Monday, June 9, 2008

Changes to Planetary and Space Environment

Concerning future viewing of the human-earth environment, we leave it to the aware person to simply pay attention. There are now many sources, both intuitive and materialist-objectivist that are making similar forecasts, all indicating serious crises compounding crises with some pockets relatively spared the worst while some seemingly not. Here is a summary of a few noteworthy recent events.

First we wish to emphasize, these are not prognostications of total destruction and mayhem. These represent significant "ratcheting up" of changes in our physical environment that somehow correlate with changes in the energetic structures. The level of disastrous effects is partly related to the serious need for the planet to adjust energetically and physically and partly related to the level of consciousness of humanity and the choices made during this period of necessary destructuring of the human social environment and collective and individual consciousness.

That all said, it is anticipated that there will be far reaching effects on human society worldwide from these changes, but they will be in stages, not all in one immense plunge. It is essential that more of humanity let go of the old patterning and become open to new ways just as it is essential that more of the global elite controllers lose much of their power and influence.

The economy will not and cannot be restored and is likely headed down through 2010 with both gradual and sudden changes. Before the end of 2008, the USA and its population will find itself seriously impoverished relative to its previous self-image and status in the world.

Severe rain and windstorms with flooding, snowmelts, dams breaking, etc. will affect wide areas in USA as well as other countries. So far this year, USA has had an extraordinary number of serious tornadoes. A massive cyclone caused oceanic waves and swell as well as devastating winds killing over 100,000 people and leaving over 1,000,000 homeless in the Myanmar area. Within days and within a curious geographical proximity, a major earthquake in southwest China resulted in over 100,000 people missing or dead, hundreds of thousands injured, and destroying homes and towns for many millions. These two events were roughly antipodal to the Chilean volcanic eruptions occurring in the same time period. Many areas of North America are already being affected by flooding as well as drought. A large portion of California is anticipating the worst drought in 150 years. Other areas will be facing ongoing flooding problems. Further rainfall will be causing a growing crisis situation in many areas. This (water and flooding theme) may find further amplification near coastal areas during late 2008 and into early 2009. The cause of these effects may be complex, including a combination of submarine land deformations, dramatic shifts in ice sheets, and other geophysical changes affecting coastal lands. Following a moderately strong earth quake in Illinois, an area in Ohio has been experiencing ongoing flooding from upwelling of ground water. Strange sinkholes are forming in various states. It is anticipated that some areas in the world will be severely affected by a most extreme and devastating heat.

Volcanics and other terrestrial and non-terrestrial factors will alter our planets atmosphere.

Submarine lands will be disturbed to such an extent that coastal areas around the world will be adversely affected by water inundations starting middle to late 2008 and into 2009 and on. From all this, plus economic factors, a large number of people will be relocating for any combination of physical or social environmental factors. Planetary, economic, and space energy disturbances will likely impact the stability of utility power grids. It is noted that this Spring there has been an unusual number of major gamma ray bursts (GRB), some of which could be seen as visible light by observers knowing where to look. Officialdom has been timidly raising concerns for major earthquake potentials along the west coast and eastern zones, including the new Madrid fault zone and related rifts. Whatever combination of events occur, these all point to permanent changes throughout all facets of society - USA and elsewhere. These will feed into political and social crises as people and ruling elites react, not just in USA, but elsewhere. Countries will experience internal compartmentalizing into sub-units such as provinces, districts, counties, etc.

The question of a pole shift has been raised recently and we would be remiss not to touch on this topic. What has been observed has been a change -- occurring in small stages -- to the relationship of surface geography to what would be considered the northern and southern points of the earth's spin axis. There have also been hints of a shift in the tilt of the earth. Whether one or both of these conditions are true, the net effect would be that portions of the northern areas of Russia (around Franz Josef Land) would be slightly closer to the Earth's north pole and areas (such as Montana) would be a slightly closer to the equator. When, if at all, these would occur is not possible to say. Initially these changes would likely be in very small fractions of degrees. Such changes would be likely related to some rebalancing of the earth's physical mass relative to both planetary and space environment changes. As to magnetic poles shifts, these are very likely as the magnetic field is subject to space radiations and thus bears watching as well.

Unless unequivocally guided by higher self, non-engagement is advised and to stay focused on expanding your own connections to higher self and true Source. For those who are coming into direct connection with their higher self matrix, the question of involvement will be clear and apparent. If you must engage in the outer world do so out of pure love and an unattached caring and best to focus on your immediate local community.

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