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Numerology for February 2012: Manifesting Spirit In Our World

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is”, an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now”, as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

February 2012 (25/7) continues the concept of order within and combines it with the organization of “scientific knowledge” combined with Spiritual Wisdom and connected to your psychic abilities. Through your process, you have awakened to the Spiritual truths within which allow you to see the reality of life which has been veiled for millennia. This month, a month of balance, will require flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability in order to use your Wisdom in a meaningful way. You have the opportunity to search for truth and see beyond the “veil” of the material world which is now only present in individual perspectives. Your goal is to find your center between your Spirit and physical and remain there as you manifest your New World.                                                                                                                  

FEBRUARY 1 to FEBRUARY 4, 2012 ([11])  You begin this month with the master vibration of the Spiritual Messenger. This raises the 2 of the month to its highest expression. This entire week will be there for you to experience operating from your highest wisdom in unconditional love. These are intense energies and they need to be dealt with from Spirit. You are aware of your heightened sensitivity so you can use that to break up any remaining conditioning that no longer serves. This process begins with at day of easy-falling energies full of cooperation and compatibility so that you may manifest that abundance in your life by choosing which actions are appropriate for the situations which are spontaneously presenting themselves. This is followed by a day where you reap the rewards of your past achievements and prepare for new adventures at the same time so maintain harmony and peace in order to allow your relationships to bloom and bring understanding. Now you move to the seeds of that preparation and harvest what you wish to have in your life so rely on your intuitive Wisdom and your strong sense of justice before you make your selection. You end with an intensification of the vibration of the week to remind you that if you wish Master rewards you must take responsibility and exert the necessary effort. Your goal is to be the Master you are and move through your life with diplomacy and service.

FEBRUARY 5 to FEBRUARY 11, 2012 (24/6)
This is week of increased sensitivity to foundations, yours and others. This influence can be very inspirational as long as you stay connected to your Inner Awareness. As you become centered in that connection you have the opportunity to be “in the flow” so that you can easily respond to a unexpected events and opportunities. This is a vibration which attracts so stay centered and evaluate what you are attracting and choose from your Higher Knowing what you wish to maintain. A day of celebration and creative expression begins this week so stay centered and do not get carried away with these restless energies and your Inner Guidance will give you direction. This is followed by a Master day which is concerned with being the building force on the material plane so allow yourself the feelings of fulfillment and completion which come when you manifest your Spirit in the physical plane. Now you have a day to evaluate your sense of inner security so that you can enjoy your adventures and the changes they bring. The Master Builder energies now lie beneath your sensitivity so remain centered in these intense energies and choose wisely and you will achieve great success. Th month’s vibration comes to the foreground for you to go within and visualize what you desire while listening to you Inner Voice for direction in this process. You are given another easy-flowing day in which you have the opportunity to accept the responsibility for creating it so it examined any details that arise in your material affairs to make sure you take credit for your part of their creation. You end the week with Master opportunities as yo reap the rewards of your past achievements and prepare for new adventures. Your goal for this week is to accept your Deep Inner Knowing and your Deep Sense of Order Within so that you may feel secure as you move into the flow of life.

FEBRUARY 12 to FEBRUARY 18, 2012 (19/10/1)
You now have the week of karmic intensity. It will give you an opportunity to use all of your positive traits and require courage, independence and leadership in order to create humanitarian concepts for all of humankind. Given the nature of this vibration, every experience that you have will be designed for you to create inner energetic balance and nothing can be avoided, evaded or ignored. This winds up old Karmic accounts, if any, so that you can start a new by surrendering to whom you really are. You begin the week with the vibration of seed and harvest so any issues which arise will go to the core of any internal distorted energies so rely on your Intuitive Wisdom and a sense of justice to resolve the matter. Then you move to a day of strong Master energies that bring new messages about balance in your affairs so be receptive and remember a Master always has the physical, emotional and mental areas in their life in balance. A day of restless energies comes to you to celebrate and practice being connected to your intuition so that you can successfully use these energies and correct them to bring you joy, harmony and peace. Now that you have dealt with your inner issues you are aware of your boundaries and you have built your stage so use your intuition as events occur and if you see them as a “challenge” remember that challenge is to the old ways so understand them and find a new way. You now have a day where you can experience the joy of adventure and change and understand that everything is an adventure and everything changes. Another day of increased sensitivity to your foundation is here for you to take responsibility and put things into harmony within yourself and as you do that you find that if your Inner World is commanded by you your outer world is the same. You end the week with a reminder of the underlying energies of the entire month which are to help you understand what it is to blend Spirit and physical and manifest that. Your goal for this week is to collect, synthesize and regenerate past experiences so that you can surrender and understand your plan is part of God’s plan.

FEBRUARY 19 to FEBRUARY 25, 2012 (23/5)
This week is for you to experience and understand freedom. Freedom brings with it adventure and change and it can only be truly experienced when you are secure within yourself. When one enjoys and understands their own freedom, it is natural to allow others to experience theirs. The week begins with the energies of manifestation is supported by the Master energies of Christed consciousness in the physical plane as you are supported to meet all interactions from the place of being balanced within unconditional love. This is followed by a day of reaping your rewards as you find the freedom in service. A day to use your imagination and intuitive Wisdom to crystallize conditions for all to move forward is presented to you for you to recognize that before any project begins it must be grounded in Wisdom and Justice. An intense day of double Master vibrations, 11 and 22, follows so that you can experience fulfillment and completion as you remain receptive and understand Spiritual messages will bring balance into your affairs. A day to celebrate the creative expression of the real you is here so remain centered and these restless energies will bring you happiness and fulfillment. You are now given an opportunity to be a foreigner for better conditions for all and realize this can only be achieved if you recognize the value of the system and organization to any project on any scale. You end the week with abundant restless energies which must be used constructively with patience, persistence and determination so that you can demonstrate that we are all here to use our individual approaches to accomplish any task. The goal for this week is to use your quick perceptions to examine all circumstances in terms of freedom for all.

FEBRUARY 26 to FEBRUARY 29, 2012 (102/12/3)
You end this month with opportunities for regeneration of the God Energy within which brings balance to your completed form for a new beginning. This brings you the ability to see the truth about yourself and be aware of any necessary reforms needed to bring you to your highest expression of Self. First your sensitivity to everything brings you inspiration for the good of all, including yourself, as long as you remain centered in your connection to your Higher Self. Second you are reminded of that connection in the power and knowledge available to you for constructive use by you so remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable as circumstances require you to adjust in order to demonstrate the truth. Third you are given an easy-flowing day to be open to cooperation and compatibility as you encounter spontaneous events designed to show you the abundance in your life. You end the month with the underlying intensity of the Master Messenger energies showing you how to reap your rewards and then prepare and choose your new adventures. Your goal for this period is to recognize expansion and growth are the ultimate goals; however, these need to be grounded in strong individual principles so that you can take the lead and help create justice for all.

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