Monday, September 1, 2008


For years I thought: "I will meditate later when I have some time." or, "Soon I will follow the dharma of meditating at the same time in the same place." Now, when the thought arises that I am this energy watching my mind, I just go there in that moment with complete love and honor on that next breath. Why wait? Although I was taught to sit for an hour, I have found that life and my thoughts swirl around with such intensity, I cannot "put off" seeking the oasis of my Being. One breath, coupled with the understanding you the watcher of the sound of your breath, the sound of the breath itself, and all the energy of everything and everyone is the divine "pause for the cause". 

Go ahead. Close your eyes right now. Watch the in-breath make the sound Ham (Huuuuuum) Notice how that sound ends in silence in the heart. Out of that silence watch closely the genesis of the prana as the out-breath makes the sound Sah. Now "see" that sound go right through the Sah-hasrara at the top of the head. Immerse yourself in the space of silence between where the out-breath ends and the in-breath begins. 

This you can do anytime: in the shower, in the middle of a hug or a kiss, at a stoplight, just before a meal. Why wait? Why waste a breath?

It had rained heavily during the night and the day, and down the gullies the muddy stream poured into the sea, making it chocolate-brown. 

As you walked on the beach the waves were enormous and they were breaking with magnificent curve and force. You walked against the wind, and suddenly you felt there was nothing between you and the sky, and this openness was heaven. 

To be so completely open, vulnerable to the hills, to the sea and to man is the very essence of meditation. 

To have no resistance, to have no barriers inwardly towards anything, to be really free, completely, from all the minor urges, compulsions and demands, with all their little conflicts and hypocrisies, is to walk in life with open arms. 

And that evening, walking there on that wet sand, with the seagulls around you, you felt the extraordinary sense of open freedom and the great beauty of love which was not in you or outside you but everywhere. 

We don't realize how important it is to be free of the nagging pleasures and their pains, so that the mind remains alone. It is only the mind that is wholly alone that is open. 

You felt all this suddenly, like a great wind that swept over the land and through you. There you were denuded of everything, empty and therefore utterly open. 

The beauty of it was not in the word or in the feeling, but seemed to be everywhere about you, inside you, over the waters and in the hills. 

Meditation is this.

J. Krishnamurti

And remember ... like tooth brushing, meditation is most effective when it becomes part of your daily routine. ~~Chris Meier