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Astrological Energies February 14 to 20, 2011

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Stunning display of auroras on February 5, seen from the Murmansk region of Russia (photo by Valentin Jiganov)

ANOTHER HIGH-VIBRATIONAL WEEK lies before us, highlighted by a Full Moon in Leo and a triple alignment of Neptune, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius. The other-worldly energy of this stellium (an alignment of three or more planets) will build throughout the week, be amplified at the Full Moon on Thursday/Friday (when the Sun aligns with Neptune), and then reach full effect next Sunday.

Although some who are ready to depart the physical plane may choose this opening in the veil to make a gentle exit, most of us will not be lifting off the planet completely. Practical, realistic Saturn will step in at various times during the week to check on how things are going and remind us to pay attention to this-world realities.

THE SATURN EFFECT actually begins the week, as the ringed planet is in harmonious relationship with both Mercury and Ceres. This planetary combination should help us envision a future in which there is true harmony and balance, and where each person's individual rights are nurtured and supported.

The alignment of Mercury and Ceres in Aquarius also helps us understand each other on deeper levels through increased empathic connections. The joining of heart and mind can help us move forward in our relationships, as Saturn in Libra receives the increased heart-level awareness and manifests accordingly.

The Saturn effect may get a little less comfortable as we reach the end of the work week, since Saturn squares Venus on Friday. This can be a challenging time for relationships, but it may also help us see them more realistically, helping us make clear decisions about which relationships to release and which ones we are willing to work harder on.

FRIDAY IS ALSO the day of the Full Moon -- although, for many, we will feel the effects primarily on Thursday due to the timing of the exact lunation (at 12:36am PST Friday morning).

This Full Moon is the last of five in a row that have been at a "critical degree" -- the very last degree of the zodiac sign. Since October, we have been energetically pushed and prodded to complete the lessons of the sign involved in each month's Full Moon. This has been one factor contributing to the (sometimes overwhelming) work we've all been doing to complete karmic issues and relationships.

WITH THIS FULL MOON in the last degree of Leo, we are finishing up lessons related the sign of the Lion. These are the questions we might ask ourselves at this Full Moon:

Do I have the courage to take risks and to follow my heart, or am I waiting for others to accept and approve before I move forward?
Do I have the self-confidence I need to live a fully authentic life, or if am I yielding to the pressure of my peers, and trying to fit in so that I can feel a sense of belonging?
Am I waiting for others to bring me happiness, or have I realized that I need to be proactive in creating it for myself? And how can I go about bringing more joy in my life?
How can I move beyond drama and reactivity, and learn to approach life with more humor? How can I convert fear into laughter?

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the degree of this Full Moon is:

"An unsealed letter: The realization by the individual that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably to be shared with everyone."

The interpretation for this symbol explains that "Nothing can really be hidden, except superficially and for a brief time... Communication and sharing must always prevail." Perhaps this Full Moon would be an appropriate time to share our heart's true desire with another person, even while we know that on many levels, that truth is already known.

THE INFLUENCE of the Neptune-Mars-Mercury alignment in Aquarius is emphasized at the time of the Full Moon and throughout the weekend. This alignment combines the themes of spiritual awakening, independent action, and inventive communication.

Used purposely, this influence can both help us align our personal will with Divine Will and assist us in bringing forth inspired information from our higher Self. This positive outcome is most supported when we are basically secure in our self-knowledge and in strong internal alignment with our Soul's directive.

SINCE WE LIVE on a planet of free will, however, we always have a choice of how we use the energies that are available to us. With this particular planetary alignment, if we are not strong in our knowing of our truth, we may allow opposing views to derail our plans, or be lulled into acquiesence by another's idealistic viewpoint.

Still, we are talking Aquarius energy here, which supports us in being true to ourselves, even (and sometimes especially) when faced with opposition. And with the universe's current emphasis on change and consciousness expansion, we are much less likely than ever before to fall back into old patterns of self-denial.

I ALSO LIKE the Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Aquarius, where Neptune, Mars and Mercury join forces on Sunday:

"A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis: The capacity to utterly transform the character of one's consciousness by radially altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon."

The keyword for this degree of Aquarius is "Metamorphosis" and the explanation reads: "In spiritual terms, this implies 'Initiation,' entering a higher realm of conscious existence and there joining a sacred Company."

It appears that there will be benefits on many levels as we mind-fully and spirit-fully participate in the challenges and opportunities that present themselves this coming week.



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