Monday, September 1, 2008

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

There is a monumental movement around the world centering on the Divine Feminine. The movement represents a recognition and claiming of the other half of the Divine nature, the Feminine nature that directs us into our hearts, into the intuitive use of mind, to relatedness and caring for all things and our earth, to feeling, to wisdom, to beauty, to empathy and compassion, to ultimately to the web of life itself. This impulse, when balanced with the masculine use of logic, reason, and action, creates a harmony, balance, and integration that results in healing and wholeness. Ultimately, it is about our own journey to find the feminine essence of spirituality that affirms our own lives, our personal relationships, our work, our sense of self.

The Grandmothers tell us, "We are urging you to step into your power. Not tomorrow or 'some day' as your ego and the mass-mind consciousness of your culture whisper in your ear, but NOW. Do it NOW. We will not give up on you. We will stand here waiting for you, until you hear us. And we are ready to guide you every inch of the way.

"This is not a time for you to equivocate and pretend that things are not as bad as they are. We have shown you how to take this step into power and we are happy to give our empowerment into the energy of Yin to everyone who wants it. This empowerment will blow the spark of Yin inside you into full flame. You will then become a force to contend with, a force for good in a world starved for good.

"We remind you that women are the natural reservoirs of Yin for the earth, that they store this energy, not only for themselves, but for everything that lives. At this point the energy of Yin on your planet is so dangerously depleted that every woman who allows this latent spark within to blaze up into full flame will become a blessing for the earth. The earth is calling you now and we ask you to respond. Take this step. Do not wait another day.

"Call on us. We promise that if you call, we will answer. Read our messages and study the lessons contained in 'A Call to Power.' We are here to serve, but the Divine always works through human beings. We will therefore work with you and through you if you will allow us. We are asking you to enlist in our mission. You will not become famous or rich by doing this, but you will help save your planet.

"Please wake up and commit to the work of restoring the Feminine Principle back into the earth.

Read our lessons
Open to receive our empowerment
Share our message
Give yourself the opportunity to serve.