Friday, June 6, 2008

DNA Key - Access to the New World

We live in incredible times! As the Universe opens to receive Divine Abundance through the portals of time, we are witnessing a grand awakening in the slumbering spirit of humanity. Not only are we able to peer into the depths of our inner world, but we can now correlate the two realities into a singular experience. How profound that is!

As the two worlds align and connect throughout time and space, we have in this most historical time for humanity the opportunity to bridge into a parallel Universe. And as we encounter the road ahead, our Souls are beginning to procure a route that we can travel from one to the next. This inter-dimensional path is becoming "realized" for those who have chosen to leave duality behind, and are diligently clearing all thought-processes and belief systems that hold us stuck. This is not a journey for the faint of heart! We must remember Who We ARE! For this will provide us the incentive to pursue an alternate world filled with equal opportunity for all living beings...the world of unity consciousness. We are entering a time of endless possibilities! Not only will we be able to reclaim our Inherent Divine Rights as a child of god/dess, but we will be able to realize our Soul's Mission of service to Earth and humanity.

Since Memorial Weekend we have been experiencing an extraordinary particle wave activation of cellular memory and inter-dimensional access into the hallways of time. Our lower minds have been receiving incoming data streaming in from parallel timelines as we encounter the nuances of our Souls essence and purpose. This information will continue to seep into our conscious awareness so that we can begin to actively alter the direction of our lives and meaningful pursuits.

There will be continual adjustments as we remember the Soul's inner purpose that drives our reason for existence. We will still maintain a daily life...meeting the needs of our earthly self, but the flavor of our interests will gradually adjust to match the Soul purpose now. Observe how your mind will be drawn to new ideas, activities, projects and patterns of behavior. All will adjust and slowly swing towards an outer reflection of the Soul's lineage and original purity of intention. We will begin to change before our very eyes!

As this process continues into the near future, and as we begin to recognize the different aspects of our complex Soul presence, we will know within our heart of hearts that we have arrived. There will be a centering within our being of purpose and motivation to alter the world as we know it. There will be opportunities abound that welcome change and the means to achieve great transformation will appear. We will be supported by the Universal Abundance in ways we have never seen before. For our activation of the past/present/future timelines are bringing with it all that has existed and will exist - the field of All That Is. This inter-connection of all timelines is creating a Unified Field of all possibilities and we are accessing this field with our DNA.

The very nature of our human DNA is changing and morphing into a powerful force of nature that has never been fully realized. As we receive the incoming particle waves of energy our bodies are mutating into bio-genetic super-humans. The very essence of our DNA is continuing to evolve into sub-atomic particles of quantifiable light. Every packet of light carries within it the history of our civilization and the potential alternate Universe. All we have to do is create the vacuum that will propel our consciousness into the new reality. This bridge exists already, within our own DNA. So take the time to create the vacuum of timelessness, a state of transpersonal space interconnecting with all aspects of the Soul. This all-encompassing space allows the codes held within the DNA to link up and create pathways of transference so that the body can become the home of the Soul in the New World.

We begin to remember and recognize just how powerful we really are, and armed with this knowledge we can dismantle all the deeply ingrained systems of enslavement that have held humanity locked into the karmic, incarnational cycle. We no longer need to experience the cycle of death to evolve...this is becoming obsolete. As we activate the human DNA codes of the ageless body/timeless mind, we begin to eradicate the offensive "death code" carried within the nucleus of our cellular structure. It is no longer required that we return in endless slices of timed reality for our Souls to become god-realized. This has taken its toll, and our spirits are starved to be fed the nourishment from Source. It is time to transform the powerful "death code" into a new species of evolving Divine Human genetics. This is possible now that we are able to remove all hindrance to the original God Seed and truly begin the process of co-evolution.

I hear your cries of frustration and impatience, for I feel them too. But I know we are at the brink of an amazing time of we seal our fates regarding the world of choice. We are being shown the annals of time, the knowledge of the ages, the mysteries of the Universe...and we are being guided into a process of realizing our Soul purpose and potential. I encourage all who are seeking the New World of unity consciousness to peer deep inside and welcome the Divine Light into the nucleus of your cells. See your body resonating with the 12 strands of DNA - the sacred codes of Oneness. The key to bridging over is held within the genetic transformation from a death-ridden human to a god-realized human. We are on a very accelerated path. Face forward and breathe into it...

by Meg Benedicte
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