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Astrological Energies April 18 to 24, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
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THE SATURN-MARS OPPOSITION that begins our new week seems to be working with us already this weekend -- perhaps courtesy of the Full Moon tonight (see last week's Journal for more on the lunation). As with most Saturn interactions, this one is bringing reality into clearer focus, helping us claim full responsibility for recent choices, and showing us more clearly how those choices will affect many areas of our lives.

Like all oppositions, this Saturn-Mars aspect is also an opportunity to find a new balance between polarities. Saturn in Libra would usually call us to be cautious and fair in all our endeavors, with special attention to the needs of others. Mars in Aries, left to his own devices, would inspire us to go full-throttle in whatever direction feels most exciting, without much attention to repurcussions or outcomes.

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY to find the path down the middle, to be spontaneous and inspired, but also conscious that whatever actions we take will affect much more than just the present moment.

And, as mentioned in my blog post this week (see "In between a rock ... and another rock"), Monday's Saturn-Mars opposition is the bookend to last Monday's Pluto-Mars square. As this week begins, we should be wrapping up some issues that presented themselves last week, coming to terms with the various fears and frustrations that have come to the surface, and finding solutions that help us feel more empowered and in balance as we go forward.

AFTER OPPOSING SATURN, Mars moves on to align with retrograde Mercury on Tuesday. If both planets were moving forward, this alignment would be a clear opportunity to put our plans into action, to "walk our talk," with courage and forthrightness.

And we can do that, to a certain extent. But, with Mercury still moving backward at the beginning of this week, we remain in review mode for a few more days. We may want to use this alignment for additional planning and reconsidering, and -- if feasible -- wait until Mercury goes direct this Friday before implementing our plans.

It will also be interesting to watch how those plans develop over the next four weeks. Mars and Mercury will again align on May 20, when Mercury has again picked up speed and will ultimately pass by Mars. By that time, both planets will be in Taurus instead of Aries, so the concrete, practical application of our inspirations is even more supported.

WEDNESDAY begins a new solar month when the Sun enters Taurus (at 3:18am PDT). This influence may help us stabilize a bit -- although with so many other planets still in Aries, the landscape may still appear a bit blurry, given the speed at which we are moving.

Right after entering Taurus, the Sun forms a soothing sextile aspect with Neptune. This provides opportunities for us to transcend the complicated and often dramatic world around us through connecting to nature or music, or in other ways finding that place of spiritual peace within. This is not a strong influence, but should supply the space for us to access if we want to take advantage.

THAT CENTERED, peaceful place may be merely a pleasant memory later in the week. Venus, the goddess of love, leaves Pisces and enters Aries late on Wednesday. In essence, she is removing her comfy slippers and putting on her running shoes to be ready for her rendezvous with Uranus on Friday.

This Uranus-Venus alignment is capable of breathing new life and freedom into our relationships, encouraging us to take some risks and helping us be open to meeting new people. At the extreme, we can find ourselves more than a little restless with the status quo and quite unwilling to compromise our needs. Even though our focus may be on our own needs at this time, remember also to allow the other person their individuality and freedom. After all, they'll be feeling this energy, too.

Truth be told, none of us will have a lot of patience with anyone who tells us "no," or that we "shouldn't" under this influence -- but who's to say that's a bad thing?

THANKS TO EVERYONE who has already registered for my teleclass on May 19! I'm excited for the class, and am busily writing down notes about what I want to share with you all.

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