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Planetary Energies for February 20 to 26, 2012

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Merope's Reflection Nebula (photo by Leonardo Orazi)

OUR NEW MOON on Tuesday (2:35pm PST) is the astrological highlight of the week. With this being the last New Moon of the zodiac year, we see a bit of contradiction in its energies, since it marks both the start of a new 30-day lunar cycle and the "beginning of the end" of the nearly-complete 12-month solar cycle.

The feeling may be that we're ready to move forward in some way, but we are also aware of issues that need to be further resolved before we are really free to create a new phase of life. This New Moon in Pisces provides the energetic support for the remaining release work to be done, which includes holding the Pisces ideals of Forgiveness, Allowing, and Acceptance.

PISCES THEMES are strongly emphasized now in other ways as well. Seven out of the 15 primary planets and asteroids are in Pisces as we begin the week. And, at the time of the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are aligned with Neptune, the astrological "ruler" of Pisces. This emphasizes the themes of the 12th sign even more profoundly.

In general, Pisces themes are more ethereal than practical. Even more than usual, it may be hard to stay "on task" with the responsibilities of our day-to-day lives this week. The longing for that overdue vacation is likely to increase, and daydreaming or wishful thinking may interfere with our mind's ability to focus on details.  

IN THE POSITIVE, all this Neptunian/Piscean energy is helpful for the kinds of activities that use our imaginations or that require letting go of our often too-tight grasp on this physical reality. The release of the mind through meditation may come more naturally under this influence -- although, if it requires discipline for us to sit, we may not find that part coming so easily.

Creative inspiration may also flow more easily, if we can get past the actual sitting down and putting a pen to paper (or fingers on the keyboard). Our internal Muse and Higher Self are ready and accessible.

WE ARE ALSO MORE SENSITIVE, emotionally and psychically, when Neptune and Pisces are emphasized. We may feel more strongly affected by others' moods than usual, or more easily take on the energies of whatever we connect with. It's important now to monitor what we fill our senses with, because it is harder to separate ourselves from what we observe, hear, or read -- especially if heightened emotions are included.

This effect is part of Pisces' reminder that we are all one, that what unites us is far greater than what separates us. Pisces is a water sign, and is ruled by Neptune, the mythological god of the oceans. The waters of those oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface, and connect us all with one another. It's also interesting that the human body is about 62% water by weight, and that all of our tissues are likewise interconnected through this one substance. 

ANOTHER CHALLENGE to be aware of with a strong Pisces influence is that we can more easily fall into rescuer/martyr or victim/blaming roles. This challenge to our spiritual balance is increased with Chiron conjunct the New Moon on Tuesday, and then with the exact Chiron-Sun alignment on Friday.

Chiron's healing journey as it transits Pisces is meant to help us move into a more expansive understanding of the spiritual nature and purposes of this physical life. This includes being able to see the gift in what may appear hurtful, unfair or "wrong" from the purely human viewpoint. 

On our way to that more enlightened perspective, we often must address remaining beliefs that keep us from living in trust and faith. Thankfully, there is always a gift on the other side of a Chiron healing crisis. With Chiron in Pisces, that gift is the opening our High Heart (the thymus chakra), which is the heart's spiritual center and where we hold the energies of unconditional love.

A FINAL NOTE about the effects of this week's New Moon: It is aligned with a cool "hypergiant" star called NML Cygni, and so also focuses that energy into our awareness and experience. Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes this about NML Cygni in her book Karmic Galactic Astrology:
"With this point, there is a learning to trust the Universe and the synergistic flow and timing of the Cosmos, as it is brought down into everyday life. Trust and a willingness to go with the flow, even if that means waiting for the right moment in time to move forward, is a powerful lesson here."
That pretty much says it all.



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