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Astrological Influences September 20 to 26, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans

Uranus and Jupiter continue their arm-in-arm stroll through Pisces this week, helping us find the ultimate liberation -- the paradoxical freedom that comes from letting go, surrendering to what is, and opening our hearts to a greater understanding of our life path and karmic choices.

Although the exact alignment between these two planets was yesterday (September 18), they will be virtually conjunct (within one degree of each other) throughout the rest of the month. This close proximity keeps their joint influence strong, and our spiritual growth a priority.

With this influence, our emotions tend to be much closer to the surface. Beloved music easily brings tears, and seeing beauty in nature and in the human experience does likewise. We may also grieve more readily and more profoundly now, if we have losses that are not yet completely processed.

We are peeling off the layers of distrust and fear that have been blocking our hearts, no doubt for lifetimes. Symbolically, we have been keeping our arms crossed in front of our chests -- the heart area -- in protection. Through the energies of this Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, we are gradually opening our arms to embrace more of the gifts life has to offer, as we learn how to allow them in.

This alignment also provides important opportunities for expanding our consciousness, taking that next grand leap into higher wisdom. Uranus represents higher consciousness, the ability to transcend the limitations of our human minds, and the potential for unexpected or sudden breakthroughs. Jupiter symbolizes our desire to become more than we once were, and supports a sense of adventure and optimism about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Practical-world manifestations of the Uranus-Jupiter alignment are currently being seen in the success of those who are outside the mainstream or who represent a rebellion against the status quo. And, true to Uranian principles, many of these successes are also surprises. Politically and otherwise, we are likely to see many changes in the coming months, as those who have held positions of authority for many years are swept away, and those who represent innovation and independence step in to take their place.

This expansive and unpredictable influence will be with us in varying degrees for the next four months. Uranus and Jupiter will remain close to each other throughout the rest of 2010, separated by only three degrees at their most distant points in early November. Then, in December, they begin to draw closer to each other again, with their final reunion in Pisces scheduled for January 4, 2011.

On Tuesday of this week, the Sun opposes the Uranus-Jupiter alignment, while Mars contributes his energies through a biquintile aspect to the pair. The opposition to the Sun (in the last degree of Virgo) may bring more unexpected events into our experience, reminding us that our abilities to control reality can only go so far. This aspect encourages us to create a more conscious partnership with our higher Self, joining forces with the part of us that sees the entire forest, rather than just the individual trees.

Meanwhile, the Mars aspects to Uranus and Jupiter indicate that we should be able to channel any resulting emotional responses in creative ways. Mars in Scorpio can be rather intense, but that intensity can also be very productive, when used appropriately.

The Sun enters Libra on Wednesday evening Pacific Time. This change of signs also marks the Equinox, when we shift from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and from winter to spring below the equator. Our seasonal changes, occurring four times a year, always represent turning points and opportunities to begin anew.

Just a mere six hours after the Equinox is a Full Moon, which infuses this new season with heightened potential for change. This Full Moon is potent for several reasons astrologically: First, it occurs in the first degree of Aries, called the "Aries Point," which often indicates events on the world stage, or those that affect a large number of people.

Second, the lunation triggers the energies of our recent Cardinal T-square. The Moon in early Aries conjoins Uranus and Jupiter in late Pisces, the Sun conjoins Saturn in early Libra, and Pluto is situated in early Capricorn, squaring all the aforementioned planets.

One primary difference between the summer's T-square and this configuration is that Pluto, the planet of transformational change, is now moving direct, and so may be more focused on outer manifestations than he was two months ago.

Third, and in the category of "last but not least," the Sun is aligned with the Super Galactic Center (SGC) at the time of the Full Moon. The SGC is the point around which more than 30 galaxies orbit, including our Milky Way galaxy.

Astrologer Stephanie Austin, in this month's issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, writes that the SGC "functions as a homing beacon, a transmission of stellar intelligence streaming across millions of light years, impelling us to embody the energies encoded in our birth charts."

And, Mary Elizabeth Jochmans, in her publication entitled An Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology, writes this about the energies of the SGC:

"Here is a releasing of all past-life karma. A connection with the Soul's higher purpose is sought. Seeking one's center and inner balance and listening to the voice of the Center is more important than all else in life. Yet, all that comes through must be balanced with the physical, logical, practical, liveable aspects of life. This is where the seating of the Soul into the physical body takes place."

This alignment of an already-potent Full Moon with the SGC provides even more evidence that this week may be an important turning point for many of us. In particular, I am seeing a correspondence between the "releasing of past-life karma" mentioned by Ms. Jochmans, and the alignment of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and corresponds with the 12th house of the horoscope, the house of karmic resolution. As Uranus and Jupiter align in Pisces, the energies of liberation and expansion are focused on the release of what has come before, in preparation for a new beginning.

The Uranus-Jupiter alignment and this Full Moon are providing considerable support for this release process. How that manifests in mundane reality will vary from person to person, of course. But it feels to me that the potential for breakthrough is at a grand -- shall we say "cosmic"? -- scale this week.



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