Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life In the Lower Dimensions

I imagine this month will bring more ever-increasing awareness and things may not work out just the way that I want but there will be plenty of food for thought in my process of discovery while feeling out the ferment of new ways of seeing my world. I have been exploring the depths lately with the idea of breaking out of a perhaps too narrow definition of myself, one whose influence I have been operating under for many years now. Certainly there is a nostalgic quality to my mental inquiry as I am in the process of reviewing the past with an eye to transcend it, replaying certain concepts over again in my mind's eye and viewing each from a very different angle this time around. I intend this to be a strong period of personal growth and reassessment of my life in general, sorting out what really matters from my life so far and what simply doesn't.

I hope to have new energy for these mental and philosophical speculations, and for finding my own way home out of the maze created by years of conditioning and evaluating my day-to-day life from a different angle at this time, seeking the soul intention behind it. I'm sure there will be some tension inherent in this process that could strike sparks, but sparks are the source of the fire that consumes the past and lead to breakthrough.

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