Monday, June 9, 2008

As Above, As Below

Contrary to many views of mass destruction, chaos, and hysteria, we wish to emphasize again that while there are some major changes to anticipate in the next few years, these are most likely to be in stages that will permit some brief period for people to adjust somewhat to changing circumstances. Of course for evacuees from damaged coastal areas or storm scoured locales, these would represent very major changes.

Many of these coming changes are closely related to the interaction and intervention of the "white light" that is coming down from The Creator of All.

We will be experiencing growing disasters in terms of effect and number. There will also likely be outbreaks of civil unrest in the population. But not as great as some worst case scenarios and their advocates have predicted. When the period of the greatest changes are over, it will all probably be looked at differently, we will have a different take on as if the memory of the events will be modified to allow a smoother transition. This will eventually reach back into time and all of the disasters and problems will be smoothed out so that we can move forward without the darkness of the past. This is expected to be systemic to the world as well as with the individual both in this life and in all lifetimes past.

There are various levels of frequency bands, or layers, that are above what is regarded as "3-D density". As the higher levels are being cleared of various dark forces, some of those beings are descending closer to the 3D reality of humans. This leads to an increase of beings that are not "of the light" at the level of human reality. In effect they "took a deep breath" and descended further to continue their agendas in realms that coincide more with that which most of humanity operates in. It appears that they are coming down from the higher levels to avoid or postpone the change that is happening. Because of their presence here, there is more "mischief" happening to individuals as dark beings attempt to find ways to avoid the changes. They are prevented from fleeing this sector and they can only run down into density so far. They have reached the end as far as running goes and they may be causing problems because they are cornered and feel threatened taking their anger and fear out on the embodied because it is the only power that they have left. Thus they have a more direct influence on human affairs and the lower layers become harder to clear. In the short term this can mean greater turmoil and instigation of international conflicts.

In watching the white light coming down the levels, at first it seemed that it would take about three years before the white light of "The Creator of All" reached 3D density level. Now it is looking more like its effects will be noticed to intensify this July and on into fall. In response to these energies, greater changes to all facets of physicality will be more in evidence. In the third energy level "zone" above us, the light has already moved through and it has settled in to the form it is to have from now on. In the second level above us, the upheavals have stopped and there is white light everywhere. In the level or zone immediately above us, it is in the upheaval stage of the entry of the white light. Major changes are taking place and it will be in transition for a few weeks to a few months.

Concerning this level of 3D density, the light is just beginning its full entry and should be here in force during June-July with major upheavals in the "as above and as below" realms lasting into the fall when the vibrational transitions will really begin.

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