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October 2009 ~ Celebrate the Fullness of Your Expression

October (30/3) is a month to celebrate the fullness of your expression of you, the abundance in your life. These energies can be restless so remember to stay centered in your intuition for guidance. Stay in your rhythm and you’ll see situations clearly and find the joy of true freedom and creativity as you experience who you are in all your interactions. From this point of joy and abundance you begin planning the next step to manifest more of your vision next year. The goal is to stand in your truth and only YOUR truth.

OCTOBER 1 to OCTOBER 3, 2009 (69/15/6)
You begin this month with 3 days of emotional experiences that you are to keep in harmony and balance. Fortunately, you will be able to be mentally sharp and precise during this process. This influence may bring some unexpected changes so use them as stimulus to affect your outer circumstances. You start this month with the intensity of the Master Builder on the Material Plane to begin taking your “big” ideas into the physical. Then you move to seeing the adventure and change that requires a sense of inner security to take advantage of it. You end with an intense day of increased sensitivity to what’s beneath the surface supported by the energies of the Master Builder so finish up what needs to be completed and prepare to move into a place where you can attain those big plans of the “expression of you” that the energies of this month are all about. The goal is to stay secure and flexible as new insights bring order to your life.

OCTOBER 4 to OCTOBER 10, 2009 (25/7)
This is a week to be somewhat withdrawn and reflective to reassess where you are. Your intuitive abilities will be given a boost so you can move your mental energies into a positive force. Visualize what you desire and keep it before you as you listen to your inner voice for direction. This will require flexibility and detachment in order to find balance in all the changes until you reach a point of having Spirit and Physical in balance within. The week starts with these energies to make sure you get the point. Then you move to a day of easy flowing external energies to assist you in your reassessment so keep an eye out for synchronicities and take whatever actions seem advisable and let the rest go. You move into two days of “reaping the rewards of past achievements” while preparing for new adventures so use the energies that supports the crystallization of your desires and your imagination so that you can mold actual substance. Then you are given opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual side of you which may require more responsibility and effort; however, it promises great rewards. Then you have a day to celebrate the creative expression of the Spirit/Physical you so rely on your connection, your intuition, to stay centered and still be in joy and peace. You end the week with messages of the new order of things and your mental forces will be enhanced to assist you to “think outside the box” and use your intuition to guide you through any “challenges” because they will be challenges to the old order. The goal for the week is to find that inner balance between physical and Spirit.

OCTOBER 11 to OCTOBER 17, 2009 (20/2)
This week is a turning point and decision force where experiences give you the opportunity to express your Spirit by seeing the alternatives and acting decisively. This may require change in attitude and perspective so do not hesitate to make those changes. Be patient with yourself and others and allow your visions and revelations to guide you. You start the week with a strong sense of adventure and change with an underlying pressure to listen to your Higher Self and Inner Knowing before you choose your opportunities. A day of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface of you presents you with the opportunity to “check it out” and make sure all of you is who you want to be. You move to a day of very strong intuitive energies to assist you to honor both your “knowing” and your intellect and find the balance between the two, the balance between your Spirit and your physical self. A day of easy flowing environmental energies is presented to you with the underlying intensity of the Master of Healing Energies, Christed Consciousness, to assist you to examine, investigate and heal any details that arise in your material life, often spontaneously, so trust your guidance and accept responsibility to blend with your Higher Forces with love. You have two days of reaping your rewards and preparing for new adventures so interact and you’ll find yourself gaining deeper understanding in your relationships as long as you maintain inner harmony and peace which helps you to crystallize your desires and the seeds of who you really are going to manifest. The week ends with opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual areas and they will require a willingness to accept more responsibility and effort; however, this promises great rewards so be receptive and remember that there will be messages everywhere to assist you to bring balance into your affairs. The goal for the week integrate your awareness of your Spirit and its guidance into your being.

OCTOBER 18 to OCTOBER 24, 2009 (24/6)
This entire week will be one of increased sensitivity, increased awareness, of what is beneath the surface. This can be a very inspirational and creative period if you tune into your inner awareness and take the responsibility, with that increased knowledge, to put yourself and events in harmony and balance. When you achieve that balance within you will be able to bring about order in your outer world and actually function in the flow. The week begins with a reminder of what the month is about, celebrating who you are and your expression of that essence. In that joy you need to pay attention to your thoughts which are bringing you messages about the type of system and order necessary to effect worthwhile conditions for the new order of things. Then you have a day of restless energy that you must use constructively to put your plans into action with patience, persistence and determination. Now you get a reminder of the energies of the week so keep focused on staying centered within yourself in all your experiences. Stay within the next day as well because it’s time to reflect on how far you’ve come and use your strong intuitive energies to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force to empower your visualizations and dreams and you’ll be assisted by an underlying Master Builder energy to help you think in large terms; however, don’t forget that there is a need for hard work to build that firm foundation for the future and it is oh so worth it. Then you move to a day of easy flowing environmental energies to catch your breath; however, use it to examine material details that arise spontaneously and choose what to act upon and what to let go. You end the week with a day of reaping rewards and preparing for new adventures so share your accomplishments to gain deeper understanding. The goal for this week is use your opportunities to get into the flow and respond to events instead of reacting to them.

OCTOBER 25 to OCTOBER 31, 2009 (28/10/1)
You end this month of defining the real you for manifestation in January with a period of the energies of seed and harvest assisted by the underlying energies of the Higher Master vibration of 44, the Master of Spiritual Power, so that you can bring together those who are willing to be the architects of the new order. As you crystallize your desires and empower them with your imagination, your awareness of what’s beyond your material world will bring everything into perspective. You insure your ability to do this by starting with the energies of the Master Messenger so be receptive and remember that there will be Spiritual messages to bring your material world into balance for the entire day so stay connected to maintain balance in your physical, mental and emotional areas. Then you’re given a day to remind you that this entire month is about celebrating you and your progress toward being who you are, Spirit having a physical experience. A day to remember that “thought creates” brings you opportunities to be a forerunner for better conditions as you realize that system and organization will always bring worthwhile conditions so listen to your intuition when challenges are presented to the old ways. Then you are challenged to use the restless energies of freedom and change constructively to express yourself in your own way and you are supported by underlying Master Messenger energies to guide your way to balance in all your affairs. You’re then given a Master day of intense energies pushing you to accept responsibility with courage and faith in your Higher Forces that ALL is in its right order, even if you didn’t get the memo and this brings healing as long as you give love and compassion to others. You end the month with a day to be reflective and go within to reassess your progress and reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for the expression of the true you. The goal is to be who you are in totality.

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