Sunday, December 11, 2011

Astrological Energies December 12 to 18, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Saturday's Total Lunar Eclipse (photo by David Hutchinson, taken from Alki, just outside of Seattle)

YESTERDAY'S LUNAR ECLIPSE lived up to its pre-press. It was magical to watch, and felt like a true springboard into the new energies of 2012.

We have now walked through the eclipse gateway that divided 2011 and 2012 -- and although our calendars will continue to insist that it is 2011 for another three weeks, we have a sense that we are leaving this past year behind in quick fashion. This knowing will become stronger once we cross over the Solstice point on December 22 and then ground into the energies of the Capricorn New Moon on December 24.

AS IF GIVING US time to adjust to the eclipse effect and the new realms we have entered, the planetary aspects list for this week is exceedingly brief!

On Monday, Mars squares the North and South Nodes, which indicates a bit of a challenge to our old ways of managing this reality, and an opportunity to see how those old ways are no longer effective. Mars is in Virgo and can tend to be a bit critical at times -- but criticism, of course, is not conducive to growth, serving rather to undercut feelings of optimism and potential.

With this Mars aspect, we are seeing how our need to be in control has interfered with our truly trusting our greater Wisdom (North Node in Sagittarius). The mind (South Node in Gemini) tells us that we need more data and logical debate before accepting anything as true or worthwhile, and our practical nature (Mars in Virgo) jumps on the bandwagon with arguments about what makes the most sense.

But Wisdom is not necessarily about what makes the most intellectual or practical sense. Wisdom knows what it knows, with no apology and no need to defend.

We'll see if our experience on Monday brings these issues into our awareness, and how we choose to work with them.

ON TUESDAY, Mercury goes direct -- and our response is (as always), Finally! Since Mercury went retrograde on November 23/24, it's been hard to keep on track with practical matters, and hard to motivate ourselves to do what feels like work. Mercury is in Sagittarius, which prefers the experiential component of life, and is not so excited about sitting at a desk or typing on a computer. When adventure or interesting opportunities call, Sagittarius tends to put discipline and responsibilities on the shelf.

During this three-week retrograde period, we've had less willpower when it comes to forcing ourselves to do things that just aren't fun or interesting. As frustrating as it's been to apply ourselves, it's also been an opportunity for us to get in touch with what we really do enjoy. And, as Mercury goes direct, the challenge to each of us is to recreate our daily lives to include more of what enlivens us, and less of what saps our energy.

NEPTUNE ALIGNS with Vesta on Friday, an event that occurs about every four years. This alignment links our spiritual/creative inspiration (Neptune) with our ability to be focused and dedicated (Vesta).

As we work with the combined energies of these two, it can be a strong support for a new beginning on our spiritual or creative journey -- an opportunity for rebirth and recommitment to what "in-spires" us, what enables us to breathe in our spiritual essence and live in greater alignment with our Soul's purposes.

NEXT SUNDAY, we see a bit of a challenge through a square aspect between Saturn and Venus. This can be a reminder of relationship issues that still need to be addressed, or perhaps a caution not to overspend during a season when it is common to spend more than reason would normally allow.

The solution, with Saturn in Libra, is to find our balance point. Saturn rewards discipline and conservative, practical action, while Venus really just wants to feel good, even while she is in cautious Capricorn. The square aspect challenges us to look at how we use our resources, both emotionally and financially.

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