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2012: Advent of the SuperMental Earth

Over the past several days, I've received numerous "hits" regarding pole shift. Though I've been interested in the phenomenon for years, suddenly it's in my face from several sources. Though I am reluctant to post "gloom and doom" articles because I believe focusing on mayhem gives it more energy, according to LOA ("we attract that which we give our attention"), I have the deepest respect for José Argüelles and it is my desire to further his messages on the concept of Time. As you read this information, hold the "knowingness" and feeling in your heart of The Mother (Earth) passing through the Shift with gentleness and ease. As Way Showers and Earth Keepers, we act as energetic conduits for helping Her release accumulating stresses through the planetary grid systems.

By José Argüelles

On December 11, 2007, a front-page attention grabbing news story reported that the Arctic Ice cap was melting at an alarmingly faster rate than previously thought. Instead of being gone by 2040, at the present rate, studies show melt-down of the Arctic ice cap will occur by the end of summer 2012.

In fact, this past summer there was 23% less ice floating in the Arctic Ocean than last year. On top of it, there is now great concern about the Greenland ice shelf sliding into the sea much sooner than later. This would be in line with Eskimo prophecies predicting that Greenland would be ‘tropical’ by 2010.

There is no question about it: Every year the pace picks up, the technology becomes more complex and speedy, and no one seems to be able to stop or do anything about it. Everything the human does is locked into the mental abstraction of these years numbered 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – and then the screen goes blank. Is there a built in mechanism of accelerating insanity in this notion of time that grips everyone whose mind is locked into the belief that it is no longer 2007, but 2008?

People wake up on the morning after and know that nothing changed – and yet, there is this dread. Did something happen? Why is it going faster? This can only be the momentum to catastrophe, isn’t there a moment when things can’t go any faster? And then what? Mysterious signs appear in the sky, iridescent lights, clouds oddly resembling UFOs hovering over the cities, but people are too busy texting on their mobiles to take notice. People don’t even know they are in a box, so how can you expect them to get out of the box and take a different view?

The Earth Hour on March 31, intended to draw attention to the reality of global warming, may actually be a chilling presage of a world where the lights have gone out – for good, like a prolonged Day the Earth Stood Still. Only this time when the Earth Stands Still – which it may well do during a pole shift – it could be a while before anyone figures out that the lights won’t turn on again. Is that what is ahead?

Patrick Geryl, in The World Cataclysm in 2012 (AUP, 2005), seems to think so. If you've got a mind for numbers, you'll see some interesting evidence and research on the solar sun spot cycles in relation both to solar magnetic pole shifts and to terrestrial one's as well. A combined double whammy is precisely what Geryl sees lined up for the now famous end-time date of 21/12/2012. Whether it will be the total catastrophe of the one-two punch of a solar and terrestrial magnetic flip as Geryl predicts (when the Earth stops in her tracks then reverses spin, sending continents flying), or something a little less drastic, there is no doubt that some such occurrence is now likely.

The unprecedented magnitude of the solar flares that have thus far occurred during the last 22-23 year sunspot cycle (which began in 1989 and peaks in 2012), combined with what is happening at the poles, may portend at the very least a shift in the polarity of Earth's magnetic field. That would be sufficient to totally disrupt the Earth's electromagnetic field, inclusive of the electricity dependent global civilisation, which would then very much resemble Humpty Dumpty fallen off the wall. The question here is: Why is the Arctic ice cap melting so fast? Is it just global warming or is something else going on?

The magnetic poles are key both to the Earth's stability in its orbit and as the planet's thermostatic controls. This means the heating up of the Arctic ocean may also be a prelude to a magnetic shift, for it may be that the thermostat going off kilter will affect the magnetic flow to such a degree that a magnetic shift will be in order for Earth to adjust to this imbalance in its systems. No one has lived through an event like a pole shift before so we don't know what the various signs might be. Like birds waking up in the middle of the night and sounding an alarm a few minutes before an Earthquake, so maybe the polar ice caps melting so fast could also be the harbinger of magnetic reversal.

These are just some aspects or ramifications to the news of the day. It appears from this news that without the collective will to change, the global civilisation is on the verge of being scrapped. Maybe it wasn't such a tenable idea after all. Of course, the news is presented from a particular perspective — the human invested in the control he seems to have had over nature for the past three hundred years. But this perspective, the unconscious editorial backdrop of virtually every news media presentation, may count for very little from the Earth's perspective.

What is Earth's perspective?

Earth doesn't count the years as 2007, 2008, 2009 etc. These figures are too puny anyway. If she did count years that way, maybe she might be saying:

"Hmmm. It's now year 4,108,000,00 — that's quite a few round trips — and I'm due for a CHANGE! This last experiment is really quite a nuisance, anyway. We can get rid of them easily. It's been a while since I changed polarity, and now that my ice caps are melting, it's the only thing to do. Those vermin are running around like crazy going faster and faster thinking that that's how things get done! How foolish! Until they get rid of the hallucination that time is money and the clock is a superior something or other, they'll never get anywhere! Besides I don't have much petrol left to burn. I might as well put an end to this before they really get out of control! Let's see now, looks like a new evolutionary code, a new model is in order. I've got to take off this old mantle and get a new brand new one, one I've never had before, so the new model doesn't have to do any unnecessary house cleaning when it shows up. Yes, that's the plan, and the time is right! Good night global civilisation. Let it be known to this race of men that the world cleansing has begun. I've got to do a little shaking, get a realignment and... Kapow! Zing! Wham Ka-boom! Out go the lights!"

Prophecy is only true and works because it is in accord with the Earth. We belong to the Earth, and not the other way around. Disregard of this truth has its karmic consequences. There is a spiritual significance to what is going on as well. It's good that Al Gore is starting to wake us up, but behind him is a much larger and even more inconvenient truth: Your time is up! You can't go any farther. The Earth is part of a larger cosmic spiritual order of reality. Global warming — climate change is only a symptom, you might say a signal or a warning. Man has exceeded his limits. This was foreseen by every prophetic tradition. But the end of global civilisation does not mean it is the end of the world!

I have put forth the view that the spiritual past of
the race has been a preparation of nature not merely
for attaining the Divine beyond this world, but also
for this very step forward which the evolution of the
earth consciousness has still to make...
— Sri Aurobindo

It is this "earth consciousness" which is being prepared for at this very moment by Earth herself in league with cosmic forces invisible to our telescopes. Sri Aurobindo defined this earth consciousness as a supermental advance in the evolution of consciousness and the inevitable result of a long cosmic process:
We find in the end that all dispositions of the world
can only have been arranged by the making of a supreme
secret intelligence. This being which hidden
in what seems to be an inconscient void emerging
first in the world of matter, then in life, then in mind
and finally in spirit... this is what we call evolution,
an evolution of consciousness and an evolution of
the spirit in things, and only outwardly of the evolution
of the species...

What is most important is that this advent of the supermental earth — the emerging of earth consciousness — will be the result of what Sri Aurobindo defines as the "supramental descent... the supramental transformation in which all becomes supermentalised in the Divine Gnostic consciousness. It is only with the latter that there can be the complete transformation of mind, life, and body... the supramental is simply the Truth Consciousness and what it brings in its descent is the full truth of life, the full truth of consciousness in matter..."

This is what 2012 will bring. It is what the Russian scientist Vladimir Verdansky referred to as the psychozoic era, the era of the spiritualisation of life.

Not far from Pondicherry where Sri Aurobindo (and the Mother) spent most of his life is the ashram of Bhagavan and Amma — 'one consciousness in two bodies'. It is here at the Oneness University that they host their meditation programs and conduct the worldwide 'diksha' training. On their web site appears the oft-asked question: "Would the Golden Age happen by the year 2012?" The answer: "Yes, the Golden Age will finally take birth by the year 2012, and progressively grow and spread all over the world."

If things appear to be as bad as they are, how could 2012 be the beginning of the "Golden Age"? The spiritual eye can see what the physical eye cannot. Another Spiritual Master from India, the late Yogi Bhajan, often told his students that the Aquarian Age would begin on November 11, 2012 — that's just 40 days before December 21, 2012.

What is going on is not just a terrestrial affair, but a solar-cosmic event. The solar flares and sunspot cycles, again, are just outer manifestations of changes within the sun as a cosmic entity. It is interesting in this regard that Alice A. Bailey's Treatise on Cosmic Fire is an elaborate description of the evolution of the entire solar system as a multi-dimensional cosmic entity. As she writes in her encyclopedic work:
The whole matter dealt with in this Treatise on Cosmic
concerns the subjective essence of the solar
system... it concerns who indwell the form, who
demonstrate as animating factors through the medium
of matter... who are evolving a second faculty,
a fire of mind.

It is this mind of fire that — as precipitation of the supramental descent by the system of correspondences — is to be experienced on Earth as the Noosphere, the mind of earth or earth-consciousness. For as Sri Aurobindo declares:
The Supramental change is a thing decreed and
inevitable in the evolution of earth-consciousness,
for the upward ascent is not ended and mind is not
the last summit...

The Divine Plan is not merely for human beings. It is a cosmic ordainment, and there is not one part of the universal whole that is not affected by the motion of this plan.

In The Knowledge Book, Mevlana sheds more light on the great event, the coming of the Golden Age and the advent of the supermental earth:
Now a quite different solar system is being created.
And you as super intelligences, as super-human
entities, as powers who will be united in this dimension,
will constitute new existential systems being
transferred from more powerful dimensions... The
Unified Reality and its system are a totality projecting
the power of very advanced solar systems
on you. The Knowledge Book is dictated from this

It is evident from the last solstice — the five-year countdown to 2012 — that we have entered a heightened phase of interdimensional activation. The Noosphere, the supermental advent of earth-consciousness, the supramental descent of the solar fire of mind (new solar age), the projection from more advanced solar systems is inevitable. It is the quantum mind-shift that underlies the real meaning of 2012. This is a totally cosmic event. We will be changed from both within and without.

The continued exponential acceleration of the technosphere will continue to play its part in pushing Earth to her limits, while creating more insanity from within the human social constitution. We can expect more earth changes, political disruptions, tensions and wars and rumours of war. But don't expect anything to ever be normal again. Homo sapiens has had its day. Homo noosphericus is on the horizon. To understand this in the most positive way, we must prepare in the only way we can — by turning to a more thoroughly spiritual way of life and thinking outside of the box!

In the analysis of the law of time, the box that entraps everybody is defined by the 'time is money' accelerating artificial timing frequency, the 12:60. If you really want to get out of the box, then get out of that frequency. You can start by changing your calendar. This is a simple cosmic act that will help prepare you for the Great Mind Shift of 2012.

A communique from 'The Pleiadeans' (originally in Spanish) popularised on the Internet last September 4 declared that:
The 12:60 frequency corresponding to the present
human consciousness represents the energy of hallucinatory
disequilibrium which has caused a great
quantity of destruction at all levels of planetary existence.
This 12:60 frequency which rules your time
and your calendar represents a destructive quality
of humankind. For this reason, the new human
consciousness that is emerging as a product of the
awakening of consciousness will assume the 13:20
frequency which was established by the Maya and
other ancient cultures of the Earth. By 2012, we will
reach the situation in which there will be no doubt
in respect of this matter. Slowly the new frequency
is beginning to manifest...

The 13:20 frequency is the natural universal frequency of synchronisation. The 12:60 is the artificial time of the clock and the Gregorian calendar, the "built in mechanism of accelerating insanity" that holds humanity in the grip of the present world hallucination. The sole purpose of the 13 moon/28-day calendar, which is thoroughly of the 13:20 frequency, is to help the human spiritually to entrain in the higher cosmic frequency which sustains the universal whole, from the bird tribes to the galactic totality. It is one certain way to entrain a new mental perspective and paradigm. For whatever else happens in 2012, the old mental hallucination will be gone.

The cosmic cycles are cycles of spiritual evolution. The only meaning 2012 can have is for the spiritualisation of the Earth. We can join in this process now through meditations of unconditional love for the benefit of all humanity. We should intensify our own individual meditations as well as collective meditations synchronised worldwide.

Clear out your mind of materialistic attachments and purify your body. The supramental descent will be easiest in bodies that are prepared by yoga, pure organic vegetarian food, and a mind that rests on no thing whatsoever. Appreciate everybody and everything. It is all teaching you something, so don't fight it. Go organic. Support your local organic producers. Practice getting what you need and spend more time at home. Start a garden, plant trees. Small is beautiful. Invest in converting to solar energy and get off the grid.

Let's get ready for telepathy. Turn off that television and start downsizing your internet time, and get rid of that mobile phone! Imagine a rainbow around the Earth and place that image in your heart. Keep it there. Turn to it, nurture it and yourself whenever you can. That rainbow earth is our future. Yes, maybe through our hearts and minds collectively sending the right signal at the same moment in time we can stabilise things before the worst occurs. Then we would have created our own best future, received the supramental descent, and evolved ourselves into supermental beings.

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2012: ADVENT OF THE SUPERMENTAL EARTH is reprinted with permission from New Dawn Magazine

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