Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Astrological Energies for March 28 - April 3, 2010

NorthPoint Astrology Journal by Pam Younghans

A Full Moon shed lights on our journey as we begin the new week. With the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, this lunation highlights where we may be out of balance in our efforts to be both independent and interdependent.

Many of us have spent years seesawing between self-interest and relationship, between automony and cooperation, and perhaps not yet come to a full understanding of how these qualities can co-exist. This back-and-forth can occur in small ways, within the course of a day or a week, or in large ways, where we can spend decades on one end of the seesaw before seeking to know the opposite experience.

There is, of course, a middle ground -- the fulcrum of the seesaw, the balance point. This Full Moon offers to help us find that place of equilibrium by highlighting the qualities that have been missing in our attitudes or perspectives.

Pluto assists in bringing this missing element into our awareness, as he forms a square aspect with both the Sun and Moon at the time of the lunation. A square aspect (showing 90 degrees of separation between planets) presents us with a challenge, showing us that we can no longer continue in the same manner as we have to this point. Something needs to change, and must change if we are to thrive going forward.

Pluto's impact is emphasized now, due to his being at a virtual standstill in preparation for going retrograde on April 6. Any planet, as it stations, gains in influence. With Pluto, this means an increased push to transform or tear down the structures and goals that have outlived their purpose.

This may be an especially powerful time of transformation and change for anyone with natal planets or points at 5 or 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. And, Pluto is working very intentionally with anyone born within a day or two of March 25, June 26, September 27 or December 27, since he is forming a strong aspect to their natal Sun.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon's position in Libra at the time of the Full Moon reiterates the theme of finding balance:

"Having passed safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters: The self-control and poise necessary to reach a steady state of inner stability."

This symbol takes us an important step further in our contemplation of the balance or imbalance of our lives relationally -- it reminds us that all outer imbalance is a reflection of an inner state of turmoil, and that by focusing on what will bring us inner stability, we can more easily manifest that "steady state" in the outer world as well.

Relationships are at the top of the list for themes for the week, not only because the Full Moon is in other-oriented Libra, but also because we find Venus listed seven times in the "highlighted aspects" list. There are likely to be some ups and downs in this area of our lives over the next few days.

We start off with soothing aspects from Neptune and Chiron on Monday and Tuesday, and we are reminded of the importance of holding compassion for others and for ourselves, as we each navigate this oftentimes challenging physical plane.

On Wednesday, Venus moves into Taurus and immediately forms an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn, and we may find that the solution isn't as simple as we might have liked. This Saturn-Venus "quincunx" aspect indicates that an attitude adjustment is needed -- and with Venus in comfort-loving Taurus being challenged, we may have to accept that the adjustment means we will need to step outside of our comfort zone, and maybe even grow up a little.

Saturday looks to hold another relationship challenge, as Mars in Leo squares Venus. Our desire for things to be uncomplicated or at least undramatic meets up with the need to colorfully express what we want, or that same need for attention may be expressed by others. Watch a tendency to overdramatize differences, and find ways to playfully defuse any tensions.

By Sunday, Pluto steps in with a trine aspect to Venus, providing an outlet for the tensions and giving us the opportunity to create deeper, more real relationships as a result of having seen a new truth about each other. Since Mars is also squaring Mercury in Taurus on that day, everything may not be resolved as completely as we would like, and we will need to overcome some stubborn resistance to change -- but we may at least agree to accept our differences and love each other anyway.



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