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Astrological Energies July 26 to August 1, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

Now our work begins in earnest.

If you've been reading this NorthPoint Journal, or any other astrological forecasts, over the past few months, you've already been hearing a lot about the "Cardinal T-square" that is now coming into effect. And, while there are differences in perspectives and opinions about how the energy of this configuration might manifest, all of us are in agreement about its core purposes: to bring about essential and long-lasting changes in our personal and global realities.

The energies of that T-square, created through the positioning of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in three of the four cardinal "corners" of the zodiac, have been building gradually over many months. We could even say that the seeds of the T-square effect were sown in the very first Uranus-Saturn opposition, which occurred in November 2008.

This Monday, the final opposition between Uranus and Saturn becomes exact. And, although we have had four oppositions already, those occurred when Uranus and Saturn were still in mutable signs, which may have softened some the tension of the opposition with a bit of flexibility -- or perhaps denial.

Now, both planets are in the first degree of their respective cardinal signs -- Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. Cardinal signs are defined by the desire and ability to initiate action. Because of this, we may feel equal need to act in polarized directions at this time. It may feel that our choices are in the extremes of either black or white -- leaving immediately or staying forever -- and yet the answer may be somewhere in the middle.

One of the keys to working with the energies of an opposition is that we find the best of both polarities being represented and utilize them to create a new form. This means we use the courage and leadership qualities of Aries in equal measure with the harmonizing, cooperative traits of Libra. And, that we integrate the unconventionality, inventiveness and originality of Uranus with the stability, responsibility and proven methods of Saturn.

That being said, this isn't about keeping things as they've been. Change is more than just "afoot" at this time. It is rampant.

The intensity and need for change are intensified this week, both through the exact Uranus-Saturn opposition and because Mars will enter Libra on Thursday, oppose Uranus on Friday, and conjoin Saturn on Saturday. This gives Mars the qualities of a triggering mechanism for the influence of the ongoing Uranus-Saturn opposition, making manifestation of those energies more likely.

Mars in Libra creates strange bedfellows, however. Mars typically represents self-assertiveness and taking independent action, while Libra is the sign of partnership and cooperation. So, contrary to usual martian tendencies, Mars in Libra typically doesn't like to act alone, preferring to take action when there is another to share the experience. Mars in Libra also has an aversion to confrontation, and can default to passive-aggressive means of getting what it wants.

With Mars opposing Uranus this Friday, Libra's insistence on harmony meets its match in the fires of Aries' self-determination, and the changes that result may be abrupt. Those who were quietly standing on the sidelines may unexpectedly erupt, especially once the Moon enters Aries at 1:42pm PDT on Friday -- and then, within the next hour and a half, conjoins Uranus, opposes Mars, and opposes Saturn.

By the time Mars aligns with Saturn on Saturday, the principles of action and productivity join forces, intent on bringing balance and justice into the situation. Cooler heads hopefully will prevail quickly after any flare-ups. This must not be with the intention of returning to the status quo -- for that is not a possibility in these times of change -- but rather, to utilize new ideas and insights to navigate the aftermaths.

Other planetary interactions during the week indicate that we'll need to make a fair number of mental, directional and attitudinal adjustments. Those adjustments are represented by "quincunx" aspects -- and we have five quincunxes interspersed throughout the week. These aspects will require us to be flexible, to accept paradox within ourselves and in others, to let go of fixed ideas and preconceptions, and perhaps to accept a path somewhat different than what we may have been visualizing.

As always, we will have help in fulfilling these requirements. We're never given a challenge without also being given the means with which to meet that challenge.

Mercury moves into practical, reasonable Virgo on Tuesday, providing us with the intellectual acuity we need to analyze and learn from the events in our lives. Virgo is very solution-oriented, and can quickly figure out the precise steps that need to be taken in order for repairs to succeed and healing to occur.

On Friday, when the energy of the Mars-Uranus-Moon aspects are the strongest, we also have an empowering Pluto-Mercury trine. This aspect will help us get to the heart of any situation, so that we do not waste any time in superficialities or untruths. It will also assist us in thinking clearly and speaking directly, gaining the insights we need into our own motives and the motivations of others.

Over the weekend, the Sun will move into position to form a biquintile aspect with Pluto. This type of aspect usually has a more subtle effect, but there can be great power in subtlety.

For us to take best advantage of this influence, we must stay focused in the Creative Now. This intention will allow us to release fears associated with either the future or the past, and in so doing, grant us stronger and clearer access to the insights we need to guide our next steps.

Many blessings to all,


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Hello, Liquid Rubber,
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