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Mastering Manifestation In 2011

2011 ([22] [11]): Mastering Manifestation In The Physical and
Numerologic Predictions for 2011 and potential for 2012
by Rev Rhonda Smith

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You’ve completed a year, 2010, devoted to finding out and accepting who you truly are and whom you want to be. You’ve spent the year with experiences designed to help you clear old patterns, old beliefs, old issues so that you can become. You had experiences that helped you “connect” your physical to your Spirit so that you can be “whole” in the physical. Now it’s time to move onward.

The year, 2011 ([22][11]), will be a year of Mastery and Master Building on the Material Plane. You will be given 4 times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring Spirit into the material plane and actually put it into form. Everything will be directed to being the master builder and teacher who can help build, in cooperation with others, a better foundation for an enlightened society that cares for the people, uses the resources for the good of all with practical husbandry and values each individual, and therefore the group, for who they are. It is a world where survival needs are met for all in order for each to develop their potential as the complete human and then use that for the furtherance of humankind. Your experiences will show you the larger picture and your vision will be toward the completed project. In short, this is God energy put into structure and tangible form. The success of this process for the group will depend on the use made of power or the abuse of it, the new way of power with or the old way of power over. It still is, and always will be, your choice.

January, 2011 (23/5), will bring you opportunities to connect to and stay connected to your inner knowing which connects to your true security within. It’s up to you whether you’ll pick up the ringing phone. The experiences will be to help you understand that you CAN cope no matter what. This frees you to do things your own way. This will increase your sense of responsibility so bring that into balance so that you don’t break away from situations when it’s not warranted. The goal is to use all your abilities to do it your way while keeping in the flow so that all benefit.

February, 2011 (24/6), will help you to develop a deep sense of order within which will help you feel secure and gain inspiration from this place. To facilitate this, you will have increased sensitivity which will increase your awareness of what is beneath the surface. With this added knowledge take the responsibility to put your life into harmony and balance. The goal is to gain information from “invisible” forces in order to find truth and order and thereby live with efficiency and economy.

March, 2011 (25/7), This will allow you to lift your veils so you see reality. The whole month will have periods where you are led to withdraw and reflect, follow those feelings and you’ll be able to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for all. The goal for the month is to find and crusade for truth in your own way and build it into your life.

April 2011 (26/8), will be a month of benevolent energies which bring abundance as long as you take responsibility to use that to serve humankind. Remember, you’re part of humankind it works this way: you keep what you need and pass the rest on. Any details of your life which arise, often spontaneously, are to be investigated and examined, especially for any remaining bits of “lack consciousness”. Some activity will be required to reap the harvest under this influence, do remain honest with yourself about yourself and you’ll know what to do. The goal is to stay balanced and use your power and authority in service in order to unify humankind.

May, 2011 (27/9), helps you to connect with and exercise your wisdom and sense of justice (not judgment). This helps you to understand unconditional love more deeply and use it in all your interactions. You’ll need this because you have a creative mind and others see you use it and seek you out because of your original approach to problem solving. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into manifestation. The goal is to gain understanding of being universal, unconditional love in action.

June, 2011 (28/10/1), helps you to understand the Law of Justice, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is so you will build justice, not judgment, into all you do, especially before you start a project. Success will come to you when you accept the responsibility to pioneer a new way, your way, based on your intuitive Wisdom. The goal is to pioneer your own life and take the initiative to organize it in your own original way.

July 2011 (29/11), will increase the intensity because it is another 11. You are to be the Spiritual messenger and teacher which has come to assist humankind. Use this energy to be the “light” and assist people to see their “light” in all you do. Keep in mind that everyone walks their own path and all them to do it. The goal is to be supportive, not enabling, so they can find their own inner balance.

August 2011 (30/3), brings a sense of celebration and somewhat restless energies which require you to stay balanced and use them constructively in your life. This is the energy of creation, of fertility. It brings you the potential to move into a field of endeavor that allows you to move into creative areas in your natural inclinations. The goal is to celebrate your own self-expression and creativity guided by your intuition.

September 2011, (22/4), is another intense month with the repetition of the Master Builder vibration of the year. There is tremendous energy here to bring Spiritual energy to the material plane and you are to command this energy to build your life and help others to do the same. There can be fulfillment and completion with this energy. The goal is to accept your intuitive abilities and open your vision to the larger picture and build that knowledge into your life in service to others.

October 2011, (23/5), marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2011 where you begin, from this new point of clarity about you, to visualize and crystallize what you wish to manifest in the transition year of 2012. This is the vibration of adventure and change from your point of security with along with heightened intuitive abilities. The goal is to embrace adventure, change and spontaneity by using your quick perceptions and “higher” connection to create your world your way.

November 2011, (24/6), gives you the vibration to further develop your inner sense of order. This will bring you messages and inspiration, especially in your dreams. Follow your deep inner knowing and use the energy of your deep emotions to power and manifest your visions for the future. The goal is to use your heightened intuitive abilities, your inner sense of order and the content of your dreams to serve humankind.

December 2011, (25/7), ends the year with a vibration of scientific knowledge that represents a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and psychic abilities. Use this month to withdraw into a reflective state to reassess how far you’ve come and where you want to go. Use flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability to adjust everything to reflect the truth and express it. The goal is to take responsibility for you and be independent as you crusade for the truth.


What the potentials will be for this year can not be determined at this time because everything is in flux. This year will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back, beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to detach from everything.

Depending on your success over the previous year in your own evolution, and therefore, the groups, the energies of this year will bring varying degrees of freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is”, an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now”, as well as everyone being who they are so they can contribute to the whole. On the other hand, if self-created fears and an attitude of “lack” are still predominate in the group, the group consciousness will have difficulties that could be extreme. This does not mean to fear this result, but rather it means to make sure that your part of the whole lets go of those external attachments, takes a leap of faith that you are divine and beloved and can change your own world which will change the whole world. If you choose to begin your work now of releasing self-created fear, of intolerance, of separation and turn to unity, to enjoying the diversity, to wanting to be truly free by serving others, 2012 will be a wonderful start for the future growth of us all.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713 or through the website http://www.theawakeningcenter.com. You can listen to Rhonda and her guests on www.blogtalkradio.com/awake every Sunday at 6pm EST or join others seeking knowledge at www.theawakenet.org as well.

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