Sunday, December 11, 2011

Notes on the “Matrix World Order”

Further comments to the NES postings
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First I wish to recapitulate something I have written about in various articles over recent years: The vast majority of human are barely aware of the hierarchy of earthly power that controls their thoughts and their lives. Of those who have some awareness of this, rare few understand much of anything of its true nature and motivations. Even few know of its origins.

Of those who consider themselves to be “spiritually” oriented, most are still blocked and limited by religions, doctrines, cults, gurus, and all the rest. Those who believe themselves free of the religions and rely upon “new age” beliefs, have only replaced one set of falsehoods with another, nearly all traceable to the same sources which have their origins in the past and with various levels of the Dark.

This is no different than the human elite setting up and managing false differences between nations, politics, etc. so as to always be able to shuffle another “alternative” of their own design to the masses who they are compelled to try to control.

Of those who are spiritually oriented and somewhat aware of the nature of the human world, most are barely conversant with these matters and rely upon purveyors of myriad conspiracies and fears. But few have developed the needed internal filters and discernment and self-guidance needed to make it through gauntlet of falsehood, illusion, and dangerous dark alleys.

Most who are spiritually oriented are still operating under the false and dangerous notions that all is “light and love” and that there is no dark force that is inimical to true creation, or that if there is a dark force, it is to be embraced with “gratitude” and to be drawn further into oneself.

This does not leave a very large fraction of humans at present.

Second, I continue to hear questions as to whether the economic collapse is the result of the “correction energies” or some other agencies of the higher Light. Of course, as this reality is changed, all facets that are not in accord with the “correction energies” will breakdown very quickly. But the economic collapse is fundamentally and primarily the result of the machinations of the global power elite. Further, those who imagine that the “correction energies” are directly involved with such matters are actually presuming or projecting from themselves that the “forces of Light” are not only tearing down the old but will somehow give humans a new golden age. This is all based upon Dark side programming to anticipate some new external authority or savior. Until humans become spiritually conscious, they are more likely to resist any such efforts, imagining for a moment that were the case (which they are not). Most humans are too inured to a distorted and fundamentally corrupted existence and will default to trying to restore that which is the very agency of their suffering.

Third, I would like to address short-term likelihoods for the human social situation on earth:

The social, economic, political, military, and geophysical environment will soon become increasingly difficult and painful to navigate as an embodied human. With further economic collapse, there will be the added challenge of more humans becoming predators on other humans. Every major retail “holiday” discount sale cycle, involves hordes of people packing the entrances to the “big box” stores like WalMart, etc. They resemble a cross between looters during a disaster and starving predators who will readily injure anyone just to grab some piece of useless junk (probably made in China). These stores are deliberately set up as more than money vacuums and social control mechanisms, they are also set up as infestations of dark ghoulish demonic predation. It is no wonder we see a form of group feeding frenzy acted out by humans who frequent these stores.

Now project this across a larger portion of society desperately looking for toxic foodstuffs and various distractions from what is Real.

In the short run, this situation will only worsen in both the ordinary 3d and the astral realms. This is a direct result of the unraveling of the dark control system from within and from without and a direct consequence of the higher and lower levels that created such a diseased sub-creation (fallen zone) to begin with.

Even with the removal of much of the dark entities lurking in the astral, there is the problem of the dark-influenced human sub-conscious that frequents the astral. With a growing blurring of boundaries ordinary physical 3d and the astral realm, there will be a growth in human insanity and acting out.

So that is some “bad news” for some.

Of course there will be concentrations of people all over the world who do not degenerate into the worst-case situation this all implies. And there will be pockets here and there that prefer to create cooperative and peaceful communities of one sort or another. But even this is not the true reality of who you are and why you are.


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