrational thought-forms that are coherent with the new higher octave space. This is very similar to a reformatting of our internal hard drive and performing an upgrade to our personal software. This higher octave does not support the lower frequency thought-forms (programming) and will require the re-patterning of the thought-forms from linear formats to circular formats. This means in all of the ways we have been linearly programmed to “think”, problem solve, perform critical analysis, make decisions, go from point A to point B, is over. We have to learn how to process data in our mental body in a completely new way, and we are being forced to transform now. This changes our perception of reality where we must be in the “now presence” at every moment. The now is a circular format.

The parameter of frequency that existed as a “plane of existence” (a time/space location) within a spectrum of broadband is compressing, therefore, shrinking. As it compresses, the particle or matter present in that space undergoes a departiclization process to transform into a substance base unit (mole unit) that can be assimilated into the higher octave frequency spaces that are replacing that specific parameter of frequency.

This is happening to our physical reality now and impacting all of our bodies.

The mechanics of the planetary ascension process are fundamental to the known and unknown physics governing these spaces. These energetic spaces are changing therefore the physics governing those spaces in time are changing. The lower dimensional spaces (1D-2D-3D) that are currently undergoing compression are being assimilated in order to effectively “roll up” into the higher dimensional spaces. A part of Universal, Galactic and Planetary Ascension is the merge of the particle and anti-particle double. The anti-particle double merging with the particle dimensions are 1D merge with 15D (red is merging with pink), 2D merge with 14D (orange is merging with light gold) and 3D merge with 13D (yellow is merging with Aquamarine). Many of us are sensing more of the Aquamarine and Aurora lights in the physical etheric layer spectrums, from the change in magnetic field. This is also the causation behind the new female principle source energies present in this physical dimension.

This means when a person is operating their consciousness at the lower mind frequency and is attempting to access a place in that field as it is “shrinking”, they will have a direct experience of that “mental body compression”. That will most likely be sensed as frustration, confusion, blockages, burdens, identity conflicts, a descent into insanity, etc. For those still operating at this mental level at base thresholds, they can be thrust into the unconscious collective fields of chaos to be used by the controller fear agenda. The culling of that agenda presses on, and as we observe it with compassionate witnessing, we are able to support and help those caught in its jaws. Being informed while observing the drama neutrally, without entanglement, is many times the best choice. We all have the power within us to make the choice of freedom from mental bondage, therefore total freedom from this controller agenda. However, we may observe unpleasant side effects of such agendas on our human family, as a part of the transformation upon us. Many ailments are surfacing as disease patterns based on deep rooted fears and blockages in the main energy centers of the body. Heart and Lung disease exacerbate with a closed or blocked heart chakra, Diabetes and Kidney disease exacerbate from unresolved social pressures, fears and anxiety, Circulation issues in the extremities are meridians disconnected from life force.

Staying with our meditation practices, holding inner core strength and fortitude in our devotion to serve the highest expression of Love for all, is a great service to this planet.

First Contingent Males

There is a group of males on planet that have the potential to be catapulted into a new consciousness stratosphere of being freed from the insidious mind control in lower dimensions. They are experiencing a great relief and the beginning of feeling freedom over the lower mind and base desires. This is like the feeling of a great burden being lifted off of the body and mind.  These in effect are the planetary Rod Holders, the ability to merge with the vertical and horizontal fields of the earth. Portions of these males hold a relationship genetically to the Michael families, the Seraphim and Nephilim hybridization histories. Aurora Guardian hosting of the rehabilitation of Seraphim based genetic healing has been met with some success.  It is this group that heralds the Masculine Body Reconstruction as it is now a template available in the planetary field.

The split soul begins to undergo the departiclization process in the lower dimensions of where it existed in order to be assimilated into the higher octave consciousness. Simultaneously the timelines are being accessed of the causation of monadic reversal and monadic harness which greatly impacted the infiltrated collective masculine field, the Golden Eagle Network. (Based in the Middle East) These timelines are known as the time of Metatronic reversal where the electron fields descended into heavily distorted patterns, splitting the Monadic bodies apart. This also split the mental bodies and fragmented them into diseased states.  This splitting of the Monadic bodies was kept in place by a double looping, or bi-polar geometry structure which would siphon life force. This structure is also in the Golden Eagle Network and keeps that structure operating as a bi-polar geometry, which directly impacts the brain and mental body of all human beings.  The Monadic staff would break apart and fragment before any assimilation or integration of the spiritual bodies could take place. Much of this was the result of terrible wars and killing through the abuse of technology, such as the current Armageddon software program, that occurred in the higher dimensions. As these timelines become present on earth, certain manipulation may be present to suppress the males based on these “Armageddon” memories. This is a war program with an “Enforcer to Protector” mind control.  It’s a twisted game to trick the male to believe he is protecting his domain, when he really is enforcing the rape and killing of his own family members.

If these feel relative, while becoming aware of such mental or emotional states, applying Forgiveness will alter the timelines. Ask Forgiveness of yourself and to any other you may feel genuine forgiveness towards. Do not allow guilt or shame to be held in your body, immediately move through that feeling with applying Forgiveness to the situation, event or the person. Congratulations to all of our males who are enjoying a new sense of freedom in their bodies that will only continue to get stronger.

Stay Awake and Informed

As we become more familiar with the negative alien (NA) controller game on earth, it is clear that the divide and conquer strategy is used to create external distractions based on fear. Not only is the ascension mechanics and E.T. involvement kept from the public, so is the use of pyschotronic technology aimed at the masses. This strategy is continually used to capitalize on the mass confusion of mind control and yield the results that serve humanities destruction. Since there is so much confusion in the collective planetary mental bodies based on these magnetic changes, which change the brain state, there are recent attempts to capitalize on that confusion. We all have unique soul memories (conscious memory but mostly unconscious) of those experiences that have been repeated events in this timeline “played out” again and again, during these end times stemming from the “Atlantian Conflict.”  Global events are used to stimulate certain destructive mindsets, behaviors and emotional states in the human beings “unconscious memories” on the planet. Remember that in every situation, no matter how dire it appears, we can each be empowered to shift the event and its field residue into a positive and empowering stance. When we are informed and awake, we can progress with living and returning personal sovereignty to our selves, and live as that example for others.

When a person is mentally unstable they are more vulnerable to manipulation and possession. Mind control scripts and their string commands are being used to sweep and locate unstable people (such as severely wounded males) to act out and spread this “program” to infect more people with a sick or imbalanced mental state. Large events of gatherings are a perfect terrain for executing these kinds of triggers into the field. However we have noted several attempts of NA’s to personally come to implant the male through the attempt to corrupt them through direct manipulation of unhealed feelings of guilt, shame, sexual issues or anger. This has been occurring during sleep time through manipulation of disturbing dreams or while in lucid dream states. Implanting the spine, tailbone and neck are the usual places to hijack the nervous system.  For those of us in the Indigo and Star families, it is important to understand this program is artificial machinery, inorganic and is being used in the planetary field. The vulnerability is that “collective viral program” influencing or interfering with our personal natural bodily and nervous system processes.

It is that group specifically, that I want to share this larger awareness of events , as we do not have to personally feel the level of despair, suffering and pain this program has intended to inflict on all it is designed to ensnare in order to disrupt personal balance.

Mind Control Scripts

First, be aware that a pyschotronic technology being used in some places in the field to capture males to install a Mind Control (MC) Program with Viral loaded Scripts. If you are a conscious and awake male you are like a prize possession they want to corrupt. They do not want our males to reconstruct into their new mental bodies, where they will be freed from mind control programs. If one is disciplined in their ego this will be a mere annoyance and easily overcome with conscious participation. The secondary influence this has is on a mental body (either male or female) that is undisciplined and the result is your thoughts will feel chaotic with intense anxiety. I have included some information below to better understand scripts, so that if you feel this has influenced your brain and nervous system, to be aware of and observe it for what it is, without fear and without taking it personally.

There is a tool to IDENTIFY – LOCATE – REMOVE – REPAIR any MC program or script that has been loaded (unconsciously) into your nervous system.

Post Hypnotic Commands in Mind Control Scripting

This is a type of psychotronic warfare aimed at the Autonomic Nervous System. If you are feeling especially depressed, messages of suicidal acts, hopeless, and related negative feelings, please know this is not organic and is a scripted messaging system placed in the planetary fields, and aimed towards those of us building, strengthening and anchoring this Aurora Guardian and Indigo Shield. These hypnotic commands may be introduced while we are asleep, so be aware and secure your sleep time space. There may be importance when you wake up to pay attention to how you feel and immediately clear any residue imprints from impacting you throughout your day.

Please so not let this disturb you, bring your mind back into the peace of knowing that you can dismantle and destroy any script virally loaded to impose on your nervous system. Further dis-identify with these feelings and emotional states, as not a part of the real “you”, it is the inner child / body that is feeling it, as it picks up the broadcast from the larger field of this network.

It is good to feel the emotion of the experience, however if the feelings are descending into extremely negative and painful states that are increasing, rather than abating, then one may have a positive affirmation that a script is loaded and influencing your body. Sustained states of hopelessness, despair and depression are not good to maintain, we must learn to shift that feeling off of us, and clear its impact from continuing to interfere with our highest purposes.

If this is resonating with you, please consider the following support offered from our Guardian Teams:



1. CALIBRATE with the  12 D Shield and recite the Unity Vow (the standard ES practices)

2. Ask the Question of God self – Do I have Mind Control Scripts loaded that need to be Cleared from my body? IF YES, CONTINUE.

3. Beloved God, Guardian Families of Aurora, Please Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the following:

4. Terminate Mind Control Programs and their Loaded Scripts

a. Terminate Posthypnotic Commands

b. Terminate Posthypnotic Suggestions

c. Terminate REM Deprivation Programs from my required SLEEP PATTERNS to function optimally

d. Terminate Script Identifier

e. Terminate Script Locator

f. Terminate Script Trigger

g. Terminate Script Content

h. Terminate Script Time Code or Duration Code

5. Please Repair All Systems and reboot my 12 Tree Grid to the Ascension and Aurora Guardian Code Sequences. Correct my Spine and strengthen my Coccyx through my Spinal Cord and leading into my Brain. I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

6. Please generate Master Number Code if needed to lock down Repair Sequences.

7. Please clear all related Memories and their Influences from my Central Nervous System, Brain through the Inner Levels, In Between Levels, and Outer Space levels. (The goal is to remove these memory imprints and their residue from your nervous system, where they started.)

8. End your Session and thank the teams as appropriate.


In closing these are amazing times where we get to view and participate with the quantum leap in consciousness while co-existing with a great variation of consciousness perceptions and experiences. While a huge part of our task is liberating ourselves from mind control and healing our emotional body, we are reaching a time of catalytic breakthroughs. Stay the course with shielding practices while working to increase your skill with meditation and mental discipline to quiet the mind. This is the key to maintaining sanity while the collective fields let loose in chaos, as they are now.

From the center of the tornado, we send our love and gratitude to all of our awakening males on planet, with love and appreciation.

I appreciate your patience and participation with the use of these tools as you feel empowered and guided to do so.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path, be kind to yourself and each other."

Love, Lisa

Additional Integration Tools

Father, Brothers and Husbands Blog

Mental Body Tools and Antidote to Mind Control

Inner Child Body Healing Treatment


To be applied when the body is in shock, trauma from emotional grief to feel safe and supported in spiritual connection. Learn how to build the city four square architecture in your personal field and build a strong spiritual foundation of support. Work with the Aurora and Diamond light Harmonics to re-encrypt your residence and space, remove and seal harmful portals. Clear primordial imprints of shock, rage, abandonment, unworthiness, betrayal, the seed fears of humanity. Heal psychological blocks and the body in order of priority. (40 minutes)

The Guiding Four Pillars

1. Ask and Inquire on the Way of your God-Self and its purposes.

2. Listen, learn the language of God Self and take action on the guidance of your God Self.

3. Develop your Inner Connection to God Self that supersedes all reliance on the External Connections or perceptions of reality.

4. Life a Life congruent to your God Self and its purposes, and that it serves as an example to others.