Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumnal Equinox 2010

New Windows of Healing and Possibility

Energies of the Fall Equinox are unveiling new windows for healing and possibility. During the coming week, unexpected opportunities will arise for you to assist in healing past selves emotionally trapped in old traumas. This will free up a great deal of energy for formulating new realities aligned with the New Time on Planet Earth.

Each opportunity for healing carries with it a "test" of sorts to help you reaffirm your belief in your intuition and strengthen your connection with your higher self. Once you navigate each challenge, the gift embedded within it will reveal itself to you.

Give To Others the Love and Assistance You Needed In Past Times

A common theme in healing the past is for you to be presented with the opportunity to offer another the assistance and guidance you yourself needed at a critical moment in your past. When an opportunity of this nature presents itself, it is tempting for you to turn away, saying that no one was there to help you so why should you bother to help someone else?

Do not be fooled by the nature of this test. Situations from your past are now re-manifesting in other forms and recycling through your experience. The situation and the form of a lesson are not important; what is important is the lesson itself. You are being asked now to recognize the universal nature of all lessons. If you see what was needed in your own situation from the past and use that insight to help another, then you effectively complete the lesson. The energy you have been holding around the old situation will evaporate like mists in sunlight.

Being willing to give to others what you once wished someone would give to you allows you to step free of the shackles of self-imposed
limitations. It allows you to step past yourself and witness the oneness and the universal nature of life itself.

Healing Core Issues Is a Signpost of Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

The healing taking place now speaks to core issues that have lived in your energetic field throughout your life. These issues over weeks and months and years continue to spin out realities until they are understood and healed.

Once an understanding is complete, you receive a new set of codes and keys that allow you to access a new level of your being. Each level of your being contains its own set of opportunities and challenges. The levels available now are designed to bring you into stronger energetic resonance with the New Earth.

This is a time when you may experience identity shifts on a regular basis. Whatever dreams, visions and realities were being held in check waiting for understandings to be completed will now arrive in your physical reality. You may be dazzled at times as realities you have long sought to manifest suddenly show up. This will be the case more and more as old energies are released. The process of healing followed by the arrival of new possibilities is the dominant theme in the weeks and months to come. Enter a place of allowing and awareness and you will witness firsthand the unfolding of the New Time within your own consciousness.

from DL Zeta

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