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Astrological Energies February 21 to 27, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Valentine's Day auroras over the Arctic Circle (photo by Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen in Vesterålen, Norway)

NEPTUNE'S ETHEREAL INFLUENCE is emphasized today, as the outer planet aligns with Mars and Mercury in Aquarius. Together, this threesome can help us loosen the reins of control so that we relax into the flow of current changes and allow our higher selves to partner with us in creating our next steps.

We are assisted now in embodying our Soul's essence more completely. As part of this process, we are letting go of many things that have defined us to this point, both internally and externally. Paradoxically, we are also claiming our individuality and truth, but at a deeper level than before. We are coming to terms with the idea that we are both individual beings and, at the same time, at One with all creation.

Because of today's alignment -- and Friday's powerful Full Moon -- the last few days may have felt a bit odd or other-worldly, and we may have needed more sleep than usual. So many changes -- and so many energy downloads -- mean we need physical and mental breaks more often, to allow our minds and bodies to adjust. A sudden overwhelming tiredness at odd times of the day may occur, and should be taken advantage of, if possible, through short rejuvenative naps.

A SIMILAR EFFECT continues through this week and into the first week of March, as Mercury and Mars both enter Pisces, the sign "ruled" by Neptune. With the Sun, Chiron and Uranus already in the twelfth sign, there will be five planets holding the Pisces energy for us for the next couple of weeks.

This is a time for completion and release. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and so represents the ending of a cycle. This is, as endings always are, in preparation for new beginnings. Those new beginnings will be initiated in March, when Mercury and Uranus enter Aries (on March 9 and 11, respectively), followed by the Sun on March 20.

It will be helpful, throughout this week and next, to find ways to ground ourselves, while still doing the important work of release and completion. Walking in nature, enjoying the company of our four-leggeds and other animal friends, taking care of our physical bodies through exercise and nutritional eating -- these are all ways to make sure we keep at least one foot in present reality.

CHIRON PLAYS an important role in our experience this week, as he aligns with Mercury and Mars. These planetary interactions are one of our first opportunities to get a sense of what Chiron's effect in Pisces will be.

The Chiron-Mercury conjunction on Tuesday is a time for introspection and an opportunity to acknowledge and heal the wounds of not feeling heard, or not feeling our ideas are worthwhile. Because Chiron is the Wounded Healer, we may have brief experiences that remind us of our wounds -- but this is to help us more purposefully direct Pisces' energy of compassion and healing.

ANOTHER HEALING MOMENT occurs when Chiron and Mars align on Thursday. This time, our wounding may appear in the form of sudden anger or similar reaction, as we feel the pain of our own or someone else's unexpressed or unfulfilled desires. Again, we have the benefit of Pisces' sympathy and sensitivity to help soothe the wounds that have come forward.

It will be vital not to slip into the negative expression of Pisces during these alignments. When we understand someone else's pain, we may easily slip into rescuer, martyr, or enabler roles. And, in seeing our own pain, we can fall into victim consciousness and blame.

These alignments with Chiron will be another chance for us to learn what true unconditional love is, and to allow it to guide our actions, words, and reactions.

FRIDAY BRINGS the final Pluto-Jupiter square in a series of three, completing a phase of empowerment that began last summer (the first two squares were on July 24 and August 23, 2010).

This interaction between Pluto and Jupiter pushes us to embrace change and to have the courage of our convictions. The desire for improvement is strong with this influence, and it encourages us to dive more fully into the letting-go process, the figurative "death" that must always occur before there is rebirth.

Since this is the last of the three exact aspects, we may consider this to be the final wave, day three of our wake, in whatever transformational process we are engaged in.



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