Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self Clearing Techniques: BREATHE

Another factor in remaining in the moment is to BREATHE! Find your breath whenever you are anxious, fearful or feel you are not thinking clearly. If you do not know where your breath is: you do not know where you are. Put 'sticky' notes all around yourself (bathroom mirror/ refrigerator door/ car dashboard) that merely say 'breathe'. Just the act of drawing in a slow breath will re-focus you and assist in quieting your mind. Three breaths can take you into a present moment space. Allow your breath to take you rather than you taking your breath without conscious awareness in that moment.

Find the timeless space and state between the past and the future by being in the moment. If you're always thinking about how you could have changed things, or done them differently, you are in the past. If you are always thinking ahead, with thoughts like "as soon as I get this done, then I can go do that," then you're living in the future. The most interesting fact most of us seem to miss when we wish to change something about our life, is the only place we can ever create anything is in the moment, in the now. There is no other time for us except this moment.

Do what you love to do as often as you can. Do your best to create in the timeless space of the moment. When you are in this space of creation, you're the finest reflection of Source you can be. If those around you continue to trigger you or push your buttons, remember that others usually reflect back to you the issues you've come to learn and resolve. Use those times when you get thrown off balance to go back in linear time to find and understand where the issue began. Do your best to understand the energy around the issue itself, whether it's about abandonment, self worth, trust, guilt, shame, being alone, or power and control. Until you understand the energy around the issue, your subconscious will continue to create event after event, so you can keep looking at what you came to learn. Once you understand the issue, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, a charge will no longer exist around it. Until you realize you have agreed to co-create these patterns of events to act as a catalyst to keep you focused on your issues, you will unknowingly continue to divert most of your creative energy into drawing such circumstances and people to you.

The last technique I recommend is keeping clear while you're eating. One of the things I'm finding with most of my clients is their kidneys, intestines and livers are all vibrating in similar ways, based on what they're thinking when they're eating. Because we're all so busy and have very little time to ourselves, what happens? How many of us eat on the run, using our meal time to think about problems, worries and troubles? What are we doing by holding those kinds of thoughts while we're simultaneously wolfing down our food? We're taking the energy of our thoughts -- worry, anger, fear, disappointment, sadness, doubt, etc -- and sending those vibrations to every cell in our bodies along with the food we're eating. Do your best to keep your thoughts clear while you're eating. If there's any conflict around you -- including what you're reading, watching on TV, or how you're interacting with others, the conflict vibration will be absorbed into your body, right along with your food. If you can't think happy thoughts' while you're eating, at least eat in peace and quiet.

In summary, remember to do what you love to do, bring your passion into every aspect of your life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), center yourself in the moment, be unconditional with yourself and hold compassion for others. By doing so you will change your life more than you can possibly imagine. When you find yourself in the moment, not projecting outwardly, but being in your own space, being love and expressing unconditional love for yourself, you will begin to resonate more and more of what you truly are. You'll find you can bring in all aspects of yourself. You'll become more holographic as your vibration changes and you no longer vibrate with the lower polarities.

I realize some of the things I've suggested may be different from the way you may have been taught in the past. Please consider what I've suggested. Work with it for a short time and see what happens. Remember, no projections at all: no projection on what you want for your kids, your partner or even the world! Just stay in your space, loving, respecting and being one with yourself, while being love. Do your best to always create in a space where you're happy and playful. If you find yourself in a spiral of emotions or confusion, do something physical - dance, play, take a walk - breathe and break that spiral. Get yourself back into a centered, balanced state. Only create within that space. Love, accept and honor yourself for the unique being you are. Spend just a few moments a day on yourself, being love and you will change your life!

And most importantly, remember to play!

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