Monday, June 9, 2008

The Future

The future of humanity does not lie with false political processes and false leaders and false memes but rather with each person connecting through their higher-self to the True Source/True Creation. As we do this, we need to focus on local community, local self-sufficiency, and local control. This is one way of practically bridging our "as above" realms with the "as below" realms of physicality.

There are a number of massive clearing and restructuring is under way at higher and higher levels of creation. One pertains to clearing the realms immediately above what would be regarded as 3D consensus reality making it easier for the higher realms to be in direct connection with those of humanity who are ready to experience more of an upshifting which in turn helps them prepare more for such changes to their awareness and physicality. Another process involves the internal pressures of human society and the pressures of the earth itself exerting contractions to expedite the "birth process". Along with everything else, the overall environment of the solar system and galaxies we are a part of is changing as well.

Humanity on earth may seem to be running a bit "behind schedule", but the problems here have been somewhat of a tough nut to crack - like a black walnut - very tough.

There is much change on the horizon in terms of our consciousness, our planet, and the nature of what we regard as reality. The sooner we let go of the illusions put before us by those seeking to parasitize off of humanity, the sooner we can get on with creating a new way of being, one that is in connection to our true Source, the original Source of all Creation. Connection with higher self and consummate detachment are key.

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