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Numerology for May: Unconditional Love In Action

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

The year, 2011 ([22][11]), will be a year of Mastery and Master Building on the Material Plane. You will be given four times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring Spirit into the material plane and actually put it into form. Everything will be directed to being the master builder and teacher who can help build, in cooperation with others, a better foundation for an enlightened society that cares for the people, uses the resources for the good of all with practical husbandry and values each individual, and therefore the group, for who they are. It is a world where survival needs are met for all in order for each to develop their potential as the complete human and then use that for the furtherance of humankind. Your experiences will show you the larger picture and your vision will be toward the completed project. In short, this is God energy put into structure and tangible form. The success of this process for the group will depend on the use made of power or the abuse of it, the new way of power with or the old way of power over. It still is, and always will be, your choice.

May 2011 (27/9), helps you to connect with and exercise your wisdom and sense of justice (not judgement). This helps you to understand unconditional love more deeply and use it in all your interactions. You’ll need this because you have a creative mind and others see you use it and seek you out because of your original approach to problem solving. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into manifestation. The goal is to gain understanding of being universal, unconditional love in action.

MAY 1 to MAY 7, 2011 (19/10/1)

This week is the fixed destiny force of God’s Plan in action. The events will give you opportunities that you have chosen and can not be avoided. You will be required to use all the physical Wisdom you have gained in order to balance any energies distorted by your previous misuse of power. The ancients called this the vibration of surrender so, depending where you are on this, it can be a vibration of endurance. The underlying week is a one, individuality and leadership. You begin the week with another one which is the vibration of both the seed and harvest so use this energy to crystallize what you desire to create using your imagination and sense of justice. This is followed by a day of Master messenger energies so keep your awareness up because messages will be everywhere to bring balance into your affairs. A day of restless activities presents itself for you to help you fine tune your discernment and intuition about what to express into your life so choose wisely and this will lead to happiness and fulfillment. A Master Builder day is presented with tense energies that may present what feels like “restrictions” so allow your thoughts to move to a large scale and do any “hard work” within to ensure you have a firm inner foundation for the future. A sense of adventure and change now comes to you in order to check your inner security and realize that attachments hold you back. A day of sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface comes to you to reexamine what you’ve built and you will be assisted in the evaluation by the Master Builder on the material plane energies so look at your inner foundation and make sure it’s ready to support your large scale ideas for all of humanity. You end the week with a day for reflection and increased intuitive energies to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for everyone so remain flexible and adaptable to make any necessary adjustments to demonstrate the truth. You goal for this week is link your lief with Universal life so that you can take your lead in being your part of God’s plan in action.

MAY 8 to MAY 14, 2011 (23/5)

You now have a week to experience your mediumship and psychic abilities spontaneously. This whole week brings the energies of adventure and change which leads to a realization that “security” is within. It also helps you to understand that true freedom has to be backed with self-discipline so that you can take responsibility for your choices and handle these energies constructively. Be prepared for adventure, variety and change this week. You start the week with a day of benevolent energies full of cooperation and compatibility so use these energies to examine and investigate details in your material life that arise spontaneously and use your discernment of what actions to take, if necessary, to move yourself forward. You move to a day of reaping your rewards from past achievements and, at the same time, preparing for new discoveries and adventures so make sure to share the growth you’ve accomplished to gain a deeper understanding of harmony and peace. Now you move to a day of both the seed and harvest so use your imagination to crystallize your desires and mold those into your life. An intense day of double Master Messenger energies are here to give you an opportunity to deal with Spiritual affairs in your life which will require decisions and decisive action because awareness of great importance comes to you today to help you understand and deal with everything including dreams and visions at their highest level. Now it’s time to celebrate the creative expression of you so rely on your intuition to avoid getting carried away by what can be restless energies and you can have great joy, harmony and peace as you are given guidance on your direction. This is followed by a day which brings news of the new order of things so listen within to the forces of your mind so you can be a forerunner for better conditions. You end the week with restless energies that are to be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination so you can use your own unusual or unconventional approach to accomplish the task. Your goal is to accept your psychic talents and move through change freely and in your own way.

MAY 15 to MAY 21, 2011 (27/9)

The energies of the month come closer to the surface this week to give you opportunities exercise your sense of justice (not judgment) and wisdom in order to maintain harmony and peace. This energy brings up your creative mind and others will seek you out for an original approach for a solution to their problems. Do not hesitate to share what you have learned about yourself and humankind, your ability to see outside the box, in order to maintain harmony and peace. You begin the week with increased energies of sensitivity to what is beneath the surface, yours and everyone else’s, so use that to stay centered and maintain peace and harmony in your inner world to bring the same to the outer plane. A day to withdraw and reflect is presented so you can join your own power and knowledge with your justice and wisdom and visualize what you want to create for the good of all. Now you have the opportunity to heal and make whole yourself and others as the energies of benevolence and manifestation are supported by the Master Healer/Teacher energies of the universe and the requires you to remain centered and balance while meeting your responsibilities with courage and compassion. Now you have three levels of the same vibration; month, week, day, to bring you the rewards of your past achievements and prepare for new adventures so share what you have learned and your relationships will bloom and bring you deeper understanding of your ideas and ideals. From this point of greater understanding you are presented with the energies of the seed and harvest so you can view both “sides” and crystallize your desires with your imagination to mold your life for the greater good of all, including you. A day of Master Messenger energies comes to you as long as you stay balanced in the physical so take the opportunity to emphasize your Spiritual side and accept the responsibility to do that and you will gain great rewards. You end the week with the energies of celebration which can be restless so rely on your intuition to stay centered and balanced during the celebration and you will stay on course. Your goal for the week is to use the opportunities to develop your ideas for uplifting humankind and help bring them into manifestation.

MAY 22 to MAY 28, 2011 ([22])

Now you have a week of underlying energies of the Master Builder of the material plane so it is time to manifest your Spirit in your physical life. This vibration brings you fulfillment and completion on a large scale. However, since it’s a Master vibration, it can create tension beneath the surface, just a little prod to move you along. Allow yourself to think in large sweeping terms so guard against going to extremes as restrictions may be present that must be examined in order to build a firm foundation. The week begins with news of the new order of things and the challenge to use your intuition to meet the old ways and learn the value of system and order to create the new. Now you’re presented with restless energies that must be used constructively to assist you to address what appears in your own unconventional way to accomplish the task so make sure to enjoy the pleasures earned through this process. You move to a day of increased sensitivity to foundations so remain centered and maintain control and order and you will have the opportunity to enter the flow in order to respond to unexpected events successfully. Now you have a day to breath and withdraw into a reflective state to reassess where you are and how far you’ve come so use your strong intuitive energies to insure your mental energy is a positive force. You have another easy flowing day which can bestow abundance in your life so don’t forget to take responsibility for the “good days” you created. A day to build harmony and peace into your life through sharing with others comes to you so you can accept the rewards of your past achievements and prepare for new adventures on your new, broader foundation. After the last three days of “easy” energies, you move to double master numbers of intensity while being given energies that help you to crystallize your desires through your imagination so you can take these Master energies and mold your ideas and ideals into substance as the Master Architect of higher Spiritual energies in the material world. Your goal this week is to build the Universal Wholeness for the planet through maintaining harmony, cooperation and practicality on a firm foundation.

MAY 29 to MAY 31, 2011 (90/9)

Underlying this period is an energy which carries a value from the past out of which new beginnings are formed. These new beginnings create a stage of development where there is concern for continued growth as your Universal love has reached a new cycle and this energy is extremely strong. You begin with a day of double Master Messenger energies to give you opportunities to allow your Spirit to shine through your “body suit” by listening to your Higher Guidance for direction and being aware of the insights and revelations brought to you at this time. This is followed by a day of celebration which brings great peace, happiness and fulfillment as long as you don’t get carried away by the restless activity. You end the month with the energies which bring news of the new order to your mind so you can be a forerunner for better conditions through understanding that system and organization is necessary to effect worthwhile conditions. Your goal for this period is to stay linked to the God Source and love, serve, teach and protect those that find themselves in less fortunate positions.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713. Look for the new Anthology about 2012 that I’m part of at http://www.theawakeningcenter.com.

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