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Creating Creation - Part 4

The corresponding Eastern cycles of time are the Yugas. A description of the four primary ages of this cycle can be found in The ECK-Vidya Ancient Science of Prophecy: Life Cycles of Men, Nations, and Planets:

· The first four tenths of the greater cycle known as the Mahayuga, or 1,728,000 years, of that time is the first age known as the Satya Yuga. It was the Golden Age in terms of CREATION, a time of innocence and happiness on the planet, a true Garden of Eden, a time when the few beings on the planet followed the laws of Spirit without the necessity for any kind of enforcement as such.

· The second Yuga was the Tretya Yuga, the Silver Age in terms of Creation, when things were generally not as good, and man had to work for the things he wanted. (Vidya) This lasted for approximately 1,296,000 years.

· The third Yuga was the Dwarpara Yuga or the Brass Age when things became more savage upon the planet. It lasted for approximately 864,000 years.

· And the fourth Yuga or age is the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the one we are living in today in which things get seriously difficult and nasty. It began in February of 3102 BC, and lasts for 432,000 years.

"The descending numbers (of years in each Yuga or age) represent a similar physical and moral deterioration of mankind in each age. There are also smaller cycles within these larger cycles, and the cycles of nature usually follow a twelve-year pattern. Then there are smaller and smaller cycles, usually based on the numbers 3 and 12.

"The life of the individual Soul in a human body is based on a twelve-year cycle. Soul has only a certain period of time in each body that it takes on during any and each incarnation. Man's personal longevity comes to just about six or less cycles within one body, so it means that he is not capable under the reign of the Kali Yuga to live out his full life span. Of course this is the physical and moral degeneration of the individual since the era of the Golden Age, when man lived in what was then the perfect body. He must learn that he cannot go back to that state until he has turned back and sought perfection again, through Soul unfoldment."

All of these cycles have great influence on the souls living in the lower worlds. They also greatly affect the cycles of history which we are about to take a look at in the following chapters. Knowing that we are living in the Kali Yuga doesn't make it any easier. Neither does it give us an excuse for any behavior which is against the Higher Will. The Council of Nine in Schlemmer's work repeatedly stress the problems this Earth is creating in the overall system because of its inhabitants' fixation with the pleasures involved with sexual activity.

They stress, as said before, that Earth is the planet for us to learn to balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds. All the souls that exist in the universe have had, at one time or another, the necessity to manifest on the physical planet Earth for the lessons to be learned, our purpose being to live in true balance, in manifestation of unconditional love, and in connection with the Creator.

In order for the Universe to evolve it is important for Planet Earth to evolve, for without this planet being evolved, the other planets in the Universe are also not able to go forward.

Our lack of growth as a planetary consciousness has, indeed, stopped the growth of the Universe. The problem lies in the dense physicality of the 3rd dimension. Earth was, as said, an experiment, and that experiment was to find out partially, what would happen to Soul when placed in a dense corporeal 3rd dimensional body. No one yet knew what would happen. That is the reason for having an experiment. The Council of Nine expresses their feelings that this was not totally a negative thing because it gave us a greater challenge to learn to balance the physical with the spiritual:

"We were not aware of the problems that the physical would create . . . The physical body has different feeling than in all the other planets and in all the other souls that exist. In other systems, other galaxies, there are other physical beings that do not have the density of this planet . . . it has the feel of desire. It is pleasure and pain. Yet this has become very important for the evolutionary growth of the planet, because it was originally the planet of balance."

Gabriel of Sedona, in his book The Divine New Order, talks about one of the difficulties of mixing higher potential beings and lower potential beings all on the one planet, and the fall away from the original purposes of physical reproduction, Here, Earth's name is known as Urantia, and this is in fact the name it is known by in the Higher Worlds.

"From time eternal there was in the mind of God a plan for a union of souls, male and female, on all evolutionary worlds where the birth of the children and the spiritual growth of the planet was the primal order. This perfect plan, a masterpiece, was upset by the Lucifer rebellion, the subsequent fall of Planetary prince, Caligastia, and the later default of the Material Son and daughter, Adam and Eve. Because of the spiritual decadence and genetic imbalance, Urantia became a planet where marriages and mating between the opposite sexes were not marriages of cosmic origin and spiritual attunement, but marriages of animalistic origin and materialistic expediency. That was true of twentieth-century civilization, especially America. The teachings of complementary polarities and soul mates go far beyond the scope of my sharing in this orientation. I will briefly state that it became quite evident that there were few males and females who were united in true fourth-dimensional complimentary polarity unions. Even those who wrote books on the subject of twin flames and soul mates and who were initiators in the field, were not united with their true complimentary polarities and in fact had divorced the wives with whom they co-authored their first books. Most individuals, having married the prince or princess of their dreams, soon discovered that they did not get all that they had hoped or bargained for in their mate. The reasons for this were numerous. The spiritual growth of the individual, or lack of it is the foremost reason for either obtaining a high-stage soul mate or complement, or a low stage or non soul mate. Since the various cultures of the planet and the existing realities within them were far from fourth-dimensional cosmic reality, on an international level, souls had to be educated with new concepts and new ways of looking at reality, particularly interpersonal relationships."

The question may have arisen in he reader's mind by now - Does the FATHER know everything? The answer is - If HE did, then what would be the purpose for sending out HIS Creation by which to experience that which was Created? Free Will creates the opportunity for countless realities to occur, much like the final television episode of Star Trek -The Next Generation in which there were hundreds of Starship Enterprises each existing in their own reality split off from the one central reality. Each decision we make gives us another division in the road we may take. And so it is that there are limitless possibilities for experience, and each soul's experience is indeed different from each other one. You are unique.

The reader might also wonder - Does the FATHER know what decision a person is going to make in any given situation? The FATHER chooses not to see until you have made your choice, for that is the power of Free Will. Does He see the darkness when you choose to go that way? No, for the FATHER cannot even see the darkness. He only sees the Light of His immortal Creation. Judgment Day? Karma is the law of balance in the universe, and indeed, everything we do comes back to us, both positive and negative - it is a squaring up or balancing of accounts. Sometimes it may take a few lifetimes if we have a lopsided balance of payments, but that is why we are born into such varying situations. The FATHER also does not judge us, why then should we also preoccupy our minds with judging others? Judge not . . . but do be aware.

by Peter Farley

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