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December: Responsibility and Reassessment

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

December 2011, (25/7), ends the year with a vibration of scientific knowledge that represents a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and psychic abilities. Use this month to withdraw into a reflective state to reassess how far you’ve come and where you want to go. Use flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability to adjust everything to reflect the truth and express it. The goal is to take responsibility for you and be independent as you crusade for the truth.

DECEMBER 1 to DECEMBER 3, 2011 (81/9)

You begin this last month of the year of manifesting your mastery in your physical life with the energies of power, authority and leadership meant to be used for the good of all humankind. Your motivation and direction are from your Spirit, the real you, which gives you a vast storehouse of Wisdom within that require you to have command of you at your nonconscious levels. This week begins with a free-flowing environment examine and investigate all the details that may spontaneously arise and take responsibility to act in accordance with whom you are. Now you have an intensification of the nine energies to help you share your accomplishments in order to bring deeper understanding to both yourself and others so it is a time to maintain harmony and peace in order to reap the rewards of your past achievements. You end the week with a dual vibration of seed and harvest which gives you the ability to crystallize your desires using your imagination based in justice and your intuitive wisdom. Your goal is to recognize that this time of unfolding and completion will not be successful without structure and the purpose to experience the ultimate joy which comes from using your accomplishments for the universal good.

DECEMBER 4 to DECEMBER 10, 2011 (26/8)

This entire week is full of benevolent energies that you can use to bring abundance in your life as long as you use your material possessions in service to humankind. This is about the flow of giving and receiving which requires detachment from physical “things.” It gives you the ability to handle people and situations as long as you use your generosity wisely and in balance so that it becomes an asset to both yourself and others. You begin with the Master vibration of the Spiritual Messenger which, if you tune in, brings you direction, insights and revelations to bring balance into your affairs. In this benevolent energy you now have a day of celebration and creative expression of whom you are which brings rewards and abundance so continue your connection with your intuition in order to stay balanced in these restless energies. Then you have a day to be very aware because you will receive news in all forms of the new world you’re creating and if any circumstances present a challenge, they will be challenges to the old way of doing things. Now you move to a day that brings you the joy of adventure and change so you can remember that evolution requires change. Your sensitivity to what “lies beneath” is then increased so that you are open to inspiration about being in command and centered within to bring your visions into physicality by being in the flow. A day to withdraw and reassess your vision so listen to your Inner Voice which comes to bring clarity to your situation when you remain flexible and adaptable to make any necessary adjustments. The benevolent energies of the week come to the foreground to help you examine and investigate any details that arise so you can use the Master energies available this day to balance anything necessary and show you your own Christed Consciousness of compassion and unconditional love. The goal for this week is to experience the energies which bring balance, power and authority by serving humankind while being in the flow of giving and receiving.

DECEMBER 11 to DECEMBER 17, 2011 (21/3)

Now you have a week of developing and enhancing the concept of friendship. Loyalty is paramount in this energy and your lessons will revolve around understanding loyalty. True loyalty requires learning not to waste energy fighting what cannot be changed. There is an exercise in discernment with respect to loyalty where you determine what deserves your loyalty based on your feelings and your heart’s desire to be, first of all, loyal to whom you are. You begin with the energies of reaping the rewards in order to prepare to move forward and you have an underlying Master Messenger energy to help you bring yourself to a level of maintaining harmony and peace within. You move to another day of beginnings and endings with a twist so that you can use the power of your imagination to take what you’ve received as rewards, examine them, blend in a sense of justice and then clarify and crystallize what seeds you wish to plant for your future growth. The Master Messenger energies surface to assist you with direction, insights and revelations on integrating your Spirit into the physical life you are creating. Another day of receiving your rewards as long as you remain in joy and celebration of your accomplishments helps you to understand that it is through joy and love that we create the world we desire. You now receive insights, news and ideas about being the forerunner for better conditions as long as you use the challenges that may come to create a new way of being whom you are. A day to experience the true meaning of freedom is presented for you to learn if he is okay to say “no” and do things in your own unusual or conventional way so don’t hesitate to enjoy the pleasures from these constructive efforts. You and the week with energies which increase your sensitivity to your own foundation, your beliefs, so that you can become centered, take responsibility to bring things in order within and from that point move into the “flow.” The goal for this week is to achieve inner peace and learned that you create with others; however, that creativity comes from within.

DECEMBER 18 to DECEMBER 24, 2011 (25/7)

This week your experiences will assist you to understand what it means to crusade for the truth. It is a week to withdraw and be reflective while connected to your strong intuitive energies. If you visualize what you desire and keep that visualization before you, you will be given experiences that assist you to find the truth by mastering what you perceive as “obstacles.” Listen to your inner voice and be willing to make the adjustments in your thoughts, words and deeds that will allow you to demonstrate the truth. The first day of the week intensifies the week’s vibration by repeating it so experiences may present themselves that will require you to be flexible, resourceful and adaptable which leads you to bring light, reality and clarity to any situation. Now you have a day of cooperation and compatibility for you to examine and investigate anything which spontaneously arises in your material affairs so that you can take responsibility for this affluent period and discern what activity is necessary for you to reap the harvest. Now you move into two days of Master Energies. The first is the vibration of seed and harvest so that you can rely on your intuitive Wisdom and inner sense of justice to clarify your desires and plans to balance the higher Spiritual energies within the material world and realize true security comes with linking Spirit with physical. The second is a day of double Master Energies of both the Spiritual Messenger and the Spiritual Builder so this will be a day to practice listening to your guidance, integrating it into whom you are and then manifesting it into your life. A day to celebrate yourself in how far you’ve come arrives to help you practice relying on your inner guidance for direction through these restless energies. The reward for your work this week is a day where new ideas, new ways of being the forerunner for better conditions, are provided along with the will and strength to understand the value of system in order in anything you create. The goal for this week is to gain the power and experience required and acquired through mastering obstacles to your crusade for truth.

DECEMBER 25 to DECEMBER 31, 2011 (200/20/2)

You end the month with a full week of finding the balance in duality which will bring new plans, new purposes and new ambitions along with revelations and great illumination. This is a week to see the alternatives in all situations, listen to your higher wisdom and act decisively in line with whom you truly are, Spirit. It is time to gather the facts, see the larger picture and act decisively by objectively weighing and measuring all the details in order to find the middle road of peace and harmony. You begin the end of 2011 with experiences of freedom and change which can be restless energies and you are required to use them constructively and put them into action with patience, persistence and determination always with the confidence to accomplish the task of being and doing who you are. This is followed by a day of Master energies in which you have the responsibility to give freely in the opportunity to compassionately assist others to face and alleviate their challenges which will test your beliefs and faith that all is in its right order. A day to go within and make sure you are connected to Spirit will enable you to use these strong intuitive energies to examine your own mental energies and ensure your thoughts and beliefs are positive force for yourself and others. You are then given an easy-flowing environment due to examine and investigate any details in your material affairs which do not align with the new you. A day with underlying Master Messenger energies comes to assist you to shift your perspective and share what you have learned in harmony and peace. It is time to rethink and listen to what you can be in the life you can live as you accept the fact that you are Spirit in a physical body in that Spirit is what brings you guidance and Wisdom. You end this year and month with the energies of the Master Messenger directed by Higher Guidance which shows you the Master of the physical you are. The goal for this week is to accept the Spiritual insights and enlightenment you have acquired about finding the balance in the old way of duality.

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