Sunday, May 6, 2012

Planetary Energies for May 7 to 13, 2012

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: The Super Full Moon on May 5, as seen in Paris, France (photo by VegaStar Carpentier)

WE ARE NOW just two weeks away from the first eclipse of the 2012 calendar year. On May 20, we will have a Solar Eclipse, which will be followed two weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse (on June 4).

Eclipses are powerful alignments of the Sun and Moon, acting as triggers for transformation and marking a time of endings and beginnings. Their influence is strongest during the week they are exact, but we can start to feel their energies several weeks beforehand. And, the reverberations of their effect can continue for many weeks afterward.

More on the May 20 eclipse in next week's Journal -- but for now, it is exciting to note that the keyword phrase for that Solar Eclipse is "A New Dimension of Reality." Perhaps this helps explain the mental confusion many are experiencing, and why it appears to be increasing as we get closer to this eclipse. 

Our conscious minds are trying to figure out how to navigate both the Earth Plane and other dimensions simultaneously. Is it any wonder some folks are going into overwhelm?

THIS WEEK, the planetary aspects represent smaller hills and valleys in the overall landscape leading up to the eclipses. With Uranus pushing against both Jupiter and Mars on Monday, we'll need to be flexible and prepared for the unexpected (if that's possible!). 

Restlessness and impatience are a part of what may manifest through these aspects, especially if we continue to push against the changes that are underway. We can help ourselves by allowing old patterns and structures to break apart and by accepting that not everyone shares the same objectives and perspectives. 

MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS on Tuesday, adding a bit more grounding and practicality to our thinking processes. Thankfully, Mercury will have a smoother road to travel this week than he has had for the past few days, providing greater ease in plans, travels and communications. 

A Mercury-Neptune sextile on Thursday supports our being able to tap into both logic and intuition in equal measures. And, a Mercury-Mars trine on Sunday gives us the green light to take action on our ideas, even if we first need to negotiate the terms with significant others (Mercury-Venus semisquare).

THINGS MAY GET somewhat more complicated on Friday and Saturday, as minor irritations can interfere with relationships going as smoothly as we'd like. It may be helpful to remember that each of us is being stretched now, a bit like taffy being pulled during its preparation process.

Even those who do not seem to be working consciously with challenges are being pushed and pulled energetically. We each deal with these shifts in our own way. Personal differences and soul-level choices require that we have compassion and release judgment if someone is not living up to our expectations of who they "could" be or what they "should" be learning through their life experience.

PLUTO AND CHIRON come to the rescue in this regard, helping us be more openhearted and strengthening our ability to trust the process underway, even if we are not yet able to see the outcome.

The energetic baton is then passed to Jupiter and the Sun on Sunday. The alignment of these two entities in Taurus takes heart-opening one step further, and encourages us to be in gratitude for the gifts that are ever-present in our lives.

Gratitude is an attitude that builds upon itself -- the more we allow ourselves to feel appreciation for something in our lives, the more our hearts open to allow greater abundance of what we most value. We can use the influence of this Jupiter-Sun alignment next weekend to begin the new week in a place of greater optimism, an attitude that will then carry us more gracefully into the energies of the Solar Eclipse and beyond.



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