Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Please Vote If You Have Not Already.

Victim story begins with an event that causes you to believe that the world is a difficult, dangerous place. No matter when it occurred, the victim story will operate in every aspect of life.

Present lifetime victim stories often stem from past lifetimes carried over to the current lifetime for transformation into spiritual wholeness and power. Within the "reality" of our victim story we are powerless until we can make the choice to forgive the perpetrators or continue to resent them.

It can be difficult to forgive those who have hurt us. How do we forgive someone who has hurt, traumatized, betrayed or physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually damaged us? Some
people have done the unforgivable to us. What is not forgivable in the eyes of God?

To understand forgiveness, we can examine resentment. When we are not willing to forgive someone we are in the energy of resentment, which carries its own burdens.

We resent the person who hurt us and want them to apologize, ask us for forgiveness and give us closure. We want to understand their motivations, their purpose behind causing us so much pain. Without this closure we resent them and what they did.

This leads to the creation of the victim story, which becomes part of our life template. It doesn't matter how long ago it happened, each time we remember or talk about it we re-experience it and all of its energy and create more of it in our life, forgetting the karma, soul lessons and healing that is presented in the pain. When forgive we transform the energy of resentment into something more life affirming and release ourselves from the victim story.

Forgiveness is a challenging aspect of our spiritual journey because it requires us to transcend emotion and view life from a different perspective.

It is not a gift that we give to another, it is the way we end karma, achieve our own closure and release ourselves from our victim paradigm. Forgiveness is the higher aspect of resentment and gives us the ability to write an ending to our victim story, which we participate in to heal our own soul traumas.

Whatever we choose is appropriate for our soul's journey. If we truly want to end our victim story and step into our power, forgiveness is the option we embrace.