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Happiness Is Vaccine

Consider "The Flu", presenting much deeper implications and approaches used in the wholistic field of health. The December 2005 issue of New Health Digest features an article on the subject, entitled "Fear Attracts the Flu". That's an interesting notion, isn't it, especially when so many in the mainstream media are fostering a pandemic of fear.

Basically, the article states that "The promotion of the flu vaccine with its associations of fear, warnings and worries may also contribute to the transmission of the flu. From a holistic, mind/body point of view which is supported by research, the flu feeds on fear." It goes on to say, "Influenza is not an attacking virus, it is an attracted virus. It settles and multiplies only where and when it is nurtured, i.e., within a host with a weakened, disregulated or compromised immune system." Considering this idea, prevention at the level of self-responsibility -- monitoring one's thoughts and feelings, noting whether the climate in one's spirit/mind/body is offering an environment for opportunistic little buggies to move in and thrive - - is more potent than a vaccine.

The article refers to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Kentucky, which concluded that "Worry, the cognitive enumeration and anticipation of potential future negative events, is associated with autonomic dysregulation, which may in turn have implications for the immune system."

According to Marc Siegel, an associate professor of medicine at the New York University Medical School, "Worry about the wrong things puts us at greater risk of the diseases that should be concerning us in the first place. When our personal fear alerts are turned on all the time, we feel the stress and become more prone to irritability, disagreement, worry, insomnia, anxiety and depression. We are more likely to experience chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and headache. We become more prone to heart disease, cancer and stroke, our greatest killer." And, yes, flu, I might add.

"In a study where 2,048 workers from across the country were questioned about the impact of their job on their physical and mental health, researchers found that serious on-going work stress and job pressure or working long hours resulted in more negative reported effects of work on physical and mental health. Those workers with higher levels of anxiousness, nervousness and sadness and a lower level of extraversion were more likely to believe their job had a negative effect on their health," the article continues.

"Applying an understanding and holistic viewpoint to the spreading bird flu, one would ask, 'What is frightening the birds?" It is well known that animals have an active sensitivity and pre-essence of danger coming. The holistic approach would look at the conditions of the world, the conditions of life associated with the outbreak of disease. Apply appropriate strengthening and cleansing procedures to hold back further spreading of the illness and go about discovery and improvement of life toward conditions of health and happiness."

"Feeling good about things does make a difference. Although there have long been reports of laughter helping people through illness, they were often dismissed as 'testimonial'. Now, however, research is discovering why a healthy mental attitude bolsters the immune system. Studies have shown that components of the immune system can respond to chemical secretions by the central nervous system. White blood cells, for example, become less active in fighting infection when exposed to a neurochemical released in response to stress."

"When we walk the path of love, we draw love and harmony to our lives. When we walk the path of fear, we attract drama, revolution, conspiracy and survival issues to us. Fear also freezes your connection to spirit and thus your best protection, your intuition, is blocked." (This would suggest that getting a flu shot is not the first line of defense, but overcoming fear with love is the best protection... and its free, with no harmful side effects!)

You can read more about this online at Click on the cover picture of this month's issue displayed on the Home page. When the 32-page PDF document comes up, advance to page 5 where the article is available in its entirety. In the meantime, the author, Joseph C. Ferrara, a registered Polarity Practitioner from the Rochester, NY, area, says, "Keep affirming that you are safe and let go of fear." A good way to advance into the new year, wouldn't you agree? Suddenly the wish, "HAPPY New Year", takes on a whole new meaning!

HAPPY New Year, dear friends!

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