Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dimensional Disorientation

Today is Sunday, May 6, 2012. This morning I awoke after a long eventful night of Wesak meditation, skating the energies and beautiful imagery of the world I was creating. Becoming aware of the influx of heightened vibration since Vernal Equinox, I'm losing track of time and space on a level I have not yet experienced. Amused, I realized that it was not Monday after all. In essence, I have gained a day! 

This is a new dimension of reality, where we are truly standing between two worlds, the earth plane and another dimensional reality of your choice. I haven't experienced this as overwhelm, but I have begun to lose track of linear time. I wonder what it is like for others.

I anticipate more restlessness, trying to push through to a new life of freedom and greater prosperity to support it. As it happens in God Time, I am impatient with the speed (slowness) in which it seems to arrive (or not). There is still fear attached to completely releasing the old structures and patterns I live within. Am I trying to have everyone on board with my POV? I admit, I'd love to have more company on my ship as I sail to other shores, yet I realize that everyone follows their directive and that doesn't necessarily intersect with mine.

Optimism and gratitude are two virtues that I feel I often am not fully immersed in. I'm thinking too much and I see yellow is filling my aura. I'm thinking and not feeling as much as I could. I am grateful for what I have, for what I have already created. But not all of it. Some of it looks like mis-creation and I hold the intention of transforming that into something more beautiful through loving it and understanding it. These are lessons to be learned, not as something negative still attached to my life. I created it for a reason and it is serving me very well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I open my heart and allow more of what I value most into my life.

I wish you success as we stand to meet the incoming energies of the annular solar eclipse.


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