Monday, January 10, 2011

Astrological Energies January 10 to 16, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

WE ARE STILL adjusting to the impact of the recent eclipses on our lives and energy fields. The shift that has occurred is causing life to feel somehow unfamiliar, even as we go about routines we can objectify as being as usual.

The feeling of uncertainty registers differently for each of us. For some it is merely disconcerting, for others it can trigger unprocessed anxiety or deep fear and anger, along with an urgency for resolution or expression.

THE SOLAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn last week (January 4) was the beginning of a lunar cycle that reaches its climax with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 19. As we walk through this two-week period of energetic instability, we are learning how to create a new emotional stability from the inside out -- a level of inner security that is not dependent on outer circumstances, but is constantly with us because it is a part of us.

More about the upcoming Full Moon in next week's Journal -- but it may reinforce our work leading up to that lunation to remember that this will be another Full Moon at the last "critical degree" of a sign. And, with the Full Moon in Cancer, the themes of healthy boundaries, nurturing, emotional sensitivity, and letting go of the past are paramount.

We can observe events around the First Quarter Moon this Tuesday/Wednesday for indicators of where we are in dealing with these issues. The Moon will be in Aries, so be especially watchful of where unexpected anger is stirred, or when the urge for immediate gratification arises -- especially with Uranus/Jupiter sextiling Mars at the same time.

MERCURY IS CENTERSTAGE for several days this coming week, which means we will be adjusting our thinking patterns to accommodate the energy shifts. The interactions between Mercury and Neptune, Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter provide opportunities on Monday and Tuesday for new levels of understanding and knowing to reach our consciousness.

In other words, we shouldn't expect our brains to function normally for the first few days of the week. So, what else is new, right?

On Thursday, Mercury steps into Capricorn, and we may find we're more interested in getting down to business, having taken advantage of Mercury's retrograde period (December 10 to 29) to review the beliefs and thought patterns that have created our lives to this point. As Mercury journeys through Capricorn (until February 3), we are supported in making practical plans and goals based on the insights and new understandings gained both in December and throughout the eclipse weeks.

ON FRIDAY, Mercury aligns with the North Node, bringing some aspect of our soul's purpose into our awareness. This is an especially good time to consider the goals we want to achieve in the near future and beyond.

Tapping into the energy of this alignment, we gain insights about how certain situations have come to be, and we are encouraged to take responsibility for our contributions, whether we label them "good" or "bad." We can then let go of what has been, and focus with intention on the improvements we can make as we continue from here.

MARS ENTERS AQUARIUS on Saturday, igniting the fires beneath our desires for independence, autonomy and freedom. This placement of Mars in rebellious Aquarius, at the same time that Mercury is in conservative Capricorn, means we may be feeling contradictory with everyone, including ourselves.

In spite of wanting to be practical and responsible, we can find ourselves taking uncharacteristic risks. We may even rebel against the very plans we have just thought through and so carefully laid out.

Perhaps the solution is some variation of the quote "Walk softly but carry a big stick." But this one might be: "Plan responsibly and practically, but be prepared for just about anything."

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