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Astrological Energies January 17 to 23, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

WE BEGIN THE WEEK with planetary aspects designed to free us from past restrictions and to support our alignment with our truth. With powerful Pluto conjunct Mercury on Monday, our conversations carry a strong impact now, and we're not likely to hold back when it comes to honestly sharing our thoughts and feelings.

Of course, the intensity of this combination of planets means that not everyone will be happy with what they hear. It's also likely that sharing truth will not feel especially comfortable for those who have either not seen their truth before, or have been reticent about speaking it.

I guess we'll see whether there's any validity in the old adage about "the truth will set you free." Helping us with that process is a Uranus-Sun sextile, also on Monday. There are some doorways to liberation opening now, if we choose to walk through them.

PERHAPS EVEN MORE than most Full Moons, this week's lunation has the potential to bring out strong emotions. The Full Moon on Wednesday is in Cancer, bringing up themes of home and safety, and how we give and receive nurturing.

Our fears and defenses may be triggered with this Full Moon, in an effort to bring issues to the surface for final resolution. This is another Full Moon at the 29th "critical" degree of the sign, which means we're clearing out the past and preparing to rewrite our scripts related to how we care for our own and others' needs.

Now is the time to leave behind both self-indulgence and self-sacrifice, and to find a clearer path going forward -- perhaps basing our steps on the truth that Monday's Pluto-Mercury conjunction has helped us know and articulate.

TWO PLANETS change signs this week. The Sun, having completed his month-long sojourn through conservative, practical Capricorn, enters radical, forward-thinking Aquarius on Thursday.

As the Sun travels through a sign, we move into a new phase of development in our year-long evolutionary journey. The month of Aquarius gives us the opportunity to break free from the "shoulds" that have been imposed (either externally or internally), and to live our lives more authentically.

As I have included on the "Signs" page of my website, the primary motivation of Aquarius is "to claim the freedom to be oneself and attain true individuality" -- oftentimes in spite of being pressured to conform. Archetypes we can call on for assistance over the next four weeks include the Genius, Nonconformist, Scientist, and Revolutionary Thinker.

JUPITER'S JOURNEY through Aries, which begins on Saturday, is going to be a whirlwind ride. Jupiter usually spends about 12 months in each sign -- but at the pace he is currently traveling, he will be finished with Aries and moving into Taurus by June 4, just a little under five months from now.

This means things are probably going to MOVE now, very quickly -- and even more quickly once Uranus also enters Aries on March 11.

ARIES is about taking risks, taking the initiative, having the courage to break new ground, plant new seeds. If you've been waiting to feel the wind at your back, and to have the intestinal fortitude and faith to move forward, Jupiter may be able to help in that area.

As always, the temptation with Jupiter is to OVERdo -- go too fast, take on too much, risk everything, and live in a fool's paradise instead of making sure there is practical support for our endeavors.

So, for this week and into the weeks to come, be sure to ground your energy into Mother Earth. And, you may want to run all fantastic schemes past someone with a bit more perspective than you may currently have.

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