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Astrological Energies for October 5 to 11, 2009

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Your guide to astrological energies for October 5 to 11, 2009

Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Harvest Moon October 4 as seen from Maghaberry, Northern Ireland (photo by John C. McConnell)

The Aries Full Moon has shed light on what we really want, and where we want to go next. And, with the Uranus-Mercury opposition also fully energized as we begin the week, there are plenty of new, expansive ideas floating around in the ethers, waiting for us to open our minds and take them in.

This is a relief after the intense Mercury retrograde period of the past four weeks. And, although there is some lightening of the energies now, we're not quite done with the Saturn-Mercury alignment that's been bringing up serious issues for us to ponder.

At times that pondering has sunk into pessimism and depression, which is never fun -- but perhaps to be expected, with Saturn trying to finish up his business in Virgo. We're very aware of what isn't living up to the ideal now, and the impulse to improve our situation and our world is immense.

As Mercury aligns exactly with Saturn in Virgo for the third and final time in this Wednesday, use this influence to do some additional weeding out, cleaning up, and putting things in order. This is the most positive use of this energy, and will help us keep from sinking into the negative side of Virgo, which sees only that things aren't working, but has no solutions to offer.

And, as much as possible, shift into the positive expression of Virgo wherever and whenever you can: the unconditional love and acceptance for what is -- even in its imperfection -- while also striving to improve, step by step.

It's been an intense week for Mother Earth, too. She's been revealing her own stress points, releasing tension through earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and flooding. As we observe catastrophic events and consider those who are directly affected, we feel compassion and empathy, and can use the strong Virgo energy now to be of what service we can.

At the same time, it's hard not to fall into another dark side of Virgo, which perceives the world in terms of victims and martyrs. It's difficult to believe that anyone would choose -- on any level -- to be involved in terrifying experiences, so it is natural to view certain events as being random and uncontrollable.

And yet, the highest expression of Virgo tells us that there is order in the universe, even when it appears to be chaotic. There are no doubt as many reasons for their involvement as there are people affected by earth changes. We can only trust that a purpose is being served for each and every soul, even as we send comfort and support by whatever means we choose to those who suffer.

Once Mercury moves beyond his alignment with Saturn and into Libra late Friday (early Saturday in some time zones), we hopefully will see some easing in the recent physical and emotional earthquakes we've been experiencing.

Mars conjoins the South Node on Thursday, perhaps bringing up anger from the past -- experienced in this lifetime and in others -- that remains in our energy fields. This alignment occurs in Cancer, arguably the most emotionally vulnerable sign. It's a challenge not to take things personally with this energy, and yet we cannot return to our ways of the past, acting out of defensiveness, fear and insecurity.

This is a reminder of how we used to handle situations where we felt vulnerable. The emotions that arise may be intense, as they are supported by long-lived memories of betrayal and self-sacrifice. We may also run into people from our past that represent these experiences for us, providing us with opportunities to refocus on our new growth path.

This new direction, represented by the North Node in Capricorn, includes letting go of the past, especially our memories of feeling rejected or betrayed. This means we must accept personal responsibility for our emotional reactions in the past, and take the "high road" in response to whatever occurs now -- in other words, be in integrity with our authentic adult self.

The North Node in Capricorn teaches us that the only person we can control is ourselves -- and that by taking charge of our own inner realms, we are less likely to be have our feet knocked out from under us when strong emotions are triggered. This doesn't mean ignoring or stuffing the emotions that arise, but it does mean directing those emotions in positive ways. This is the road to enhanced self-respect and true success at this time.

The relationship theme enters the room through several doors toward the end of the week. Libra is the sign most associated with relationship, and as Mercury enters that sign to stay for three weeks, our thoughts turn to the existing balance or imbalance of our current partnerships.

And, with aspects to Venus by three of the outer planets, we are likely to feel restless, in need of change and improvement in our partnerships and friendships. The Uranus-Venus opposition, especially, requires that we be flexible and allow both ourselves and others the freedom to be true to self.

With Venus in Virgo, be on alert to any tendency to focus only on the negative -- but, at the same time, be willing to be honest with yourself and make changes or adjustments as needed. And with Uranus in Pisces, be wary of avoidance patterns or ways in which you regularly play either victim or martyr. It is time to acknowledge these lower-vibrational manifestations and to call upon the power of the higher self to help us move beyond these roles.

Planetary activity on Saturday ensures that we won't be sitting around twiddling our thumbs in boredom. Jupiter is virtually standing still at 17 degrees Aquarius, preparing to go direct on Monday. The expansive, forward-thinking planet has been retrograde since June 15, corresponding with some dampening of external progress. Instead, our expansion has been internalized over the past four months, and we've made important strides in expanding our awareness and cosmic understanding.

Jupiter forms a flowing trine aspect with the Sun on Saturday, helping integrate the light into our beings and energizing us with optimism. Keep your awareness available to receive inspirations about how to bring your life into better balance. Actions based on these insights will be supported in the weeks ahead, as Jupiter gains momentum in his forward motion.

The weekend's energies also involves two Pluto aspects, which are more intense and transformative in nature and are somewhat contradictory to the Jupiter influence just described. We may seesaw between optimism and pessimism with so much going on -- but hopefully, we will be able to use the strengthened light to soften the darkness.

The main challenge will be met by Mercury -- who, having just stepped into harmonious Libra, immediately has to confront Pluto in Capricorn. Our desire for a peaceful mental state may be challenged by external discord or by internalized ramblings about being treated unfairly.

Libra is generally peace-loving, but can also be very assertive when confronted by inequality and injustice. It is our challenge with this energy to communicate our feelings honestly, but without the sharp edge that can deeply wound.

On Sunday, Pluto again takes the lead, this time forming a creative aspect with the Sun. As we mull over our experiences of the last few days, we may be feeling a bit out of sorts, and not quite at the level of Libran harmony we would hope for.

But, if we take the positive perspective, we will notice that our experience has made us more aware of how we still give away our power, whether to another person or to our own mental habits and emotional patterns. This awareness is the first step in reclaiming the inner strength we have felt was lacking -- strength we need both to rebalance our lives and to navigate the energy shifts that lie ahead.

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