Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Media Manipulation

Strongly negative and duplicitous forces are at work in the highest levels of our world governments and the vast majority of the world's population is now well aware of it. Along with this knowledge comes much cynicism, negativity and manipulation by the Media to instill more and more fear into the hearts of humanity.

The more you hear and find out, the more upsetting and depressing it can seem. And most alarmingly, you also run the risk of becoming addicted to learning more and more about it which will turn you into a daily consumer of "alternative conspiracy media," which is delivered over the media channels with sarcasm, outrage, desperate pessimism and severely dehumanizing and unforgiving attitudes towards anyone seen as "the opposition." Subjecting your brain to negative rants with repeated listening over time can radically change how your mind works and thus your attitude.

There is a constant drumbeat of `news' that doom and disaster is right around the corner. Horrible earth changes, complete economic and social collapse, total martial law, FEMA concentration camps standing at the ready, et cetera.

These things never happen, though they've been predicted for decades, but each new development further convinces people that disaster is right around the corner. Beat the drum, raise the level of fear and if you tell the public lies long enough they will begin to accept them as truth. This helps create and sustain fear around the world and as fear grows in the hearts and minds of humanity, those thoughts project out and magnetize more of what we don't want in the world - sarcasm, pessimism, fear, hate, racism and depression.

Dream and create a beautiful world.