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Astrological Energies April 25 to May 1, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (photo by Zoltan Kenwell)

THE UNDERLYING CONFUSION, foggy thinking and inability to visualize or conceptualize the future should slowly start to dissipate over the coming week. As I mentioned in my blog posting yesterday, this latest Mercury retrograde phase (which ended late Friday/early Saturday) has felt more significant than most -- perhaps because Mercury in Aries going retrograde is a bit like setting off fireworks in an enclosed area (in other words, our brains).

Adding to the recent tension, Mercury been opposing Saturn while gradually slowing to a standstill over the past week. This aspect has been close to full-strength since April 19, and will finally move out of range this coming Tuesday. We can point to this influence when looking for planetary causes for the fears, pessimism, and karmic memories that have arisen recently, especially those involving the speaking and hearing of truth (Mercury in Aries), and the need for maintaining impartial fairness and integrity in our assessment of relationships (Saturn in Libra).

TWO WEEKS AGO, Mars was in the hot seat between Pluto and Saturn. One of the headlines for April 11, the day of the Pluto-Mars square, was perfect for the influence: "Georgian woman accidentally cuts cable that kills Internet access for all Armenia." (And yes, we can see a bit of Mercury retrograde influence in there, too...)

While this event may appear slightly humorous to those of us who didn't have to deal directly with losing Internet connection, there's significance in the fact that it occurred on the day the Pluto-Mars aspect was exact. Mars has to do with how we take action, oftentimes with forcefulness. And, with Pluto in Capricorn, the vulnerabilities of many different types of businesses and social structures are being exposed.

Over the past year, the oil industry, mining industry, and nuclear power industry have all met with major obstacles to business-as-usual. This cable-cutting incident in Armenia was another indicator of how business practices and structures that we rely on are being tested for integrity.

THIS WEEK, Venus steps into the position held by Mars, and takes on the Pluto square (on Wednesday) and the Saturn opposition (on Saturday). This shifts the emphasis from how we express masculine principles such as assertiveness and action (Mars) and moves into the realm of how we express feminine principles such as sharing and acceptance (Venus).

Looking at the aforementioned headline for insight, we may want to watch this week for ways in which we give away or cut off our own power. We can also consider how we might bring relationships and other expressions of our values into better balance. Structures that support these Venus-ruled areas of our lives will most likely be tested for integrity.

THE PLUTO-SUN TRINE on Wednesday is fortuitously positioned to give us an outlet for any tension created by the Pluto-Venus square. A trine occurs when planets are separated by 120 degrees, and indicates that their energies work in harmony toward a productive end.

So, while we may run into relationship or financial obstacles with the square, the trine indicates there will be ways to work out solutions, almost simultaneously. This can be taken as a confirmation of the familiar quote attributed to Alexander Graham Bell: "When one door closes, another opens."

THE REST OF BELL'S QUOTE, which we don't hear spoken quite as often, will be important to keep in mind as we get to the weekend and the Saturn-Venus opposition: "...but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." That is the danger of the Saturn influence -- that, in our disappointment, we may miss an opportunity that has become available.

We can look back to the recent Mars aspects for insights here, too. On April 18, the day the Saturn-Mars opposition was exact, this appropriate headline was in the news: "Despite tsunami, Japanese man determined to rebuild family's nine-generation soy sauce business." Even in the wake of the loss he had experienced, this man courageously decided to take action (Mars) in a tangible, structured way (Saturn).

The upcoming Saturn-Venus opposition may challenge us in similar ways, but using slightly different themes. The question of this coming weekend may be: In spite of recent disappointments of the heart and pocketbook, can we gather the courage to remain (or become) openhearted and accepting as we move forward in our lives?

JUPITER AND MARS align on Saturday, too, which may assist us in the "courageous" part of the equation. Jupiter expands whatever energy he associates with, and while in Aries is exuberantly pushing us to take risks, and also emboldening our independent action.

The conjunction with Mars will amplify that optimism and lack of restraint over the weekend. Under usual conditions, this alignment might encourage us to go overboard in whatever direction is most enticing, which could have its own drawbacks. But perhaps, we can use this energy to offset some of the disappointment and heaviness of the Saturn-Venus opposition, and find our best balance of optimism and realism.

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