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Creating Creation - Part 5

So, besides the Lucifer anomaly, what else went wrong in this experiment in 3D physical density?

Firstly, Soul's desire for the dense physicality of this world, the pleasure and pain and the materialism it elicits, holds It to this planet. This keeps It reincarnating here over and over again when It should be moving on to other planets and other new experiences. This creates a "bottleneck" in the reincarnational cycle of the Universe, thus stopping the growth of other planets and other areas in Creation as well.

Sex as we know it, and the desire we have created for it, does not exist on other planets except for the interaction of some alien species with our own. Sex has become a major means of controlling the people so it has been used by everyone from the government on down to get people to follow. This is especially true of business where marketing and advertising have built an unnatural mystique around sex that has spawned an enormous economy around just this one single aspect of life - sex.

Since people are therefore so attached to the material world and to the enjoyment they think they can derive from it that no one wants to leave. This causes what the Council of Nine calls `soul-recycling'. For many souls, each of the soul-recyclings causes them to have greater and greater desire and more and more enjoyment for even more of the pleasures of life, especially those addicted to power. This locks those souls into the spirit-realms surrounding the planet, waiting to reincarnate, or sometimes simply as astral entities sucking enjoyment from others vicariously. Thus, not only do we have an individual balance of payment problems, we have a planetary balance of payments problem as well.

The experiment has gone haywire, and the laboratory has been taken over by those who were originally supposed to be part of the experiment. The finest example of this is the recent movie version of H.G. Well's classic novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau. In this story, the genetically altered and electronically manipulated, half-man half-animal creations decide they no longer wanted to play by their creator's rules. The results are disastrous. So it is with planet Earth, and the consequences it has on the rest of the Universe are also disastrous as well. This is just one of the movies that have great allegorical significance to the story of Creation we are following and bear further study. We will mention them more as the opportunity arises.

This over-use or abuse of the procreative function has had led proportionally to a greater growth of bad feelings about ourselves. According to The Nine, it has also created great guilt in us. In due course, this guilt has made people more vulnerable to manipulation by those in power and those also seeking to control us. If people overindulge they become lazy and apathetic. They then labor with the burden of being made to make their own decisions, maintain their own standards, or even form their own conclusions about matters affecting everyone. Over the course of time, this leads to a tendency to simply leave things to the authorities, those who we think `know best'. In any given news story on television in the newspaper or on radio, we are always deluged with the opinions of experts, often people who don't have a practical lick of sense, and don't really know a hill of beans about practical applications of problems to real life situations. We have now come to rely heavily on the opinions of others, but never on our own intuition and spiritually-guided reasoning faculties.

The corruption of the innocent joy of sexuality by guilt has also made it increasingly difficult for people to gain access to the true happiness and fulfillment possible in being incarnate here on Earth. This, the Nine say, has created a carcinogenic battle going on within us between our libido and our guilt.

This strikes at the very heart of the Creation story since we are, for the most part, already living the archetype of our Creator Parents. The staggering increase in cancer rates over the past few decades is not just from the pollution we live in and put in and on our bodies, but moreover from the attitudes and emotions we hold within us, never feeling comfortable enough to release.

It is also a fact that the increasingly large population here on the planet tugs at our self-image and makes us feel small in an ever increasing world. This not only brings up a feeling of hopelessness, but also makes us feel even more so that we are incapable of ever doing anything on our own. Isn't this an archetypal memory from vague remembrances of existing in that Cosmic Sea of Soul - one among the multitude? The realization we need here to release this memory is that everything we do, and everything we think, goes to on to make up the consciousness of the whole. We are not just one small atom of life in a very large Borg-like mentality - we are also the whole, in and of Itself, for everyone else's experiences and learning are also available to us. We have all the creative power of the Universe behind us, and yet feel powerless to even change our own little worlds. If we do not change ourselves, and accept ourselves, where then will the change in consciousness begin?

The Nine say it is the extremes of pleasure and pain which most affect the Soul, and the inability of one to "remove self from self in this heavy gravitational density.

"When you remove self from self, it creates an unblocking so the emotional gravitational density can be relieved, and the true reality may be viewed . . . If we do not want to take the responsibility for freeing ourselves in thought or in emotions, then it is just too easy for us to say it is not possible."

How well this echoes Clow's vision of the various dimensions being layers of ego that we need to work our way through in order to get a clearer view of the true reality of who we are and our relationship to Creation at large. The Spiritual Hierarchy cannot do it for us, for They only work through people. And They will not do it for us, although They are always willing to help if we ask. Because of Their respect for the Free Will given to all by the FATHER, They will only help when asked.

Humankind has a responsibility not only for this planet Earth, but for the Universe, as Planet Earth is part of the Universe and the Universe needs to survive. How then do we go about taking responsibility for ourselves? Is there a way out of the mess we have made of planet Earth and the danger that we now have become to the rest of Creation?

Some of this will be addressed in the Epilogue with regard to the future of life here on planet Earth. For now, taking responsibility for everything that goes on in our lives is a good place to start, that includes every decision we make every minute throughout the day. The Universe honors intent, even if sometimes we fall short.

What has happened in all the other Super Universes and on many planets and areas outside of this partitioned area of Nebadon is that the beings who reside there have used their Free Will to surrender their Free Will to that of the Higher Will – Good of All. Again, this surrender does not mean we lose ourselves in some Borg-like manner. Instead it opens us up to the ultimate freedom of experiencing Creation without being attached to our own ego-needs. The secret lies in what the Nine say about going beyond self:

"The beginning of the healing lies with those that have been through self and removed themselves from blocking."

How in all this process of soul, and reincarnation, and rebirthing, and such, does `self' actually manifest into matter? Peter Moon gives us an interesting perspective on this from one of his books about Montauk where he traces the use of a mystical substance known as `Occultum' from its earliest uses in the ancient mysteries, right up to its varied uses today.

"By tracing the spirit through physicality, we see that it emerges in the DNA and the RNA . . . DNA and RNA are the bridge between consciousness and matter. Occultum, which is Latin for `hidden', acts as a superconductor between matter and the life force. It is the gateway to influencing matter by enabling one, under the right circumstances, to consciously enter the atom.

"This is easy to understand if you can imagine an example of the blueprint room for the physical universe. First, the draftsmen made the hydrogen atom with all its specific properties. Next came the helium atom, and thus all the elements in the entire periodic table were filled out. The blueprint room itself represents the creation zone at its highest level. It is also linked to zero time in that this creation zone is outside third dimensional space and time. As the various atoms began to interact in the third dimension, random activity occurred in a spontaneous fashion. Into this mix, the life force began to permeate matter and carry out designated agendas with respect to the various characteristics of life itself."

Moon also expresses the now commonly accepted idea expounded by L. Ron Hubbard, among others, that there is a trace memory in each cell, and that even atoms themselves have a trace memory that tells their entire history. Therefore, memories of much of what is contained in this book are probably within your cellular memory. This cellular memory can be activated if only one knows how. Unfortunately, life as a whole is mired in physicality and in too many cases has lost its physical memory and any conception of the continuity of self. Aboriginal peoples have life through their ancestry, their history, and the wisdom it imparts to them. Even in the East, ancestral traditions are still kept alive, at least symbolically, even when the original reason for the traditions has long been forgotten. Very few of us in the West know the true reasons why we celebrate certain holidays, why we have certain customs, and why we follow certain norms or patterns in our lives. Ask any history teacher in any school in the West and invariably they will tell you their students always complain and ask why they have to learn history since `it has nothing to do with them and the lives they are living today.' All together we have become a very uncurious bunch of people.

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad says, ". . . the entire human race is but an aggregation of driven slaves from childhood to old age while cares and anxieties multiply. They wait only for death, and this death is the doorway into the kingdom of heaven. The human race is told by the priests and religious fanatics that death is the mystery. But for the Eckist (the follower of Eckankar) there is no mystery in the phenomena of death for he practices dying daily (through conscious soul-travel techniques) and visiting the heavenly worlds. When the time comes for this phenomena to take place in the Pinda world (physical world), it is found that he can leave the body under his own volition . . . He will be ready to enter into the Kingdom of God, the Ocean of Love and Mercy."

by Peter Farley

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