Saturday, May 17, 2008

Speaking From The Heart

Inner life reflects its changes on the outside. Transformation follows Allowance. Generic "allowance" does nothing to further development and forward movement. Letting emotion rise, be recognized and expressed is deeper Allowance that we come to know as we evolve. No longer is it wise to allow only to observe. True Allowing permits the rise of emotion to release the flow of Love, not compassion. What we call love has been manufactured and restrained and re-trained. This is a lesson I'm living in my life going forward. The picture posted today defines speaking from the heart. We may think that we do this, yet when we hesitate to see the path another must follow, we are not loving or allowing. We each have a unique path that we know intuitively and at our best, we follow it with Guidance. It might not always appear to be the best way to those outside of our Selves. It may cause pain to our loved ones to see us following our Path which is always perfect, no matter the course it takes. It may not always coincide or meld conveniently with those whom we Love. When we feel grounded to a place with events evolving, when we feel we are nailed down and can not move, it must be honored and Allowed. We know that life is long. There is much work to be done. And if we move to do it, it will be completed in a timely way so we progress to other places in our lives, perhaps happier unfoldings. Life is a flowing river with swirling pools, side tributaries and areas of stagnation. With the rain, all these places are washed clear and the flow of the river is renewed.

Over the past several weeks, I've experienced profound change in my Voice, discovering the cause of the reluctance to speak my Truth. This has never been an area of safety for me. As a child it was a matter of survival, never contradicting my parents fearing punishment, I lied in order to have freedom and even as an adult fearing that I would not be accepted, thought less of, and feeling I would be safer if my true thoughts and feelings were not known. This has shaped my life in ways that no longer serve me or further my development as a spiritual Being. Non-expression has been my great inhibitor of Life as I have maneuvered to make others with whom I share my life more comfortable around me, seeing me as non-combative and easy to manipulate. This is not an easy time. There is much upheaval around me, much confusion and what looks like chaos from which will emerge peace. Transition will birth release and freedom.

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