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Numerology for May 2012: Creating Justice Your Way

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Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.
art by Janosh

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

May 2012 (28/10/1) brings you opportunities for originality and initiative in creating the new concepts from a place of authority that will insure everything that occurs is based in the Law of Justice. The law of justice is “As you sow, so will you reap.” To successfully apply this law in your life, you need to rely on your intuitive Wisdom. This is a new beginning which asks you to take the leadership in your life and to create justly as an independent pioneer. Your goal is to accept that you will reap the rewards in life when you are willing to live your life in justice for all.

MAY 1 to MAY 5, 2012 (30/3)
You begin this month of finding your voice with a week of opportunities to reveal and express your fondest hopes and dreams. This is a fertile time with a natural field to be creative since you can see clearly the situation and its completion: joy, abundance, happiness and fulfillment. You begin the week with the energies of the Master Messenger to help you be willing to take on more responsibility and make the effort necessary to receive your rewards so tune in to your Higher Guidance for direction and be sensitive to the insights and revelations offered you. Now you have a day which brings the vibration of the week to the forefront which can create restless energies of celebration so stay connected to your intuition to guide you through and stay centered. The Master Builder on the physical plane energies present themselves to blend with the joy energies and make you happy about being you so be willing to make the effort without going to extremes and examine any “restrictions” so you can build a firm foundation for the future. A day for finding the balance between your sense of adventure and change and your requirement for “attachments” in order to feel secure bring you experiences to help you understand that security is something within you so as they present themselves release your attachments joyfully so that you can enjoy the adventure. You end the week with increased sensitivity to what lies beneath so that you can fully use the energies of the Master Builder to insure you are resting on a firm foundation of the true you. Your goal for this period is to be consciously aware of your Inner Guidance so that you build any inner foundation for expansion and growth mixed with joy.

MAY 6 to MAY 12, 2012 (25/7)
Now you move to a week of balancing physics and metaphysics, Spirit and body. This week requires you to be in a reflective state so that you can assess how far you have come. Listen to your inner voice for directions on how to reconstruct, if necessary, your mental energies so that your thoughts are creating your desires. This will require flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability to “think outside the box” which is always necessary to move into evolution. The week begins with an intensification of the weekly vibration so use that to go within and find your truth which is the only thing that can put you on a firm foundation. This is followed by a day of benevolence and bounty in order for you to manifest who you are so take this time, which requires some activity, to discern what actions to take in order to manifest the truth. A day of endings and beginnings through service to others assists you to achieve deeper understandings in your relationships so focus on bringing harmony and peace in all your interactions. Ideas for manifesting your part of the New World are in abundance so that you can select and crystallize your desires for justice and truth in all they you create. Another Master Messenger day presents itself and gives you opportunities to emphasize “the high road” in all you do so remember to stay connected to your Higher Guidance for direction through the insights and revelations presented today. The energies of joy and celebration reemerge and are supported by the Master Messenger energies to assist you in maintaining your direction and not getting caught in what could be restless physical energies so remain aware of your heightened sensitivity and take this opportunity for inspiration, faith, love and peace. You end the week with energies to clarify and expand your thinking so that you can break up old conditioning in order to be a forerunner for better conditions by realizing the value of system in order in anything you wish to build. The goal for this week is to understand the necessity and value of going within so that you can remove “obstacles” in your crusade for the truth.

MAY 13 to MAY 19, 2012 (20/2)
You now have a week of the underlying energies of spiritual/physical balance which leads to bringing out your abilities as peacemaker. Be aware of the precisional order seen in this energy which is conscious of, yet not ruled by, time and details. Your actions must be decisive; however, never taken without checking the details and gathering the facts. Use your heightened awareness of the mediator and go-between to keep harmony and peace between what may appear to be differing situations. The week begins with a reminder of the energies of the year, adventure and change so use these energies in this month of ideas to create more variety and adventure, in your life. This is followed by a day of increased sensitivity to foundations so remain centered in the truth of you and you will take command of your Inner World which will bring command of your outer world. You move to yet another day of finding the balance for freedom in your connection between your Spirit and physical so spend this day being reflective rather than active and listen closely to your Inner Voice to give you directions on moving forward. A day of balanced manifestation based in love and supported by the Master energies of healing at the Christed level comes to assist you in actually manifesting your truth, your Christed consciousness, in all your experiences. You then reap the rewards of your work on the previous day so remember your rewards are in direct relationship to what you have previously earned are collected when you maintain harmony and peace. The month’s vibration comes forward and intensifies to remind you the future is about accepting true justice, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, is an essential element in the New World. You end the week with Master Messenger energies focused on being balanced as you serve so remember to be receptive because there will be many Spiritual messages that will bring balance into your affairs. The goal for this week is to be the mediator in duality by accepting the revelations given to you through your Spiritual insights and your enlightened thinking.

MAY 20 to MAY 26, 2012 (24/6)
You have a week of increased sensitivity in order to bring you to your deep sense of order within. Be aware of your dreams and listen to your intuition to give you direction and guidance when necessary. This influence can be very inspirational so be prepared to take the responsibility to use your inner sense of order to bring things into harmony which will result in peace and balance. The week starts with the energies of celebration and creative expression so rely on your intuition to stay centered and your Inner Guidance for direction and you will experience inner joy, harmony and peace. From this place of inner order and joy you move to a day that will assist you to bring about better conditions so be aware that it is your responsibility to insure that “things” only go so far and no further. The previous day’s practice of saying “no” lead you into a day of restless energies where you will address any issues preventing you from living your own life and this is supported by the Master Builder energies to assist you in this task. The energies of the week come forward and are intensified so that your connection to your Inner Awareness is strengthened and you are willing to bring things into harmony so use these energies to get deeper into the “flow” and be prepared to respond to unexpected events and opportunities in a positive way. Now you are presented with another day to be reflective and go within in order to reassess where you are so don’t forget to visualize what you desire and compare it to what you have accomplished without judgment. A day of benevolent energies that bestow abundance comes to you so take responsibility for this affluent period and examine all the details that arise in your material life, often spontaneously, to insure they are consistent with your desired creation. You end the week with the energy of reaping your rewards from past achievements while preparing for new adventures so it is a time to maintain harmony and peace and you will clearly see the next step. Your goal for this week is to stay connected to your inner sense of order and understand you can gain information from invisible forces such as your dreams which will lead you to a deep inner knowing of who you are and what you wish to create.

MAY 27 to MAY 31, 2012 (150/15/6)
You end the month with a Higher-Self vibration that brings you regeneration through the understanding that you can pull the energies of joy, freedom and change into any life experience. Understand that change is the Universal Truth of life. As you bring this Inner Knowing into the lives of others, you will be giving selfless service and accepting responsibility to better humankind. This is necessary to bring change to the old concepts of the Piscean age and move into the new Aquarian age. You begin with a day of ideas and the energies to crystallize them using your imagination and you are given guidance through the underlying energies of the Master Architect so that you can experience balancing higher Spiritual energies with the material world. This is followed by another Master vibration, the Master Messenger, to help you to connect even more to your Higher Guidance so remain receptive and pay attention to the Spiritual messages designed to bring balance into your affairs. This is followed with a continuation of the Master Messenger energies beneath the surface of energies of celebration so stay connected and rely on your intuition to help you stay centered in these restless energies. This is followed by a day designed to stretch your thinking outside the box while combining your mental intelligence with your intuitive intelligence so that you can understand that there is a value to system and organization and to show you that the “old way” of doing things was rarely direct and far from systematic and organized. You end this month of seeking justice and truth through change with experiences to show you where you are still held to the old ways so use these restless energies in a constructive way and exercise patience, persistence and determination while using your own approach to accomplish any task. The goal for this period is to allow yourself to regenerate so that you can grow in your power, pull forces toward you and understand you cannot have freedom without change.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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