Monday, November 10, 2008

Master Numbers

Connection with the wisdom of the soul is to see the sacredness in all your choices no matter what the outcome. In Awakening we are letting go of old consciousness manifestations and realities that no longer serve us in our New Higher Vibrations. When we truly awaken, we let go of fear, we are to create and live in the higher light of the Christ Consciousness, and we will be
coming into CHRISTED CREATION for the NEW EARTH's Golden Age. We are all co-creators and one with our creator. Only LOVE evolves our souls. Within our DNA are dormant memories and encodings for AWAKENING, waiting to be released at the right time.

When we frequently experience MASTER NUMBERS or the same MULTIPLE NUMBERS, allow this energy to connect with you. Focus on your heart's desire and intent to see it manifest. Empty yourself of any negative emotions and let your CHRISTED LIGHT shine within and without. The light is you.

Every number within your universe is triggering your subconscious into a new higher blueprint of your DNA. See LOVE and be LOVE.

Thanks, Cisco, for the link to Gillian on Master Numbers. This is the best I've seen, "meatier" than the pablum brand. She also has the most awesome crystals.