Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mastering Your Destiny

10 Tips for Mastering Change

One of my favorite pictures of spiritual mastery is of Quan Yin riding the back of a ferocious tiger. Despite the unpredictability of the tiger, Quan Yin rides it with ease, a look of serenity on her face, the power of her being evident. Whatever the changes and unpredictability in your life, you too can ride it all with ease and mastery. Here are 10 Tips for Mastering Change:

1. Learn how to come apart (de-construct) as well as you have learned how to manifest. Does the thought of coming apart bring up fear of losing control? Reframe it as the natural process necessary to clear the slate of what is no longer serving you. It is the flip side of the coin of manifesting. The feeling of liberation, freedom and openness from letting go of control and de-constructing can be quite pleasurable if you allow it, especially if you do it along with tip #2.

2. Trust in the larger context of each change and of change itself. Remember the larger spiritual process that is happening. Reach out your awareness and feel yourself being supported and loved unconditionally by the larger process. Touch the love and allow it to touch you.

3. Let go of judging any changes in you or your life, or in your thoughts and emotions as good or bad. Judging/evaluating is part of what makes changing so difficult and painful. When you let go of judging, change will be much gentler and often quicker.

4. Inside many of your fears is secret joy. If you try to think about what the joy might be, you will never experience it. But if you allow yourself to feel it as it opens inside you, you will be able to tap into the exhilaration that will help free you from fear and resistance to change.

5. If you think you need to wait for external circumstances or other people to change in order to make the changes you desire, think again. You are not a victim or prisoner to anyone or anything, other than your own beliefs. Waiting for others to change is an excuse for staying stuck.

6. We all have a glass ceiling about what we believe is real and possible for ourselves and in general. Often we are blind to our own blindness. How can you become aware of where you are holding yourself back with your beliefs? Ask the universe for help, and seek out new perspectives. When your BS detector comes out in full force, notice where in your body you are resisting. Place your awareness gently in your body at the area(s) of resistance and allow for expansion. The goal is not necessarily to believe everything you come across, but to release resistance to new ideas and be open to more possibilities.

7. Your physical body is not solid. It is vibration in a constant state of change. Right now our bodies are going through a lot of transformation as we adapt and integrate the energetic changes that come with mass awakening. By working with our bodies as vibration we can do much to make the changes gentler, regardless of what the changes are, or if we even know what they are. Imagine each of your cells as gates that open to the infinite nature of the universe and beyond. As your cells open, they release what they do not need and it is whisked safely away. They can then take in whatever nourishment they need, and then they can align with their highest energy possible. You can be specific about what they release, open to, and align with, or you can allow your highest inner knowing (or whatever you call upon) to choose for you.

8. Become more energy efficient on the inside. You have greened your lifestyle, now you can examine where you expend effort and attention unnecessarily. Needing to be right, holding on to anger, focusing on things that happened in the past, trying to make things be a certain way: all these and more will not only waste your time, they can drain you and make it difficult to change. As you free yourself from these distractions and energy wasters, you will have more energy and focus for the things that matter, and your health will improve also.

9. There have been, and there will continue to be, special dates/gates of activation, astrological alignments and other cosmic events. Regardless of which gate, alignment, etc. you can make the most of the opportunity and ready yourself. Here is one way: Starting with your mental body, intend that it align with the energies of the gate/date or astrological event in such a way that is prepared to best take advantage of the energies offered. Then continue with your emotions, physical body and ego/personality. Then intend that your mental body, emotions, physical body and ego/personality are all working together in sync. Wait until you can sense it all click into place together. Sense it all in alignment with the energies of the date/gate or event, allowing anything else that needs to shift to do so. This is one of many techniques. Energy is in a constant state of change and will adapt according to your intention. You can create your own techniques if you desire.

10. It is easy to get drawn into the details of day to day experience and the drama that goes with it. When I get drawn in and have difficulty reconnecting to the larger context, I find my sense of humor helpful in re-gaining perspective. Much of our struggling is ridiculous. If you look for the ridiculous-ness in your struggle you will see it and be able to laugh at it. Despite many of the changes in our lives and in the world, laughter is still good medicine. Laugh, have fun, and enjoy the process of creating and deconstructing.

Copyright 2010 Linda White Dove, M.Ed. Awakening Facilitator
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