Saturday, September 12, 2009

Expand Your Beliefs to Take in More of Who You Are

The second point of light we will describe for you is the next step to living as an infinite being: expanding your beliefs to take in more of who you are.

In this time of expanding light, it is natural that you will find your
self expanding. This expansion includes your beliefs, your field of
 perception and your possibilities. Your beliefs outline the boundaries
 of your existence and create your future realities.

Beyond Self-Responsibility

When you have accepted and come into harmony with the idea that you
 are the sole creator of your reality, you are now ready to examine the
 means by which you as creator and architect go about the business of 
manifesting your personal universe. This examination will take you on 
a journey within yourself.

As you ask the question,"who is this 
aspect of me that goes about creating my world?", you will draw to you 
the answers. It is worth learning about your creator self and the 
beliefs and perceptions it uses to create your reality.

 The sad truth is that many in your world never reach this step. They
 never bring their focus and attention to the "how" and the "who" of 
their creations, so they spend a great deal of time and effort dealing
 with the aftermath. The person who does not get to know their inner
 creator is little more than a hapless slave in their own world. It is 
a marvel that so many choose to be the props manager in the movie of 
their life rather than the star of the stage! It is by getting to know
 your inner creator and working with this self - yes, even nurturing,
 educating, and transforming this self, if necessary -- that you are 
able to take center stage in your own life.

Those who have experienced the awe-inspiring world of their dreams,
 particularly lucid dreams, have glimpsed those pure moments of insight
 when they know themselves in several ways at once: 1) as the architect
 of the story they are moving through; 2) as the person experiencing 
the story they are moving through; and 3) as the person sensing, 
perceiving and anticipating the story they are about to move through.

Even a brief second spent experiencing yourself as all of these at
 once can carry you light years ahead on your journey to understand the
 true nature of your being.

In your day-to-day life, you can choose to practice total
 self-responsibility as the sole creator of your reality. Beyond this,
 you can launch a journey of discovery to know all the aspects of your
self that create this reality.

 Understand your inner creator can only work with the tools it has at
 hand. If you hold limiting beliefs about who you are and what your
 field of possibilities are, these are the tools your creator will use.
 If you hold beliefs that you are an infinite being capable of tapping 
into the vast wealth, knowledge and resources of the universe, these 
are the tools your inner creator has to work with. Will you give your 
inner creator only a couple of tools or an entire warehouse of tools?
 Or, better yet, will you empower your inner creator to instantly 
manifest whatever is needed within the moment to create the highest
 and best that is possible?

If you choose to live a limitless, greatly expanded reality, you are
 only a few steps away from experiencing this reality. First, intend 
that this is your reality regardless of what was created in your past.
 Then begin to examine and observe everything you say and do for a
 period of time. This will help you discover what your beliefs are.
 Though you may think you know what your beliefs are, there may be old 
beliefs and pre-programmed scripts operating like wallpaper in the
 background of your life. By becoming a detective of your life, you
 are able to bring awareness to the tools with which you create your 

 Once you have this awareness, then you can determine what beliefs you
 choose to release and what beliefs you choose to hold around your 
reality. When you reach this stage, it is helpful to hold in mind the 
reality you seek to create and who you wish to become. With this in 
mind, it is easier to see what beliefs you would need to hold to 
create that reality.

Be kind to yourself. It can take time to make sweeping changes in
your beliefs. You will be amazed at how tiny changes at this
 molecular level of self will yield large results compared to the large 
amount of energy that must be spent trying to reconfigure your reality
 once it is already manifested.

You are a vast, limitless being. As you expand your beliefs to take
 in more of who you are, you will begin to create a reality that is 
beyond what you have dreamed of. As you come into the vast inheritance
 of abundance and understanding that is inherently who you are, you are 
able to bless others with the natural gifts of your being.


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Anonymous said...

How do I get rid of the limiting beliefs? How do I even know what they are? I just know that I can't seem to get past my dreams and making them my reality - now! I'm weary, worn out, frustrated and feel very discouraged. I've tried visualizing at every level and just feel that I'm sinking deeper into a black hole.