Sunday, July 8, 2012

Planetary Energies for July 9 to 15, 2012

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: New natural-color image of the galaxies, taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii.

URANUS comes to a standstill on Thursday this week, and then begins its five-month retrograde (backward-motion) phase. For those who currently have Uranus transits to their natal chart, this can be a turning-point week, when breakthroughs are achieved and breakdowns create the space for necessary change.

Whether or not we're working with direct transits from the planet, we will all be feeling an increased "Uranus effect" throughout this week -- and, perhaps, throughout most of July. This Uranus effect manifests as increased restlessness and a need for change, being easily bored, impatience and irritation with anything that gets in the way of having what we want, and in general, a "gotta move, gotta get out" feeling.

AS ONE OF the transpersonal planets, Uranus is the ruler of higher consciousness and the Unified Field where all information is stored. When Uranus' energy is strong, our intuitive faculties may be heightened, and we find ourselves knowing something without knowing how we know it.

On the other hand, with the field of electrical/intellectual energy especially strong, we can also feel less stable mentally. As the field of higher consciousness draws closer, our human brains must learn how to navigate in unfamiliar territory.

With this part of the Uranus effect in mind, it's interesting to read the Sabian symbol for the 9th degree of Aries, where Uranus stations this week:
"A crystal gazer: The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness."
THIS IMAGE tells us that throughout Uranus' five-month retrograde phase (ending December 13), we will collectively be working to expand our abilities to tap into that Unified Field of Consciousness. As this occurs, telepathic experiences will no doubt increase, and extra-sensory abilities of many descriptions will be enhanced.

For those who are comfortable with these concepts, this can be a very exciting time! And, those who are fearful may need support and reassurance that they are not losing their sanity.

MERCURY ALSO STATIONS this week, beginning a retrograde phase on Saturday (July 14) that will last until August 7. Most of us have learned to anticipate Mercury's retrograde period with a certain amount of discomfort or even dread, knowing that it's a time when the tools of our external lives can become unreliable. 

Mechanical and electrical instruments that we have come to depend on -- cars, computers, electronic communications, other networking devices -- are all subject to disruption during these three weeks. And, we may need to take unexpected detours or deal with delays in our travel plans.

"Why?" we ask in frustration. Why would the planets "do this to us?"

WHEN PLANETS are retrograde, they are asking us to go inward, to rely less on externals and to build new levels of inner skill in some area. Since Mercury represents our conscious, reasoning mind and external communication abilities, when Mercury is retrograde, we are being asked to remember what it means to live more intuitively and less logically.

Perhaps if we were more inwardly in tune, we would have paid attention to the momentary thought that was telling us to take a different route to work on a certain day -- a route that would have allowed us to avoid the traffic delay. Or perhaps if we were listening to our inner knowing on a more regular basis, we would have heard the voice saying "back up your computer" just the day before the hard drive crashed.

THERE IS ALSO a certain element of Coyote energy about a Mercury retrograde period. The Trickster can be problematic if we're too set in our ways, if we're not flexible and cannot laugh at ourselves.

Try to remember this aspect of Mercury retrograde if you experience some frustrations in the next few weeks. See if you can step back from the situation and get a glimpse of the humor, even if it's just to laugh at how human we can all be at times. A lighter attitude can go a long way toward easing the bumps in the road.



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