Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Passing Through the 11:11 Gateway

The Energy of Change is moving across the Earth. Passing through the 11:11 gateway, Earth is lifted into a new Radiance and Light that is assisting in accelerating the shift into New Consciousness. Humanity has made the collective choice to enter into a new phase of Evolution at a higher level of awareness at this time, and so we as Lightworkers are being prepared now for the work that we will do in this next phase of the manifestation of the New Earth.

Liken this new energy that is entering the Planet to a "Song of Harmony". It is Divine Creative Intelligence pouring down as a River of Golden Light and Sound, and the music is that of Harmony and Peace. It is the Golden Tone that will set the resonance for Global Peace and Harmony and a New Age of Light.

In this next period of two months to the end of the year, marked by the 11:11 and 12:12 gateways, and then the December Solstice, you will be aligned with your new Work and Purpose for the next phase of the Earth's Evolution. In this phase, the seeds of Peace and Abundance that you have sown will begin to manifest in miraculous ways, as Humanity begins to work together to ensure a Peaceful Future for All.

We are the Leaders in the Song of Harmony and will teach others how to see through the eyes of Love and Compassion, and how to see that we are indeed One Family on the Earth. As Spirit has drawn us into Soul Groups and Soul Families, we have come to understand the principle of Family of Light. Now, we see all on the Earth as part of a Great Family, and we will begin to see how to embrace all in the Song of Harmony and Love.

Allow the Abundance, Peace, Love and Joy into your lives. Now is the time to embrace the Flow of Divine Blessings with Gratitude and Grace. The long struggle is over and you begin now to manifest with Ease and Joy in the Golden Light of Abundance.

It is time to understand the great blessings of life on Earth and the adventure of life as we create together as an expression of the Divine Will. It is time to fully release all past patterns of low
self-worth, fear, guilt, anger and judgment of others, and to accept that all are here to evolve and grow in the Light of their souls.

As we release duality and judgment and accept the "One Family" on Earth, we will move with the music of the Song of Harmony. We have created a rich and diverse culture on our planet, and we are all Beloved Expressions of Divine Light in Material Form. As you understand this principle fully, it will empower you to move beyond fear and hatred, and into acceptance of the Divine Purpose behind all things.

In the Old Energy, we were as children, and motivated by intense and often distorted emotions and fears. Now, we awaken into Light as mature beings of Light and we are motivated by the pure Love and Compassion that is a reflection of our Inner Divinity. We are learning to see that Divinity in Others and to make choices according to that Light. And so, the Earth is lifting into the Divine Light and echoing with the Song of Harmony as it is established on the Planet as a key to the Future unfolding of her Evolution in the Light.

**The Energies for November 2008**

In November, the Sun will be in Scorpio, passing into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November. The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto will all pass through Sagittarius in November, creating an intense energy in the 9th house of Spiritual Wisdom. Expect a time of deep insight and new awareness as you prepare to enter into the new energies of 2009.

The Full Moon will fall on the 13th of November in Taurus, the 2nd house ruled by Venus. This is an Earth Moon, and as such represents a good opportunity to focus on manifesting Abundance and Beauty in the incoming cycle of the New Earth energy.

The New Moon is on the 27th of November in Sagittarius. This is a good time to meditate on Awakening and Higher Consciousness as you prepare to move through the accelerated energies into the New Year and the new cycle of manifestation.

At this time, the 27th of November, Pluto will leave Sagittarius for the last time and will move into Capricorn. This is an indication that the work of inner Spiritual Transformation is achieved, and that the new evolutionary focus will be on the Earth herself and the manifestation of these inner transformations as new structures and new ways to live.

It is indeed a Blessed Time to be on this Earth, and as you move forward into new creations of Light and Joy, we wish you Grace and Adventure on your Journey!

© 2008-9 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global