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Numerology for February 2011

February-Finding Truth and Order Within

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

The year, 2011 ([22][11]), will be a year of Mastery and Master Building on the Material Plane. You will be given four times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring Spirit into the material plane and actually put it into form. Everything will be directed to being the master builder and teacher who can help build, in cooperation with others, a better foundation for an enlightened society that cares for the people, uses the resources for the good of all with practical husbandry and values each individual, and therefore the group, for who they are. It is a world where survival needs are met for all in order for each to develop their potential as the complete human and then use that for the furtherance of humankind. Your experiences will show you the larger picture and your vision will be toward the completed project. In short, this is God energy put into structure and tangible form. The success of this process for the group will depend on the use made of power or the abuse of it, the new way of power with or the old way of power over. It still is, and always will be, your choice.

February, 2011 (24/6), will help you to develop a deep sense of order within which will help you feel secure and gain inspiration from this place. To facilitate this, you will have increased sensitivity which will increase your awareness of what is beneath the surface. With this added knowledge take the responsibility to put your life into harmony and balance. The goal is to gain information from “invisible” forces in order to find truth and order and thereby live with efficiency and economy.

FEBRUARY 1 to FEBRUARY 5, 2011 (16/7)

You begin this month with the karmic energies of Awakening. You may encounter sudden events that overthrow the existing conditions so stay in touch with your intuitive forces in order to formulate goals for your new world and find your true source of security, being “in your Spirit” You begin with a day of reflection to connect with your intuitive energies and use them to do any necessary reconstruction of your mental energies into a positive force of uniting heart and head to find the truth. Then you have a day of easy flowing energies so you can examine any details that arise in your material world and be prepared because much will occur spontaneously. A day of reaping rewards and preparing for new adventures is next so maintain harmony and peace and you will reap what you have earned. Look at your harvest and plant the seeds you have crystallized through your power of imagination and a strong sense of justice. You end the week with the energies of the Master Messenger so you can use your experiences to emphasize Spirit in your life as you connect to your Higher Guidance and remain sensitive to the insights and revelations you receive. The goal for this period is to link your personal Spirit with the Universal Spirit which will make your path tranquil.

FEBRUARY 6 to FEBRUARY 12, 2011 (24/6)

You have a week of experiences to get you “inside” organized by using your dreams and intuition to give you direction and guidance. It is easy for you to direct your inner activity, now, and it’s time to move that order into your outward life. This process can be very inspirational for you. This gives you the opportunity to truly get “in the flow” because the flow is manifesting your inner beauty into your outer life. You begin with a day of restless energies and your purpose is to stay centered in these energies of joy by relying on your intuition so you don’t get carried away. This sets you up for a Master Builder day of intense energies that imply fulfillment and completion while you see things on a large scale which will require you to stay centered so you don’t get carried away and go to extremes. This is followed by a day that increases your sense of adventure to help you stay connected to your security within. You then have a quite intense day as the sensitivity vibration of the week is repeated and backed up with the Master Builder energies so that you can really see deeply into your foundations to make sure everything is ready to move forward. A day to reflect and go within comes to you to visualize what you desire and listen to your inner voice for direction in your life. The Master Messenger will be delivering subtle messages to you now so pay attention and examine any detains that arise in your material affairs and take any appropriate actions to adjust them if they don’t fit into your vision. You end the week with a day to share your accomplishments and reap your rewards while you prepare for new adventures so accept that you have achieved deeper understandings and maintain harmony and peace within so you can move everyone forward. The goal for the week is to seek truth and order, honor your emotions and allow yourself to gain information from “invisible” sources.

FEBRUARY 13 to FEBRUARY 19, 2011 (19/10/1)

Underlying this entire week will be the energies of “surrender to whom you are.” This is a karmic energy which means you should not avoid, evade or ignore anything brought to your attention about you or your life. Use this opportunity to synthesize and regenerate past experiences with courage and leadership so you balance any “ledgers” that are still outstanding. This is God’s plan in action so you can “rise to the occasion.” This is followed by a day that brings the concept of “justice” to you so rely on your intuitive Wisdom to crystallize your vision and use your power of imagination to mold that vision into actual substance as you address how just you are to you. Now you have a day that asks you to remain receptive and connected to your Higher Guidance for direction as insights and revelations are offered to you everywhere. A day of celebration and rewards comes to you so rely on your intuition and inner guidance to avoid getting carried away by these restless energies and still be in the joy and happiness this brings to you. News of a new order of things comes to you to expand your thinking to find the value of system and order when you are building anything so stay connected to your intuition to help you “deal” with any challenges that come your way because they are challenges to the old ways. A day that pushes your “adventure” button is presented for you to gain a greater understanding that security is within and once you get there you can enjoy the variety and change in your life. The month’s vibration comes to the surface and intensifies to remind you to tune into your inner awareness so you can be aware of what’s beneath the surface and stay centered to you have command of your inner world which brings order to your outer world. You end the week with a day to go within and become still and listen to your strong intuition in order to move your mental energies into a positive force for your visualization through flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness. The goal for the week is to be original, pioneering and independent as you accept your part in God’s Plan of justice for all.

FEBRUARY 20 to FEBRUARY 26, 2011 (23/5)

This week gives you the underlying energies of adventure and change as well as making your natural psychic abilities more evident so that you can experience having that “security” within because you “know” what is happening and are ready to explore and enjoy the adventure as the world changes. This is designed to help you understand it is in the grand plan that you do it your way. You begin the week with responsibility, taking it for the “good” things that come to you and using the underlying Master vibration of crystalline consciousness to accept it all with compassion to alleviate challenges with your courage and faith in the Higher Forces that ALL is in its right order, even if you didn’t get the memo. A day to reap your rewards and work with your relationships which will bloom and bring deeper understanding as you prepare for new adventures so in this “between” time maintain harmony and peace within as you move forward. Another day with underlying Master energies, the Master Builder, comes to you to expend your vision and crystallize your desires in line with what you wish to build. Yet another Master energy day comes with messages and inspiration to remember to emphasize the Spirit in your life. It’s time to celebrate your progress so rely on your inner guidance to stay centered in what can be restless energy so just enjoy the harmony and peace that come to you. This is followed by a day which brings news of a new order of things so open your mind to the new ideas that come to challenge the old ways and find new ways to respond. You end the week with restless energies that you are to command and use constructively while you look for ways to use your own unconventional way to accomplish the tasks. The goal is to use your quick perceptions and embrace the change that brings freedom in your own way.

FEBRUARY 27 to FEBRUARY 28, 2011 (49/13/4)

You end this month of balance and sensitivity with the energies of mastery of the karmic balance of action energies of both the male and female sides of you. This energy brings satisfaction physically, emotionally and mentally with a sense of well-being. It brings forth your talents and strengths for you to use wisely and transform the old conditions into the new. Examine your motivation and be sure that you are honorable in all your dealings and you will have the power to uncover unrighteousness in people. You start with a day to remember to stay sensitive to the truth and centered in justice with opportunities to get into the flow so you can respond to unexpected events. You end with the same vibration you will carry through the next month. It is the energy of reflection and reassessment combined with acceptance of your strong intuitive energies that can reconstruct your thinking to make adjustments as needed to move forward to your vision. Your goal is to be fair in your judgments, cooperative, responsible and bring in the new and wonderful forces of transformation and release, change.

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