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Numerology for September 2009

This year, 2009 (29/[11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm’s foundation. You will have the energies of the Master Spiritual Messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The Universal Law of “Thought Creates” will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but rather the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To Master this Master vibration you must stay centered within as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or support as appropriate and as needed for the good of all, including you, without being attached to the “title.” Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for balance for all. You may feel like you have more responsibility and you do; however, that responsibility is the ability to respond to situations rather than react, so that what you choose reflects who you are.

September (29/[11]) brings reminders of what this year of inspired building is all about. Your service is to be the Spiritual Light Messenger and teacher that stays connected to their intuition and uses it to guide you through your physical world. All the messages coming to you now are to help you bring balance to yourself and your life so that you can be in true reality, in the now. Your goal for the month is to be open to the messages and complete what you started last October while planning for new adventures.

SEPTEMBER 1 to SEPTEMBER 5, 2009 (16/7)
The week begins with the Karmic (destiny) vibration of awakening. You will not be able to avoid, evade or ignore the unforeseen and sudden events that present themselves so you may as well learn how to “deal with it”. This is a 9 month vibrating to endings and beginnings as a Master Level of 11. With this karmic vibration you are called to overthrow the existing conditions in your life by listening to the intuitive forces within you. That is what awakens you to your true source of security so you can build for the new in your life. The first day is one of restless energies that you must balance by relying on your intuition to guide you through. The intensity doesn’t stop as the Master 22 of the building force on the material plane adds to the 11 of the month that pushes you to think in broad terms for all of humankind (including yourself) so you can succeed on a large scale as long as you avoid going to extremes as events that may feel restrictive and presented to you for examination so you can build a firm foundation for the future. Then you get a day with the energies of adventure and change so any issues you have that are limiting you because of insecurities will be presented to learn that your true Source of security is your connection to your Source. Then you get an intense day of increased sensitivity to the underlying motivations combined with the Master Builder energies for you to think in large scale terms and build the foundation for those plans. You end this period with a day to be reflective and to use your strong intuitive energies to make sure your mental energies are a positive force for your visions. The goal for this week is to be open to new awakenings and new developments brought by the karmic opportunities to transform and transmute your life.

SEPTEMBER 6 to SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 (23/5)
The underlying energies this week will be those of adventure and change with experiences for you to stay in balance as you meet events and learn that true security comes from within. You start the week with easy flowing environmental energies so you can examine and investigate any details spontaneously arising in your life to show you what to do and still stay in balance. Then you have a day of being interactive and exchanging ideas to bring deeper understanding to your relationships so maintain harmony and balance and you’ll achieve deeper understandings. Now it’s a day to open yourself to new ideas so you can crystallize your desires, through your imagination, for the greater good of all. A day of opportunities to show how Spirit and Higher Guidance can bring things into balance and provide great rewards is given to you so you can then spend the next day celebrating the expression of yourself, your true self, which will give you direction for further forward movement. You then have a day of underlying intensity from the Master Messenger which shows you news of a new order of things and Master opportunities for love and peace. You end the week with an intensified reminder of what the week is about: balancing the expression of your spirit through the adventure and change. The goal for the week is to move through the events in balance knowing that security comes from within.

SEPTEMBER 14 to SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 (27/9)
The energies this week give you opportunities to finish up what needs to be finished and reap the gifts from those lessons so that you can prepare for the next step. It is a week to interact with others to gain deeper understanding of you and remain in harmony and peace while you do it. You begin the week with increased sensitivity that can be very inspirational if you stay tuned into your Inner Awareness to what’s beneath the surface and be prepared to take the responsibility to bring yourself to inner harmony and balance. It’s then a day to withdraw and reflect so you can reassess how far you’ve come and use your intuitive energies to reconstruct any mental energies that have not reached being a positive force. This brings you to a benevolent time of easy flowing environmental energies that will have an underlying “intensity” of the Master Healer and Teacher that will push you to keep centered and remain balanced while taking responsibility for your creation and having compassion for others through opportunities to help without enabling. The energies of the week are then brought to the surface and intensified to help you maintain inner harmony while you are finishing up what is presented to you in order to plan for the future. Then next day you’re also given the vibration of both the seed and the harvest to crystallize your desires using your imagination and relying on your connection to your inner Wisdom and sense of justice as you begin the next step. Then you have an intensification and reminder of the vibration of the year as well as the month which pushes you to remember that you are Spirit experiencing in a body suit so connect and let your Higher Guidance and the revelations coming to you guide you to balance and forward movement. You end the week with what can be restless energies of celebration in your expression of yourself so don’t get carried away and you can have great joy, harmony and peace as you follow your inner guidance for direction. The goal is to release everything that no longer service, to finish it up, and prepare for new adventures as you move to a week of Master Builder energies.

SEPTEMBER 20 to SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 ([22])
This entire week has the energies of the Master Spiritual Builder on the Material Plane to help you expand your vision into large sweeping terms that benefit all of humanity. This may create an underlying “itch” of intensity so guard against going to extremes, stay balanced in everything. You start with a most intuitive day that brings you ideas of the new order of things so you can bring everything into system and organization that “challenges” you. You then have another day of challenges and restless energies that you must use constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination in your own unusual and conventional way to accomplish the task. Your sensitivity and Inner Awareness are then increased and intensified to see what’s beneath the surface and insure you “see all that is” in order to face any sense of “restriction” to build a firm foundation for your future. Now you’re given an easy-flowing day to catch your breath and examine and investigate any details that arise, often spontaneously, to take what actions are necessary to reap the harvest. Then you are moved to a day to share your accomplishments and lessons learned in order to gain deeper understanding so maintain harmony and peace during this process. You move to a day of underlying master energies of the Master of Spiritual Power beneath the energies to crystallize your desires and thinking in broad terms to bring together those who can help you in your process. The goal for this week is to build and integrate into your life and personality the Spirit that you are.

SEPTEMBER 27 to SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 (14/5)
You end the month with a period of intense karmic energies that will not allow you to avoid, evade or ignore any events. This is the energy of the Destroyer and Builder, transformative vibrations indeed. This brings you opportunities to bring balance into your physical life as new, original ideas and innovative concepts come to you that must be put into form to bring you freedom and change on the outer plane. You begin with a day of Master Messenger energies which give you opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual areas in your life so stay aware of all the messages that are there to show you the way. Then move to a day of creative expression and celebration as you express the Truth of you. Then the Master energies of Monday reappear beneath the surface to give you messages of the new order of things so look to how to “organize” it all effectively and meet any challenges with an open mind because they will show you where you are still doing it the “old way”. You end this month with the restless energies of freedom and change so that you can work to use them constructively to put your visions into action with patience, persistence and determination as you move forward in your own individual way to accomplish the task. Your goal for this period is to use the magnetic Law of Attraction to keep the balance as you move into the month of expression of self in the new order.

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