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Astrological Energies for September 14 to 20, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology Journal by Pam Younghans
Art: "Opposites" by Janosh. "The energy of 'Opposites' will help us taking a little distance in order to create clarity in what seems to be chaos. Because this chaos is an illusion. Instead these experiences in opposites will help us in making the right choices. Don't let these opposites bring you off balance."

We have powerful energies to work with this week, with the Uranus-Saturn opposition being the primary player. The alignment is exact and therefore strongest on Tuesday -- but its effects are extended into the next several days due to the Sun's alignment with Saturn on Thursday and Friday's New Moon conjunct Saturn and opposite Uranus.

As I mentioned in last week's Journal, we already have been working with the effects of this Uranus-Saturn opposition for about a year, with times of strongest influence occurring on November 4, 2008 and February 5, 2009. This planetary alignment is the energy behind many of the changes that occurred around those dates. Now, as then, we are challenged to embrace new, higher perspectives as a means of navigating the deterioration of old forms.

Saturn in Virgo has been making it clear which organizations and methods are no longer viable and practical, and is asking us to take responsibility for doing the work to make improvements. This process of pruning, weeding and resowing has been occurring on personal, interpersonal, societal and global levels.

At the same time, Uranus in Pisces has been rapidly and sometimes unexpectedly altering our understanding of reality. Uranus is the planet of higher consciousness, and so has been working to liberate us from the limitations of the mortal perspective. This energy is reawakening the dormant abilities of the pineal gland, and is accelerating the growth of spiritual awareness around our planet.

Both planets have honorable intentions, and we have much to learn from both. But one is focused on the practical world, and the other on the ethereal realms, and both are vying for our attention. How do we find the balance point, when we feel like we're being tugged first one way and then the other?

The answer, and our challenge, is to utilize the higher vibration of both planets and both signs involved. Even though Saturn and Uranus seem to be pulling us in opposite directions, if we rise above the apparent conflict, we can see how each is helping us utilize the positive traits of the other.

The goal of Saturn in Virgo is to help us analyze current conditions, to see what isn't working so that we can discard what has outlived its usefulness, and put effort into repairing those areas that are still of value. However, we can get caught in the lower vibration of this energy, which manifests as criticalness, fear, depression and cynicism. The negative voice can take over, telling us that things will never get better. We can feel overwhelmed and inadequate for the tasks we are called to undertake. We may fall prey to the Chicken Little syndrome, believing that the sky is falling, and looking outside ourselves for answers and reassurance.

As a first step in shifting this perspective, we must begin to use Saturn's energy in positive form, by taking concrete steps on our own to make improvement. Even very small steps are amply rewarded, and the resulting feeling of accomplishment helps counteract the pessimism that may have seemed rampant just moments before.

The small step can be as simple as cleaning one room of the house, or cleaning out one drawer in a desk, or weeding one corner of the yard. The key is that we are doing the work ourselves, which validates our ability to take charge of and improve our lives. The energy of improvement then builds upon itself, and the energetic balance is shifted to the plus column.

Currently opposing Saturn in the heavens, Uranus offers what may seem to be a very different perspective, and yet we find that it is also complementary. Uranus assists in our handling of Saturn's energies by reminding us of the higher perspective, and by encouraging us to connect with our innate spiritual and creative guidance for ultimate solution. Uranus in Pisces also reminds us to have faith in as-yet-unseen outcomes, sometimes in the midst of radical change.

These are just some of the purposes of Uranus in Pisces. Others include the creation of spiritual community, the joining together with those who are also dedicated to conscious living.

The lower vibration of this influence leads to escapism, by which we avoid the truth of the situation. At this level, it becomes tempting to withdraw from earthly reality, to disappear into a world of fantasy. In this world there is no awareness of cause and effect, and also little opportunity to grow and make positive changes.

When we use the energy of Uranus in Pisces to our benefit, we tap into the levels of consciousness that allow us to see the scope not only of current issues, but also how they relate to our entire lifetime. Extending this further, we begin to see how what we do and who we are affects all lifetimes we have lived or are living. And, extending our awareness even further, we begin to understand the interconnectedness of all life, and the importance of every healing and growth step we take, in terms of the larger perspective.

Saturn in Virgo helps us work with Uranus' energies by bringing us down to earth and reminding us of the need to do the practical work of living. Through applying the insights of Uranus to our present reality in concrete ways, we are doing the work we came here to do -- becoming our higher selves while in physical form.

Another theme being raised by the Uranus-Saturn opposition is the release of victim/martyr/perpetrator roles. Saturn in Virgo calls us to take responsibility for our lives, while Uranus in Pisces teaches us to embody forgiveness and compassion.

And, since alternate names for Saturn are Father Time and the Lord of Karma, the two-year period in which this opposition is in effect ( fall 2008 through summer 2010) marks a shift point, where we move beyond the constraints of karma and time. Uranus is known both as the god of Chaos and the Lord of the Starry Heavens -- which presents some compelling images of how the process of moving beyond time and karma is accomplished.

The New Moon on Friday is in Virgo, within one degree of being conjunct Saturn and opposite Uranus. This lunation reinforces the shift from old ways to new ways. And, being a New Moon, it indicates we are at an important time of initiation, one that will help us create a new vision and a new future for ourselves and for the planet.

The Sabian symbol for 26 degrees of Virgo, the location of the Sun and the Moon at the time of the New Moon, reads:
"A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar: The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution."
We have been in various stages of apprenticeship throughout our many lifetimes, leading up to this time of merging responsibility and perspective. This symbolic image verifies that now we are stepping into more active roles.

The question becomes: whom do we choose to serve, and what gods do we choose to worship? Will it be the god of Fear or the god of Personal Authority, the god of Chaos or the god of Enlightenment and Higher Consciousness?

The additional interpretation of this Sabian symbol by astrologer Dane Rudhyar reads:
"The individual is led out into the world of transcendent activity, the world of archetypal performance. He must learn to serve, humbly and with intense attention, in what as yet is beyond his spiritual understanding. He learns to perform every action superpersonally. He learns to Practice in the Presence of God."

We are taking vital steps in our process of enlightenment this week. There is likely to be tension in the air, and perhaps some unexpected shifts in our reality. We are challenged to find our point of balance between the polarities that present themselves, and to use our powerful intentions to align with the highest frequencies of Love and Light.

There are many ways to work with this influence for positive benefit. For some, it may be personal energy work, meditation, or joining with others with the intention of increasing our shared Light. For others, there may be specific situations that arise, providing opportunities for moving beyond existing limitations. And for others, there may be very practical chores to be done to whittle away the excess that is no longer needed or productive.

Whatever manifests in your life, I send you many blessings for your path to unfold in grace and ease.

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