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Astrological Energies for October 12 to 18, 2009

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As mentioned in last week's Journal, Jupiter reaches his station this Monday -- which means he is ready to reverse direction and start moving forward again after having been retrograde since mid-June.

In essence, we have been in search of meaning more on the inner planes than in the outer world over these past four months, and seeking awareness of our inner nature. Outer progress, while not completely halted, may have felt slower or less expansive than hoped, as we focused more on the inner growth needed to support the outer expansion.

As Jupiter begins gradually to move forward over the coming weeks, we have opportunities to utilize this new awareness and inner growth in creating new alliances and new experiences in the outer world.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes these words about Jupiter's retrograde phase in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:

"When Jupiter finally turns direct again, the individual will adopt fresh, new attitudes concerning how he can enrich and elevate his associations with others in his community. His participation then can become more purposeful and fulfilling, in which he can gain greater social acceptance while still remaining true to the needs of his spirit. He is better able to separate himself from previous social standards, blindly followed, that have been stifling for his inner growth. If he can remain true to the revelations he has experience during Jupiter's retrograde phase and abide by them, he can be free to follow greater paths of social expression in the future."

It is this last sentence that stands out most strongly to me. For us to gain the advances promised by Jupiter turning direct, we must remain true to the insights we received on the inner planes as we now venture forth to create our external reality.

Consider also that with Jupiter once again going direct, he will be slowly moving back into alignment with Neptune and Chiron, to revisit the influence of last May's triple conjunction. Although the three will not exactly recreate the close alignment we experienced then, we will be receiving and working with some of those same energies.

Many people experienced considerable spiritual opening last May and June, receiving guidance and illumination in the form of the new insights, healing and spiritual connection. We can expect to build on those experiences over the next four months, especially beginning the second week of November, when Chiron and Neptune are also direct.

The most significant periods of opening are likely to occur around the dates of the exact alignments of Jupiter and Chiron (December 8), Jupiter and Neptune (December 21), and Neptune and Chiron (February 16).

I've just added a post to my NorthPoint Astrology blog, about my experiences of last spring's energies, and inviting you to add your own story. I am interested to hear how others experienced the alignment, and I think it will be uplifting for us all to know more of what people are experiencing in the realm of spiritual opening. Here's the link if you'd like to share:

While our path may include expansion in the weeks ahead, we will also be consolidating and assessing as well. That process has already been underway with the Saturn-Mercury alignment of the past few weeks. This week, Venus takes over where Mercury left off, making aspects to Saturn and Mars on Tuesday.

Pay attention to how your relationships respond to these planetary energies as we begin the week. There are important insights to be gained about what we really value and are willing to give in relationship, as well as awareness of where current relationships are not living up to our ideal.

With Saturn entering Libra, the sign of Partnership, on October 29, we are about to begin a two-year phase of work on refining our relationships. It will become very clear over this time wherever partnerships are out of balance, and we will be challenged to make whatever changes are needed to either strengthen or dismantle these commitments. Information gained this week can give us a head start in understanding and making those practical improvements.

After her dance with Saturn, Venus herself moves into Libra, and then meets Pluto coming around the corner on Thursday. This adds some intensity to the situation. Venus, now wearing her fashionable Libra garments, doesn't match very well with Pluto in his conservative Capricorn suit. Since the two don't see eye to eye on most things -- from clothing to music to dance steps -- the atmosphere is a bit awkward and potentially confrontational.

It may be a challenge not to get in an argument with others with this energy, as we are each sure that our perspective is the right one. Still, if we can get beneath the surface of the disagreement and see what motivations are really at work, we can learn a lot about ourself and the other person. Underneath the clothing, we're all just planets, after all.

The New Moon late Saturday (early Sunday in many time zones) is in Libra, representing a potential new start in the areas of partnership, justice and balance. Since the Sun and Moon are both exactly square the Moon's Nodes, however, there's a challenge involved.

The North Node in Capricorn makes sure we remember that it's not just about making everyone happy. We must also remember our own sovereignty, that we are meant to be the director of our own lives, and that we cannot successfully write our lives as subtext to another's headline.

The South Node in Cancer tells us that we've lost our power before -- either when we've sacrificed our own authority and limited our achievements by defining ourselves as only caregiver of others, or when we've defended ourselves so completely against feeling vulnerable that we haven't allowed others to nurture us.

The Libra New Moon intends for us to know that healthy, equal relationships involve being both strong and vulnerable, at times being in charge and at times being the support system. The key to all Libra issues, however, is to remember that we are never called to compromise our value or our values for the sake of another, or for the sake of a relationship.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon in the 25th degree of Libra reads:

"The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death: The ability to discover in every experience a transcendent or cosmic meaning."

This image instructs us, as pilgrims on our life journey, to interpret all life experience symbolically. We recall singing the "Row, row, row your boat" song in childhood, that assured us from an early age that "life is but a dream." And, as we have learned to read dream symbols, we can also explore the symbols of our waking life dream to find the deeper and higher meaning of our experience.

Neptune and Uranus both strongly aspect this New Moon, adding transcendental themes to the lunation. Neptune's soothing influence assists us in understanding our personal relationships both as mirroring the inner dynamics of the personality (ego) self and as representing the cosmic level relationships available to the higher Self. As we elevate our understanding on these levels, we are empowered to approach ourselves and others with the heart-level compassion and understanding Neptune represents.

Uranus contributes to these themes as well, but takes a little bit pushier role. We'd like to think we can just step from personality level to higher self level, but Uranus reminds us that an attitude adjustment is often needed. If we miss this adjustment step, we might mistakenly take on the martyr or rescuer role instead of understanding the bigger picture. Uranus in Pisces is making sure we tap into the higher consciousness for answers, rather than relying on our reasoning minds to tell us the truth of our situation and our motivation.

Blessings to you this week,


Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies for your greatest benefit and for the benefit of All.

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