Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Self Clearing Techniques: Being In the Moment

Be in your space and in the moment. Very few of us are HERE- 100% of the time - completely, totally, 100% present in our moments. Would you be surprised to know that almost without exception our energy fields can at any given time, be so far out that it can stretch from a block or two, to many miles out around where we live or work, or both? This process begins by simply pulling yourself in, just using your conscious intent and focus. A very easy way to do this is to extend your arms out from your body, as if getting ready for a wide embrace. Focusing on that thought, begin to bring your arms in closer to yourself, enveloping and holding your own incoming energy. Bring your hand(s) to your belly button (the hara point). Continue reminding yourself that you are 'here', 'present' and ask yourself to just 'Be All Here'. Hold your hand(s) on your belly for about 10 to 15 seconds, be in the moment and bring a good feeling of love into yourself.

Just remember to love yourself like you love a sunset, a walk on the beach, sleeping in on a rainy day - anything that brings a good feeling to you. It is the energy of that good feeling that can change your vibration just one percent - loving yourself just one percent more will change your vibration. That's it! That is all there is to it.

Repeat this each time you go to the bathroom during the day and you will have consciously cleared yourself and all your fields four, five, or more times each day! Anything you do with conscious attention and focus everyday, even if it only takes 20-30 seconds of your time, will change your life. While it may seem too simple, try it for just three short days. Your life will change dramatically. Rather than being automatically drawn into reactive interactions, you will be able to remain in choice. You will be able to maintain a proactive state where you can choose how, where and when you wish to interact with others.

Bringing yourself back into your own space will benefit you on every level of your life: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The best and most helpful state of being, (for ourselves and others), is to be unconditional with ourselves. Have unconditional love for yourself - every aspect, whether you are tall, fat, big, or small. You will find and it will not take very long, be it a few days, or a few weeks, most people will start treating you very differently. You will actually become unconditional love. You will be it. It seems it is not a matter of what you say anymore, it is a matter of being what you are, of walking your talk. As you become more and more unconditional with yourself, the balance of your being-ness will radiate, not project, out through the compassion you have become and people will react differently with you.

from Ken Page

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